Saturday, November 27, 2010


Those who have worked or are working with an Indian company (Most Indian companies are family owned) might find this as an interesting comparison. Most political parties work almost like a privately owned, privately held company. You might agree with me on some of the comparisons.

PARTY------Has a High Command.

COMPANY—Has a, CMD, Chairman &Managing Director.

PARTY------Has Chief Ministers (mostly appointed).

COMPANY—Has branch managers in States (definitely appointed).

PARTY—---Always has a loyal to take blame for High Command failures.

COMPANY—Always has a loyal to take blame for CMD’s wrong decisions.

PARTY------Has a core committee to take decisions which have to be vetted by high command.

COMPANY-Has a management committee which takes decisions, but have to be vetted by CMD

PARTY—---Has a legal cell as support staff. (Greater the illegalities, bigger the dept)

COMPANY—Has a legal cell as support staff. (Greater the illegalities, bigger the dept)

PARTY—----Collects black money to remain in power.

COMPANY—Gives black money for those who are in power.

PARTY------When collects cash, it is justified as need. When CM collects for himself, it is greed and corruption.

COMPANY-When collects cash, it is company's need. When BM collects for himself it is Greed and corruption.

PARTY—----All family members are given party positions to enjoy housing, telephones, electricity, security, and travel etc on tax payers’ account.

COMPANY—All family members are on “Board of Directors” to enjoy free housing, telephones, electricity, and travel etc on tax payers’ account.

PARTY------Sells dreams of prosperity to the voters.

COMPANY—Sells products and ideas which benefit company, eventually.

PARTY—----High Command speaks of high moral standards from every platform.

COMPANY—CMD Speaks of high moral standards, to share holders and industry forum.

PARTY—----High Command stacks money in Swiss banks.

COMPANY--CMD stacks money in Swiss banks.

PARTY------Exploits business-bureaucrat nexus for its benefit.

COMPANY--Exploits politician-bureaucrat nexus for its benefit.

PART-------Media/PR agencies are constantly at work promoting party and or High command.

COMPANY-Media/PR agencies are constantly at work (Recent “TAPES”expose).

PARTY-----High command doesn't own a car, but travels in the best cars with escort vehicles.

COMPANY-CMD doesn't own a c car but travels in best cars with escort vehicles.

Has any one of you noticed similarities between Politics and Business?

Since, politics has become a business in India; one must not be surprised at such revealing similarities. Ultimately, it is the bottom line and power which is important.

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


posted 27/11/10, b k chowla.

Monday, November 15, 2010


There was a time in India when women were expected to be minding the children at home and it was men who used to call the shots. Lack of education, Lack of opportunities and impractical old customs in the male dominated society should be blamed for it. Situation has taken a dramatic turn. Women now command a very impressive CV and have made a place for themselves in most of important positions. It is honour to mention them.

Ektaa Kapoor-- Doesn't need any introduction. She is the undisputed Queen of TV

Nirupama Rao--India‘s Foreign secretary with an excellent record.

Durba Banerjee--she is 1st commercial Pilot of India.

Santosh Yadav-- 1st woman mountaineer to reach Mt Everest.

Kiran Bedi-1st IPS officer with an enviable success record in whatever she has undertaken.

Leila Seth--1St Chief justice of a High Court (HP)

Chanda Kochar--Managing director,ICICI Bank ltd.

Anu Aga--Themax Ltd

Surekha Shankar Yadav--1st Railway Driver

Kalpana Chawla--She doesn't need any introduction.

Manipur Commando Force--Excellent turn out during CWG.

Pinky Anand, Rani Jethmalani, Kamini Jaiswal-Supreme court lawyers.

Indra Nooyi- High profile and successful CEO of PepsiCo.

Kiran mazumdar-Biocon’s CEO

M C Marykom-1St Indian boxer to win an international event.

Aarti Sinha -1St women to swim across English Channel.

While we do refer to all these successful women, let us not forget thousands of women working with BPOs /, call centres, with software industry, those driving autos in Mumbai, Commando force in Tamil Nadu , all those girls who won medals in CWG and many more.

Credit also goes to those who are manning the household as that is the most difficult job for the wife/mother.

HA...HA...How can we not mention all women bloggers?

There we go,It is women all the way.Keep it up.

I personally salute all the women who have and are making a position for themselves.

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


posted15/11/10, b k chowla.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


We are amongst the largest countries in the world. We, as a democracy have a lot to contribute towards the civilised world. Like all other countries, we too have our problems, but should we be silent spectators to the on goings right in front of us?


HOW LONG-Will 120 crore people will not get their vocal cord checked, their spine straightened, their eye infection treated and their ear drums cleaned?

HOW LONG-Will we remain blind to scam a day syndrome? Satyam,Koda,Telecom,CWG,Adarsh etc

HOW LONG-Will we avoid accepting corruption as the single most cancerous issue?

HOW LONG-Will we keep bribing our way through-from birth certificate to death certificate?

HOW LONG –Will we be fooled by“enquiry commissions without judicial or prosecution powers?

HOW LONG-Will we applaud "honest PM" whose tenure has had the largest ever scams?

HOW LONG-Will we applaud “economist PM” whose tenure has had 20% inflation?

HOW LONG-Will we watch the credibility of CBI-CVC-CEC etc going into dust and muck?

HOW LONG-Will we have to accept an appointed PM and appointed CMs?

HOW LONG-Will this democracy allow and use Governors to dislodge elected govt?

HOW LONG-Will we not react to non governance of and non accountability by govt?

HOW LONG-Will we helplessly watch democracy being converted to monarchy by dynasties?

HOW LONG-Will our elected representatives sell themselves for Rs 25 crore each?

HOW LONG-Will we not react knowing it will be 350 yrs to clear backlog in law courts?

HOW LONG-Will govt not implement Supreme Court directions on electoral and police reforms?

HOW LONG-Will we celebrate billionaires without worrying about increase in BPL?

HOW LONG-Will we allow media bias and paid news to spread misleading news?

HOW LONG –Will we not react to escape of likes of Anderson of Bhopal disaster?

HOW LONG-Will we accept minority appeasement as state policy?

HOW LONG-Will we be helpless to tons of rotting grains while children die of malnutrition?

HOW LONG-Will we not realise the danger of Military-Bureaucrat nexus?

HOW LONG-Will we consume 30% intake of medicines as spurious?

HOW LONG-Will elected representatives treat us as "subjects" and themselves as "masters"?

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


posted 06/11/10, b k chowla