Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It was 2004, when the Central Govt levied a 2% education cess on practically all the major central taxes. In the first year it was expected to yield about Rs5, 000-5,500 crores. Reportedly, an estimated amount of Rs 60,000 crores has been collected till now. (CAG figures differ from those of HRD ministry and those of Finance ministry, surprised?). The levy is meant to be spent on improving standards of primary education and for implementation of midday meal scheme in schools.

Those children who get admission in high end private schools surely never needed subsidy either for mid day meal or for tuition fees. Culture of heavy donations for admissions is no secret any more.

• Has the burden of education cess been effective?

• Has your maid's child been getting regular midday meal and books from Govt School?

• Has education cess not been an avoidable burden?

• Has the utilization of education cess been satisfactory?

• Has the number of school going children increased?

• Has the interest rate on education been eased?

• Has the Govt ever given a “package” to deserving students?

• Has there been any visible improvement in education system since 2004?

Unfortunately, there seems to be very little accountability in usage of funds and implementation of the much burdensome scheme. Two important ministries, Finance and HRD have varying explanation and varying figures.

Is it too premature to term it as a scam?


Posted 21/12/11.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


RAAJ SIRF RAAJA HI KAR SAKTA HAI(Only a king knows how to rule)

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi---Mahatma Gandhi---was the real hero who fought for us,for India for our freedom. He is the one who sacrificed his life for the nation.No one from his family-his children-his grand children-has ever claimed any position of power,directly or indirectly,in exchange for the sacrifice for the country.No one from his family came into politics just because the head of their family had sacrificed his life for the country.

Subhash Chandra Bose, was a true son of India, a dedicated freedom fighter and a soldier.His sacrifice for the freedom of the country has never been questionable.For reasons whatever,details of his alleged death have remained a mystery.There was a theory that he did not actually die in the air crash.His only daughter-Anita Bose Pfaff--has never claimed publicity, power or political space in Indian politics just because her father had made sacrifices for the country.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel was the iron man of India.If one goes by history books,had Nehru listened to him, J&K would have had a different scene.Sardar Patel's next of kin have been leading a quiet retired life away from political climate.None of his children,grand children have claimed political power, political space or even publicity.They have never complained on occasions when Sardar's birth or death anniversary has been forgotten by those holding power.
Lal Bahadur Shastri’s short tenure has been one of pride for all Indians.His children,though in politics, haven’t been fighting for position.

Nehru-Gandhis have been on the Indian political scene since independence and have been in power on their own for almost45 yrs,besides having led a coalition Govt for almost 7 yrs.

Historicaly,Nehru - Gandhis at different stages have suffered humiliation.
First, when Nehru miscalculated his friendship with Chinese resulting into a miserable defeat for India in'62.He was a sensitive person and it is common knowledge as to how he took his decision and defeat to heart.Consequences were there to see.
Second, When Indira Gandhi declared internal emergency in the country subsequent to Allahabad High court judgment unseating her.Consequences were there to see.

Third, When Rajeev Gandhi got caught into alleged Bofors corruption scandal. Consequences were there to see.

Dr Man Mohan Singh is the officially appointed PM of the country.Without getting into futile discussion, it is common knowledge that it is Sonia Gandhi and to some extent Rahul Gandhi who controls policy making and purse strings.It is obvious as who are congress members loyal to.
In the recent past, there have been allegations against congress on corruption, lack of governance, minority appeasement, regionalism, misuse of Govt machinery etc. Law will take its own course is a line no sane person buys any more.
Perhaps, it is time for congress to step aside for some time,get its act,organization together,let alleged charges of corruption be settled and come back to the national scene with full majority rather than come to power on clutches of opportunistic coalition partners.(Indira Gandhi waited till ’80)

It won't only benefit congress, it will benefit nation at large.

But, it is eventually up to Congress party to decide



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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Indians are being made brand conscious by using all possible avenues,advertising,promotions,free gifts etc.

Are we really getting what we need and what is expected of a brand?

Do we pay for a product?

Do we pay for a brand?

Do we pay for quality?

Can a particular brand "X" of Mineral water bottled in UP and Punjab be of same specifications and quality?The quality of water can never be same.

Can a branded hospital "Y"in Noida and Delhi give identical treatment?It is the Doctor and not the hospital name brand which is important.Two different surgeons can never operate similar.(my personal experience)

Can Cornatto ice cream cone be same in Mumbai as in the UK? Quality of milk can never be same.

Can a popular brand of sports wear made in India be identical to the same brand made and originated in France? The yarn quality can never be same.

Black Label Whisky bottled in any country other than Scotland  can never be same.Water inputs matter.(India consumes more Scotch than its produced in Scotland is a separate issue)

Will Walmart label on a Chinese toy be treated as a branded product while the same Chinese toy available at Sadar Bazar will be "China Ka Maal"?

One product- Swiss chocolates are made only in Swiss.

Yet,there is another brand which never lets any one down-- Swiss bank.It will taste same, irrespective of the country one operates it from.Check with any politician,they travel enough..

While brands are getting promoted,there are those RICH who are fighting hard to survive despite earning Rs 33/day.

PAPPU kab pass hoga?


posted 29/11/11.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Is it a scam?

It is a season of unearthing scams.
Money, one can never have enough of. I need money, you need money, my domestic needs money, beggar at traffic signal needs money, neighbors driver needs money trader needs money, manufacturer needs money, poor need money—(LOANS TO US CANT TURN INTO NPAs). And above all and most important, the rich want (not need) money. Banks are always there to give money to the rich against a collateral gaurantee.

Is it a scam?
Technically, a loan starts to become NPA if it is not paid back from after 180 days or as per the terms laid down contractually.

As per RBI website, following are the NPAs as of 14th Nov.

1-Public Sector Banks----Rs 71047    Crores.
2-Nationalised Banks-----Rs 42907   Crores

Total 1+2……………… Rs  113954 Crores. Does this figure remind one of Telecom RAJA?

Then there are those loans which the borrowers being unable to pay up, apply for what is called--OTS—“One time settlement scheme” and “Compromise settlement”. In such cases, generally, banks waive accumulated interest amount, waive penalty and ease future installments of principle payments on concessional rate of interest to ensure recovery of principle amount. Such outstanding do not appear under the heads of NPA (how convenient)

Some banks try and off load part of their NPAs to "asset reconstruction companies" (ARCs) so as to show cleaner books. ....Such outstanding do not appear under the heads of NPA. (How convenient)

Ever heard of a collateral guarantee of an industrialist being invoked?

Ever heard of an Aircraft being taken over by bank?

Ever heard plant and machinery of a company being taken over by a bank?

Do similar rules apply to us, you, and me?

Will banks compromise on student loan of the needy and deserving students?

Will banks compromise on home loans of the needy?

Will banks compromise on Scooter loans of the needy?

Would a needy common man get similar benefits? Perhaps not, because we belong to a different category of India borrowers.
Govt refuses to continue subsidy on petrol, LPG, diesel and doesn't hesitate compromising financial stakes running into thousands of crores of Rs with the high and mighty.

During current fiscal year, industry has been given subsidies/concessions to the extent of app. Rs 6 Lakh crores.(yes,six lakh crores) and despite all this,the industrial growth has dropped to 1.91%.

Is it there a scam?

There goes a saying--It is the industry which falls sick, never the industrialist


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Monday, November 7, 2011


It was only last week that a DIG rank officer in UP used a very apt expression,every thing is Fake in UP, referring to level of corruption.

That makes me  think of various reports in the press about Fake materials being sold during festive season.In fact,there is so much Fake around us which makes it difficult to really separate one from the other.




Fake-Milk,mixed with deadly inputs.

Fake-Flying licences,risking lives of thousands at 30000ft.

Fake-Vehicle driving licences.

Fake-Medicines.It is estimated that 30% medicines in India are fake.

Fake-Motor parts.It is to the extent that one gets to choose between genuine and fake officially.

Fake-Shampoo and various other cosmetics.

Fake-Most of branded clothings,shirts jeans etc.

Fake-Whisky(India seems to consume more Scotch than what is produced in Scotland)

Fake-The list could be endless.

However,is it possible for these cheats to be indulging in such dangerous acts,deadly mixtures,risking lives in air and roads,risking lives of children with spurios milk without the help,connivance and support of the Police and the politicians?

Think--answer is just there.Look around carefully

Oh,yes.How can one not mention some( not all )Fake Deshabhaktas who like to be called Politicians.


But, Rs 1.76 lakh crores did not seem to be fake.


posted 07/11/11
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Monday, October 24, 2011


A few years back I used to fly between Delhi-Mumbai very often. I am amongst those few who are very scared in the flight. During one such flight, I built enough guts and requested the Captain and he allowed me into the cockpit. To my surprise, the Captain was having his breakfast and the co pilot was reading newspaper. I was explained various controls and was told that the plane was on auto pilot mode, hence there wasn't any need for them to hold the control physically. Since that flight,every time I get turbulence in any flight, what comes  back to my mind is the scene where Captain and Co pilot having breakfast, resulting into  bigger the scare. However, I cannot forget the words of the Captain while I was leaving the cockpit after thanking him.He said “YOU MUST TRUST THE CAPTAIN”. Most of us do.

In 2009, a new aviation company (more of pvt ltd) was formed under name and style of UPA II. Almost entire country invested huge stakes in it. Board of Directors “appointed” an honest man as its Captain and principle officer as the regulatory authority didn’t allow the promoter Director to take over as Captain.Stake holders were promised good returns within first 100 days.In the meantime,Captain managed to get one of his acquaintances from World bank/IMF to handle the financial issues.With a lot of fanfare,maiden flight took off and it wasn’t before it got caught into turbulence.Turbulence when captain couldn’t connect with his promoter Director due to faulty 2G communication lines,turbulence when pathetic condition of CWG stadia was visible from 10000ft, turbulence when dust of illegal mining was so visible from the cockpit, turbulence when Captain saw a 31 stories building on defense land meant for war widows, turbulence when he realized his own colleagues wouldn’t allow him a smooth flight, turbulence when he realized his on board staff consumed most of the food supplies meant for passengers, turbulence when he was told by his IMF acquaintance that henceforth concessional tickets will be sold only to those poor earning less than Rs 26/day, turbulence as his colleagues were caught playing game of chewing gums.Unable to come out of turbulence,Captain decided to make an emergency landing. 
That was the time one of his colleagues was competing Aryabhatta in reinventing ZERO.
Before emergency touchdown,Captain made an announcement!YOU MUST TRUST YOUR CAPTAIN.

Company ordered an inquiry into causes of turbulence and the losses incurred.First submission Captain made was that “He wasn’t aware.” Most of the passengers have not agreed with his statement and have decided never to fly this airline again.They were never comfortable in the flight as there wasn't any coordination,thus risking lives of passengers who were all rich and earning more than Rs 32/day.However,they agree that “YOU MUST TRUST YOUR CAPTAIN” which they did (regretfully).
Having made an emergency landing,the estimated loss is reported to be appx Rs 1.75 Lakh Crores.


posted 24/10/11,b k chowla

Friday, October 14, 2011


Recently, Govt of Delhi has raised the registration fee for Diesel vehicles to 25 percent.
Intentions of the Govt may be good, but as usual, it doesn't seem to have done its home work. By raising the registration fee, will the consumption of Diesel reduce? Perhaps not, because those who purchase high priced diesel SUVs at prices ranging from Rs 25 lakh onwards to close to Rs 45 lakhs don't care about the price of diesel. May be, it will add to Govt's kitty to some extent.

In this process, Govt seems to have overlooked the diesel taxis who survive on day to day basis. Can the taxi owner who lives on daily collection and or is committed to EMIs afford another cost? As a consequence of price increase, the auto and bus fares are bound to increase by which only the poor man will get hit.

If raising revenue was the real intention, should Govt not have checked other areas of high diesel consumption?
Reportedly, following are the highest consuming areas

1...BTS-commonly known as Mobile Towers.
Mobile Towers need a 100 % power back up to ensure, should mobile services get cut off considering the awful power supply position in the country. Hypothetically, diesel for mobiles towers could be sold even at Rs 100 per liter. For all one cares, it may increase the call rate by a few paisas only. With the kind of mobile phone density in India, 2G alleged scam one would presume that Govt is unable to displease the telecoms lobby, especially when five State elections are not too far. I would not know the absolute numbers, but, for sure the extra revenue from mobile towers will be far greater than that of diesel vehicles additional registration fees. It is up to the Govt to first know what exactly does it want, which in this case seems hazy.

2.....Shopping Malls

We may not have bothered to actually use it as a case study, but, I won't be surprised if Shopping Malls are only second to mobile towers as far as diesel consumption is concerned. Can one imagine a shopping mall without electricity for even five minutes? A 100 % power back is a must in the malls. One would expect the Govt to have raised cost price of diesel to the Malls. Be it for the purpose of raising the revenue or be it a deterrent. Let’s not forget, the maintenance charges in malls vary from Rs 15 per sq ft onwards. Will another a few paisas really matter to them? However, general feeling is that under pressure from lobbyists, Govt won’t displease the shop owners in the malls. It May not be a coincidence,but,quite a few of the shop owners are politicians who are by themselves are decision  makers and are beneficiaries .

In the meantime, few like me are still counting Zeros in 1.76 lakh crores.
Some are counting yesterday’s earning to ensure they are not above Rs 32/.


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Planning Commission has recently submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court stating that those Indians living in Cities earning Rs 32 per day and those in rural areas earning more that Rs 26 per day do not fall in the category of the poor.
Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia is the Dy Chairman of the Planning commission while the Prime Minister of India is the Ex-Offico Chairman. Hence, when an affidavit was submitted to the Supreme Court, I would presume that it was in knowledge of the PM, and the Law minister.
This govt was voted to power on the slogan “Congress ka Haath Aam Admi Ke Sath”. Affidavit speaks volumes about the condition of Aam Aadmi.
Affidavit is a tight slap on the face of the common man.
Why is this govt so disconnected with the ground reality?
How can we expect them to know our plight when their official assets/wealth has increased by over 800% in last 3 yrs?
A beggar on a traffic signal earns much more than Rs 32/day.
Montek Singh feels that to be above poverty line, one has to spend Rs 1per day on medical care. He perhaps he isn’t aware that a tablet of Crocin is beyond the reach in that amount.
Disconnect is because when these VIPs fall sick, they have VIP wards assigned for them in AIIMS. Why should they care?Best treatment overseas is also at their command,absolutely free of cost.
Perhaps, Montek Singh needs to check the amount he has spent on overseas trips in last 2 yrs? Reportedly, the amount spent on his travel is close to Rs 2 Crores.
May be, Montek Singh can make us wise by identifying at least one product in the country which is available at Rs 32 per unit, be it cooking oil, wheat, Bajra, medicine any vegetable?
Montek Singh enjoys the status of a Minister. How can he understand our pain when he gets free housing, free medical, free electricity, foreign travel, subsidised food in parliament canteen?
Will Montek tell this country as to in which school or college can the poor get their children educated with an expense of Rs 1 per day? Even 40 yrs back, this amount for education was not sufficient.
They must understand and see for themselves as to the sub human conditions poor live in.
It is our misfortune that after 63 yrs, we are still struggling to avoid realty of the poor in India.
What we as common people don’t understand the hidden agenda by redefining poverty. Those who cross an income level of Rs 32 /day will automatically not get included in the list of those enjoying State or Central subsidy schemes. Be it ration, Medical treatment etc.
But, MPs are quite OK with enjoying subsidised food at tax payer’s account in the parliament canteen.
Where are we heading towards? Why is the Govt so insensitive towards aam aadmi? Let’s not forget, poorer you are, more vulnerable you are, more vulnerable you are, faster you fall in line, faster you fall in line, sharper you are the first target. 
Take your pick.
Let us work towards building a better India.

Read the affidavit here.


PS. Planning Commission Chairman seems to have given some clarification on the affidavit.


Friday, September 16, 2011


Results of 2009 LS elections did bring a sense of joy amongst people when Dr Man Mohan Singh took oath the second time over. I would feel that UPAII came to power not because of congress party but singularly on the honest face of Dr Man Mohan Singh.
Opinion of certain political and economic analysts is that UPA 1 sailed through because it had inherited a govt with low inflation rate communal harmony, a growing economy and was relatively corruption free.UPA II perhaps could not sustain it. That is where UPA II seems to have gone wrong. Arrogance of the ministers, insensitivity of the establishment and compulsions of UPA allies started to take over.

While he took oath in May 2009, PM announced a hundred days plan, which has fallen flat. Govt itself is avoiding talking of the plan.

No Indian is feeling safe---except for VIPs as they are covered with Z+---security. Last ten terror attacks have remained unsolved. General feeling of minority appeasement policy still persists. Reportedly, BSF has been instructed not to fire on infiltrators from Bangladesh. China has encircled India from all sides, including sea routes, and is present in POK. Proposed Communal Violence Bill is being seen as major threat to the basic unity of the country (bill is available on the net)

Coalition partners have their own agenda. Mamata Banerjee refused to accompany Prime Minister on his tour to Bangladesh as a protest against proposed Teesta water agreement, which PM had to cancel. NC,NCP, DMK each one is playing its own game. But, no partner will ever walk out.

Inflation is the lost game for the Govt. Prime Minister, Montek Singh Ahluwalia,Pranab Mukherjee in last two years have given innumerable dates to bring down inflation to 5%.It stands today in double digit at almost 10 %.Today, there isn’t a gap between price of Milk, Diesel and Aviation Fuel.

Tamil Nadu assembly has passed a resolution to press for relief to Rajeev Gandhi killers. Before the Govt could wake up to react, J&K assembly spoke for Afazal Guru. Within hours Punjab Govt wanted a similar equation for Khalistan leader Bhullar. All these three cases have been decided by SC.
Corruption is an issue. Not only us, but the world is taking note of Indian corruption. There isn’t any point in repeating those cases here once again. But for supervision of the Supreme Court, likes of Raja would not have been jail. Govt’s handling of Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare was a miserable failure.

Govt is in disarray. Govt has lost will to govern. Govt has lost the plot. Govt is insensitive. Govt is disconnected with ground realities. Govt is not serious about inflation. Govt has taken middle class for granted.

Govt needs to look into  the mirror.


posted 16/09/11, b k chowla

Friday, August 19, 2011


We go about our lives in a routine matter that we forget to check basic issues concerning our daily life. Or is it our attitude ?It is a typical case of "NEVER BOTHERED"

Have we ever checked declaration of TFM---Total Fatty Matter---on the  back side of the soap wrapper? TFM actually signifies the quality of the soap, higher the TFM higher will be the lather and naturally higher will be the cost. In fact, percentage of TFM is the quality level of the soap. Please check declaration on you soap wrapper. NEVER BOTHERED

We don't seem to notice price declaration on a product. The correct declaration is MRRP and not MRP.MRRP is maximum recommended retail price as it is loaded with highest rate of VAT or ST (Which is a state subject). E.g. A product in Delhi may have 4percent VAT and in Baroda it may attract 12.5percent.Hence "Recommended" price. It may help if we know the prevailing VAT rates to negotiate prices (AM I SOUNDING TOO MIDDLE CLASS?) so as to negotiate retail price. NEVER BOTHERED

Generally, Thursday is the weakest retail sale day. Check any retail Market, anywhere in the world; they report lowest footfalls on Thursdays. Reportedly, it is said to be so because-shopping- as it is termed-, is completed by Wednesday and Friday onwards, comes the weekend thus completing the weekly cycle. Interestingly most of the ladies nights in the clubs and restaurants, kitties parties and youngster's get together are on Thursdays. NEVER BOTHERED.
There is a standard set for packaged commodities. To allow the loot at the cost of the consumers, a provision has been introduced wherein the manufacturer declares on the packaging that it is selling a non standard pack. Check most of the Biscuits, Namkeen etc packs and get ready for the shock (i had written about this some time back in a different context).Quantity is reduced and prices get increased. NEVER BOTHERED

Tuesday is amongst the weakest day for airlines. One would normally travel on Mondays and Fridays. Most of the airlines’ sites offer greater discounts on Tuesdays NEVER BOTHERED.

Tea was always tea which was fresh, plucked. Then came –CTC which stands for—CUT, TURN,CURL-a mechanical process which cuts the leaves, turn them into a shape and curls the leaves. It is supposed to be a STRONG tea--CTC, doesn't it sound rocket science? Check the difference in leaves of normal tea and CTC leaves. NEVER BOTHERED.

Sometime back a famous Indian White goods manufacturer advertised it's refrigerators with PUF technology. It did catch up as it was a good punch line.PUF? Simply, POLYURETHANE FOAM. The refrigerators had a simple lining of Polyurethane foam. NEVER BOTHERED

If one notices, some of the abbreviated declarations are so misleading, but must be right legally. We need to be more vigilant, perhaps.


posted 19/08/11
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


At times one is just lazy and that is the right time to go back memory lane to see if one has contributed to society, has any achievements on hand, has any incident which makes one happy. I did exactly that over the week-end.

Sometime back, I had taken responsibility of establishing the sales and marketing of a paper Tissue brand. For sales, I had adopted FMCG route, very routine matter which gets the desired results/sales. Brand building is a very serious exercise.What I was looking for was mass”VISIBILITY”,”IMPULSIVE” purchase and a “PLATFORM” to express.
Once I was driving down KG Marg in Delhi towards Connaught Place. At the traffic signal I saw a young boy of about 12-14 yrs old selling nose gas mask for Rs 5/pc and he would earn Rs 1/pc. That did it.

On my way back, I picked up the boy (Sanjay Jha) and gave him, on credit, 5 units of Face Tissues to be sold at that signal. It was agreed that he will get Rs 10/ unit on the units sold. Though the boy wasn’t confident, he agreed to the concept. I dropped him at the same signal with an understanding that in the next three days if he was unable to sell the product, he will come and return the goods. On same day, before 5 pm, he was sold out and had earned Rs 50/ as against Rs 7-10 for the day.

Next morning, he brought along his roommate for supplies. They chose to be on two different traffic signals. Between them, both earned Rs 170 for the day. Within one week, there were 19 different boys at different signals. Interestingly, they were all from Trans Jamuna area .Since it was becoming difficult to handle19 “SALESMEN” every morning; I got them together and formed sort of a Co-operative. They all divided their responsibilities, avoided competition, and identified traffic signals for each one.

This concept caught the attention of the marketing side of the media. BBC TV then had a weekly (Thursday) programme called” MONEY MATTERS”. The content provider to BBC went around city at the signals interviewing the “SALESMEN”.BBC interviewed me for 19 mints for a 30 mints programme and aired the concept.

Later, an agency picked up the concept and its success as case study.

Street Vending was thus born.

1-BBC gave me the “PLATFORM” to express.BBC also kept showing live product and salesmen interviews live.”SALESMEM” watching themselves live on TV was a sales booster.

2-Signal gave the opportunity for “IMPULSE” purchase. It takes less than 40 sec to complete one sale at the signal, yes just 40 seconds.

3-Boys holding on the product in hand gave me the” VISIBILITY”

Those in Delhi must have noticed the line of products now being sold at the traffic signals. All these products are the result of one initiative I took with Sanjay Jha—12-14 yrs old. The so called cooperative now has more than 100 “salesmen”

Some boys have shifted to Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Mumbai with the concept.

I am happy that I was able to contribute towards the society. I am happy that these boys have done very well economically.

Happiness and prosperity must be shared.


posted 13/07/2011

b k chowla

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Certain incidents in everyone’s life leave an impression, a question, a doubt, or is it confusion?

Three real life incidents have left me wonder.

My wife along with her eight friends had gone to Vaishno Devi. Having reached the main entrance,all of them put their offerings in a marked cloth which was handed over to the priest.The priest handed over a bag back to them after Pooja, containing Prasad for eight of them in the same cloth in which the offering was given. After the ladies reached the hotel, my wife realised that her part of Prasad was missing from the bag. They had to leave for Delhi next morning. She announced to her friends that she would not return and stay back until she solves the mystery of the missing Prasad. When she got up in the morning, her packet containing the Prasad was on her bedside table. This is true Aap Beeti.

Recently, we were in Kuala Lampur. For any one visiting KL, a visit to Twin Towers is a must. They sell a limited number of tickets, of which we weren’t aware, for which the “Q” gets into action early morning. By the time we reached, tickets were sold out and people were walking away, so were we. From nowhere, two gentlemen walked up to my wife and asked if we were looking for two tickets and handed those over to her. Before we could even thank them and pay them, they weren’t there. We have no idea who these two gentlemen were. This is true Aap Beeti.

I was in Bologna, in Italy, it was November. The day I had to leave for London, it was snowing heavily and Milan airport was closed. My visa was expiring too. While I was confused and was talking to the reception desk, one gentleman asked me as to where would I be going. He offered to drive me to Lugarno, on Italy- Swiss border, which he did. He had a red coloured Fiat and all the four wheels had heavy chains around them to avoid skidding. He dropped me at the Railway station and I took the train to London. I still can’t figure out why this gentleman took the trouble to drop me all the way. We didn’t and even know each other’s names. This is true Aap Beeti.

These are true incidents which we have experienced.

Who were the people who came to help us?

Was it any divine intervention?

We are clueless, except that my wife feels,we must have done someone some good some time to deserve all this help from unknown people.

Still Wondering.


Posted 14/06/11

B k chowla

Friday, May 20, 2011

15 V/S 85

We have elections in India every year, Panchayat, Corporation, Bi-Elections, State assembly elections and General elections .In each of these elections ,what political parties and media(upon insistence of political party, perhaps) emphasise upon is the MINORITY VOTE, shamelessly though.

India is a Hindu majority state with 85% majority and 15 % minority status.

It is always been a cause of concern as to why do political parties chase 15% minority votes at the cost of 85% majority?

It is well known as to how do the Church influence politics.

It is well known as to how do the Muslim clergy influence politics.

But, if any Hindu religious organisation even talks for Hindus or supports a political party or has views on politics, we as a community get branded COMMUNAL by all those who chase minority voters. We have already been divided on the basis of cast, religion, region, language. It is more so as part of Govt's minority appeasement policy.

Unfortunately,we Hindus are not united. We don’t congregate at least once a week in a Temple.

Christians do so once in week at the Church.

Muslims are together once a week, during Namaaz at the Masjid.

Sikhs are together on Sundays at the Gurudwaras.

Such situation makes it easy for political parties to get minority vote’s en-masse. We may not accept, but, Religious influence does have an impact.

Hindus are divided.

Muslims are united.

Christians are increasing.

It is a bit surprising, but, Govt has no control over Muslim places or worship, Govt has no control over Church.Gurudwaras are not under the Govt control.But, all Hindu places of worship are undeer govt control/supervision.

We are the only country subsidising Haj pilgrimage but are comfortable taxing Amarnath Yatra.

The moral of the story is very clear. Perhaps, we need an iconic figure like some of the other communities have.

Kerala election results could be an eye opener.

Even after eyes open up, where is the spine and the vocal cord?


poste 20/05/11
b k chowla

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The incidents quoted here are a collection of various discussions we have had over the years while on sales calls and  conferences. There is no way that I can authenticate these claims. They are interesting, anyway.

In early days, Colgate was fighting hard to increase its sales and attain a decent market share. Company had asked for suggestions. A team of Salesmen from the team suggested—“Increase the diameter of the opening for a greater flow” So much more will get on to the tooth brush. That did the trick. 

Few years back, Vicks Vaporub Ad campaign seemed very effective. It showed mother applying Vicks on to child’s chest with Voice over –“ Thoda Aur Lagao”. Ad agency exploited  Mother’s emotions quite well. After this campaign, the product balance sheet showed results.

Coke, during their advertising campaign always took on Pepsi. Hoardings screamed –“We are number one”. They were
To counter the campaign, Pepsi hoardings read –“We are number two and need your support”. That turned the tables and the equation.

At a regional office building in India, a directional board was put up which read---“Coke, 1st Floor”.
Pepsi didn’t lose time putting up another board just next that of Coke---“Pepsi everywhere”.

Some punch lines could well be the USP of certain direct product Ads.. Like, a readymade garment company launched a series of ladies and gents ready-mades for summer—it read “Cottons have caught on”—sure they did.
Years back a company was selling tress which would give returns to the investor 25 yrs down the line—its campaign ran as “Money does grow on trees”

A popular Japanese car manufacturer devised a unique strategy.-Cars meant for Western markets had all screws moving in clockwise direction. All the care for Asia pacific had all screws moving in anti clockwise  direction. This strategy had a great impact on their sale of spare parts and accessories.

“To sound like an expert, hire one.”-Harry Beckwith

“No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data.”John Scully

“Marketing takes a day to learn.  Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.”-Phil Kolter

There are numerous cases of product launch, success story, and Ad campaigns. Marketing professionals maintain such case studies as Bible.

The most simply analysis will tell you that Coke is only a fizzy drink with a massive marketing budget, and that 
simplicity makes the market vulnerable—Richard Branson

 There are numerous such cases studies of product launch, success story, and Ad campaigns which marketing  professionals maintain  as Bible.

Sales, Marketing and advertising is a unique combination where none of those handling these functions, ever get along well.-----That is the perception.


posted   27/04/11
b k chowla

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We keep reading about scams on regular basis on scam a day phenomenon. There are issues which go unnoticed. Some of us must have experienced such uncomfortable situations with anguish.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Authorized or otherwise, a number of parking lots have come up in each city which generates Lakhs of Rs per day. The last link in the chain of ownership is a politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN— Unauthorized construction, residential and or commercial, is a common site and reality. The last link in chain of beneficiary is the politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Every State CM has discretionary powers on land allotment. The last link in chain of beneficiary is the politician through his close relatives.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—NGOs are surreptitiously funded by political parties for ulterior motives. Last link in the chain is again a politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Media is a major contributor in opinion forming process. Last link in chain is a politician in ownership pattern.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Lawyers who fight cases for murderers, rapists, anti-nationals, money launderers become the last link in the chain by joining political parties.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—for painting of state transport buses, the last link in the chain is the politician as a paint distributor or contractor.


posted 20/04/11

b k chowla

Monday, March 28, 2011



Those were the days when India fought for its freedom. Now India is fighting for governance, accountability, against corruption,inflation.

posted 28/03/11

b k chowla

Thursday, March 17, 2011


(Only a Punjabi friend of yours can translate above quote for you)

Is Life is all about destiny?
Is it about coincidences?
Is everything pre-destined?
Do Coincidences occur when life and destiny intersect?
Who is the guiding force which makes us make right and wrong decisions?
Has it something to do with the planetary position at the time of birth?

Ever wondered-Why is there so much uncertainty and inequality in life?
Ever wondered-Why some families are born with RAJYOG for generations? Ambanis,Tatas,Birlas.
Ever wondered-Why a pair of twins is born with not similar fate?
Ever wondered-Why do people dream of previous birth at least once in life time?
Ever wondered-Why two different Doctors have different diagnose for same patient?
Ever wondered-Why have innocents been convicted and guilty have been acquitted?
Ever wondered-Why children born to different parents at identical time and place are not identical?
Ever wondered-Why is every Sunrise not same for each one of us?
Ever wondered-Why are all marriages not successful if they are made in heaven?
Ever wondered-Why with some people the sixth sense is so accurate?

I don’t think we are ever alone. Every event in life is a message from God..

Ever Wondered?


posted 17/03/11
b k chowla

Monday, March 7, 2011


History is most unforgiving. As historical mistakes cannot be undone, they have complex cascading effect on a nation's future. Historical blunders that have changed the course of independent India's history and cast a dark shadow over its future. These costly mistakes will continue to haunt India for generations.

Kashmir Mess

There can be no better example of shooting one's own foot than India's clumsy handling of the Kashmir issue. It is a saga of naivety, blinkered vision and inept leadership.

Hari Singh was the reigning monarch of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947. He was vacillating when tribal marauders invaded Kashmir in October 1947, duly backed by the Pakistan army. Unable to counter them, Hari Singh appealed to India for assistance and agreed to accede to India. Indian forces blunted the invasion and re-conquered vast areas.

First, India erred by not insisting on unequivocal accession of the state to the Dominion of India and granted special status to it through Article 380 of the Constitution.

Secondly, when on the verge of evicting all invaders and recapturing the complete state, India halted operations on 1 January 1949 and appealed to the Security Council. It is the only case in known history wherein a country, when on the threshold of complete victory, has voluntarily forsaken it in the misplaced hope of winning admiration of the world community.

Thirdly and most shockingly, the Indian leadership made a highly unconstitutional offer of plebiscite in the UN.

Forty percent area of the state continues to be under Pakistan's control, providing it a strategic land route to China through the Karakoram ranges. As a fall out of the unresolved dispute, India and Pakistan have fought numerous wars and skirmishes with no solution in sight.

Worse, the local politicians are holding India to ransom by playing the Pak card. Kashmir issue is a self-created cancerous furuncle that defies all medications and continues to bleed the country.

Every successive Govt-Congress in 47 yrs of central rule-has not been serious about solving Kashmir problem just to keep minority vote bank alive.

Appeasement policy still goes on and on.............



b k chowla

Friday, February 25, 2011


We in India seem to get carried away with numbers which are fed to us through the media which seemingly is so biased that it has lost its credibility to zero. The priority for this govt seems to be the two important factors.
We are aspiring to be a super power by year 2020.
What makes is a country a super power? 
How can one expect the people to add to our aspirations of being a super power when they are hungry?

International Food Policy Institute has released its report on Global Hunger Index. 

The index rated 84 countries on the basis of three leading indicators--prevalence of child malnutrition, rate of child mortality and the proportion of people who are calorie deficient.

 India has been ranked 67 much lower than its neighbours- China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Countries which are covered in the report include Syria---1, China----9, Thailand----22, Srilanka----39, Pakistan----52, Nepal----56, Rwanda----56, Bangladesh----68, INDIA----67.

1.83 million Children below age of 5, die every year in India. What good is GDP and Sensex?

“How sad that India makes the front page of The New York Times because 45% of our children are malnourished”....says Tavleen Singh

We have millions of tons of food grain rotting on the streets, outside FCI godowns whereas Central Govt and State Govt have been playing politics depending upon which party is ruling the state.



b k chowla 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


These are the four stages in  life of normal a man.---Feeding bottle to the drip.
Please take your pick.
It is your choice.
It is your decision.
It is your life.


b k chowla

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Common man at the vegetable shop, begging at the traffic signal, at the milk booth, in the bus “Q”, at the ration shop, at a construction site, in the police station, in the local train, at the bidi shop, on his farm, at a Govt office, at the old age home, sleeping on the footpath, at the cremation ground complains; ---My leaders have let me down.


It has been years,but, I haven’t found one.

I need to stand up.


posted 05/02/11

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Most of the Indians are almost dying under the pressure of food inflation. Vegetables, Pulses and other commodities of daily consumption are out of reach for those who put in honest 8hrs of work daily to earn whatever they can to keep the family fed.
But, the case with our Legislatures is not exactly so.Prices of some of the items in the Parliament House canteen are given below. Please don’t get angry,don’t allow your blood to boil, don’t curse any one as we the 100 crore spineless people with our defective vocal chords and weak eyesight deserve exactly what we have –This Government

Tea,Rs1—Soup-Rs.5.50-Dal one Katori,Rs.1.50--Veg Thali (dal, subzi,4 chapatis, rice/pulao, curd and salad)Rs.12.50--Non-veg Thali,Rs.22--Curd rice,Rs.11--Veg pulao,Rs.8--Chicken Biryani,Rs.34--Fish curry and rice,Rs.13--Rajma rice,Rs.7--Tomato rice,Rs.7--Fish fry,Rs.17--Chicken curry,Rs.20.50--Chicken Masala,Rs.24.50--Butter chicken,Rs.27—Chapati,Rs.1a piece--One plate rice,Rs.2—Dosa,Rs.4—Kheer,oneKatori,Rs.5.50--Fruitcake,Rs.9.50—Fruitsalad,Rs.7.

A committee on food management was constituted in 2005 to consider revision of the rates and the service.
"The committee didn't give any report and the rates were not revised,”
"Over Rs.5.3 crore has been allocated during the current financial year for the canteens. The Lok Sabha pays some Rs.3.55 crore and the Rajya Sabha shares the amount to over Rs.1.77 crore," .
The food prices in the Parliament canteen are obviously subsidised. 
Who subsidises it? You do, I do.
These are the same set of selfish,corrupt politicians who object to a poor man getting subsidy on LPG and Diesel, but show no concern about the subsidies they enjoy. 
We subsidise their housing.
We subsidise their electricity bills.
We subsidise their telephone bills.
We subsidise their petrol bills.
We subsidise their and their family air travel.
BUT, they wont allow subsidy on Diesel and LPG.



posted 27/01/11, b k chowla.