Monday, March 7, 2011


History is most unforgiving. As historical mistakes cannot be undone, they have complex cascading effect on a nation's future. Historical blunders that have changed the course of independent India's history and cast a dark shadow over its future. These costly mistakes will continue to haunt India for generations.

Kashmir Mess

There can be no better example of shooting one's own foot than India's clumsy handling of the Kashmir issue. It is a saga of naivety, blinkered vision and inept leadership.

Hari Singh was the reigning monarch of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947. He was vacillating when tribal marauders invaded Kashmir in October 1947, duly backed by the Pakistan army. Unable to counter them, Hari Singh appealed to India for assistance and agreed to accede to India. Indian forces blunted the invasion and re-conquered vast areas.

First, India erred by not insisting on unequivocal accession of the state to the Dominion of India and granted special status to it through Article 380 of the Constitution.

Secondly, when on the verge of evicting all invaders and recapturing the complete state, India halted operations on 1 January 1949 and appealed to the Security Council. It is the only case in known history wherein a country, when on the threshold of complete victory, has voluntarily forsaken it in the misplaced hope of winning admiration of the world community.

Thirdly and most shockingly, the Indian leadership made a highly unconstitutional offer of plebiscite in the UN.

Forty percent area of the state continues to be under Pakistan's control, providing it a strategic land route to China through the Karakoram ranges. As a fall out of the unresolved dispute, India and Pakistan have fought numerous wars and skirmishes with no solution in sight.

Worse, the local politicians are holding India to ransom by playing the Pak card. Kashmir issue is a self-created cancerous furuncle that defies all medications and continues to bleed the country.

Every successive Govt-Congress in 47 yrs of central rule-has not been serious about solving Kashmir problem just to keep minority vote bank alive.

Appeasement policy still goes on and on.............



b k chowla


Jon said...

One thing...the way we play in the foreign arena is the worst! I think it's 'cos our leaders!

ZEAL said...


Solution lies in having great leaders with patriotism, strong will , fearless and honest attitude and of course with a very strong character.

Unfortunately our country is ruled by spineless and selfish lot.


Alka Gurha said...

You have echoed my thoughts...We have a serious leadership crisis.

Sushant Jain said...

COmpletely agree with you....

Applying two nation theory was also a big mistake. I would have ready to see jinnah as a PM rather making a new nation....

BK Chowla, said...

sushant jain,
It served the purpose of Nehru only

BK Chowla, said...

Alka Gruha,
India has had leadership problems even earlier but last 7 yrs have been a matter of great concern

BK Chowla, said...

Not only the leadership. In my opinion, we 120 cr are a spineless lot with defective vocal chords.

BK Chowla, said...

We are being ruined by the kind of leadership