Friday, December 10, 2010


Recently, in East Delhi a building collapsed as it was “illegal”. How can a normal Indian citizen accept a passing remark by the Govt. on a residential building of 7 floors “illegal”? There is so much happening which is termed illegal by the Govt without any explanation on the reasons and circumstances which have resulted into illegal actions under the very nose of the establishment. Is there any explanation on few of the following “illegals?”

How can we accept ADARSH going to 31 floors while sanctioned was for only 7?Media exposed it.

How can we accept illegal Bangladeshis? Isn't the border secured? Why is the state blind to this?

How can we accept state declaring cell towers illegal? Why weren't such towers demolished while they were being erected?

How can we accept 38 buildings in a row illegal in East Delhi? 38 buildings would have taken few years to build. Where were the police & corporation while the buildings were being constructed?

How can we accept Hundreds of Pakistanis overstaying illegally and have gone missing? Why are the police not performing? Why is Home ministry quiet? Where are the intelligence agencies?

How can we accept a statement from state about illegal mining? Why are Karnataka, Andhra and Centre so quiet?

How can we accept millions of tons of food grains having been exported illegally to neighbouring countries? Food grains were meant for people under BPL. Scam could be in Lakhs of Crores.

How can we accept illegal export of Iron ore? Why do customs & police look other side while illegal export takes place? On rough estimate, value is above Rs 3000 crores. Where is the money?

How can we accept train tickets being sold illegally while booking office has SOLD OUT board?

How can we accept diesel being mixed with petrol illegally?

How can we accept a statement that money gets transferred illegally by Hawala? Is the intelligence agency not aware of Hawala operators?

How can we accept an operating gang in UP issuing illegal Degrees and mark sheets?

How can we accept water shortage in Delhi while illegal water tankers are sold openly?

How can we accept a situation where not one politician has been convicted on corruption charges?

It is unlikely that all this---and much more--- is happening without the connivance of the Police, Local MLA-MP, land, water mafia, fixers and brokers.

How can we accept zero governance and accountability?



posted 10/12/10, b k chowla

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