Saturday, October 16, 2010


WBoldinston Churchill, just before independence, said the following

Power will go to the hands of rascals, rouges, freebooters; all India leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw.

They will have sweet tongues &silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power &India will be lost in political squabbles.

A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.-


In the recent past, India has seen some unprecedented incidents of the levels never seen before.

The power drama in Karnataka was an example of the level to which Indian democracy has fallen to. It is no point blaming one party or the other or the speaker or the governor. None of them behaved with any dignity or respect for rule of law. Reportedly, each MLA had a price tag of Rs 25 crores. Nothing could have shamed Karnataka state more than this episode.

CWG scam has been a point of discussions in the international media. Committee has been formed by the PM to investigate the scam. A lot of people say that this committee will help more to escape rather than pin point the guilty as we have started to lose faith in the system of governance.Rs 70, 000 crores,100 times greater than the budget, were spent without any one even asking a simple question--ON WHAT AND WHY?How was the money disbursed if it was not budgeted for?What purpose will the committee will serve is any one's guess.

It was shocking when Starnews ran a conversation amongst congressmen wanting to collect a few crores of Rs for a rally in Maharashtra. Congress, on expected lines have denied it, but it was on national television for all of us to see.”Guilty, if any must be punished" is so stero typed from congress that one would switch channel..

So much has been written about Telecom scam, Sugar scam, Defence deals, illegal mining and so on, but it is a committee after committee after committee with hardly anyone being charged unless he/she becomes politically irrelevant.

Corruption, lack of governance and non accountability of the Govt. have become part of an Indian's life.

It seems we Indians have worked over time to prove Churchill right.

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAN.


posted 16/10/10, b k chowla