Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yes, Indian politics is on uncontrollable fire. Elections may take place between now and mid 2014.Results could be a coalition resulting with following developments.

No scam will be less than Rs 300 Lakh Crores.
Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi will be Rajya Sabha MPs.
Nira Radia will be made an honorary Citizen of India.
Prabhu Chawla, Vinod Sharma, Sardesai will be Padma Awardees.
Main stream media will get divided into pro Right and pro Right of Centre.
Ministers will be identified by a percentage figure.
Each politician in power will have 500% increases in assets in 5 yr term.
By rotation, a Muslim, Sikh and a Christian will be APPOINTED as PM.
Secularism will be redefined as Hindu bashing.
A party with only 7 MPs will play havoc with policy formation/implementation..
Environment Ministry will block all projects of the states governed by opposition.
Editors/anchors will be more active as “Brokers”/ “Lobbyists” than before.
100 points fall in Sensex will be like internal emergency while double digit inflation will be of no consequence.
Terror attacks will be identified by a colour-Saffron-Green-Red- and not by its intensity.
From current one  constable per 8.70km of road, it will be one per 20 km. 
Corruption will be added to syllabus form 5th std. as a main subject.
Chief of CBI-CVC-CIC-CEC will be picked from darkest cell in Tihar Jail.
On corruption index we will move from 87th to 125th as most corrupt nation.

Prices of the important products will be something like this;
Petrol Rs 100/lt-LPG Rs 500/Clndr-Diesel Rs75/ lt- Daals Rs175 to 200/kg-Onions Rs 125/kg-Tomatoes Rs 100/kg- Pulses varying between Rs 500-900/kg- Milk Rs 75/ltr-Ghee Rs 500/lt.-Whisky will be cheaper than milk and bottled water will be more expensive that milk-Mobile call rates @half paisa/mint-Car loans @3.5%-Educational loans @ 14%-Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai air fare@ Rs 45000/-Delhi-NY-Delhi air fare@ Rs38000/. Taxi fare will be Rs 45/km. Parking lot charges will be Rs 100/entry.

Twitter and Face Book will be the main media of communication.
Nexus between Politician-Business and Bureaucrat will become stronger.
NPA of India Inc will be highest ever in history of banking.
Money in Swiss banks will be discussed in most of the comedy shows on TV.
Armed Forces will lose another step in hierarchy.
Common man will still die without treatment and poor will deliver on the road side.
Police reforms, Judicial reforms, Electoral reforms will remain issues only.
Defence contracts will have largest kick backs, though will be denied.



posted28/12/10, b k chowla.


BK Chowla, said...
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Happy Kitten said...

Spot on!

100 points fall in Sensex will be like internal emergency while double digit inflation will be of no consequence..

nd because of this, many voters shall dare not bring down a government.. whatever little they have put in is precious to them, while the looters enjoy.

nd Barkha can still be seen on NDTV, blatantly taunting us...

While our court is quick to punish the powerless, A. Raja and his likes gets 3 years to set his side right before our law enforcement steps in to make a show.

nd now, the first time in Indian history, the CJI himself is caught in the scam... http://www.indianexpress.com/news/scams-embroil-top-exjudges-balakrishnan-and-krishna-iyer/729883/2

God help our nation.

Jon said...

there are two methods to post comments now...

Sandhya said...

I am afraid that 2014 is going to be exactly like you have described...scary...

Except Nitish Kumar, I don't see any positive sign now...

aativas said...

Unfortunately this all seems to be in the range of 'most probable' future!!

jamos jhalla said...

Eye Opener As Usuals

Shilpa Garg said...

Very hard hitting! I believe many will be true in coming times! :(

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm rocks! Loved your post

Shalet Jimmy said...

No hope for India...Good heavens...Still I do hope that we will have a better tomorrow..Am I being too naive?

hamaarethoughts.com said...

Happy New Year..Sir,,have a good time with family and friends..tc

Anu...:) said...

Happy New Year :)

Well,unfortunately whatever you said was true and the probability of their occurance is high indeed

BK Chowla, said...

Anu,Welcome to CHANGE INDIA.
Unless, we the people, wake up to reality and our rights, all this muck will be thrown at us.

How do we know said...

VERY true.. i completely agree..

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