Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The incidents quoted here are a collection of various discussions we have had over the years while on sales calls and  conferences. There is no way that I can authenticate these claims. They are interesting, anyway.

In early days, Colgate was fighting hard to increase its sales and attain a decent market share. Company had asked for suggestions. A team of Salesmen from the team suggested—“Increase the diameter of the opening for a greater flow” So much more will get on to the tooth brush. That did the trick. 

Few years back, Vicks Vaporub Ad campaign seemed very effective. It showed mother applying Vicks on to child’s chest with Voice over –“ Thoda Aur Lagao”. Ad agency exploited  Mother’s emotions quite well. After this campaign, the product balance sheet showed results.

Coke, during their advertising campaign always took on Pepsi. Hoardings screamed –“We are number one”. They were
To counter the campaign, Pepsi hoardings read –“We are number two and need your support”. That turned the tables and the equation.

At a regional office building in India, a directional board was put up which read---“Coke, 1st Floor”.
Pepsi didn’t lose time putting up another board just next that of Coke---“Pepsi everywhere”.

Some punch lines could well be the USP of certain direct product Ads.. Like, a readymade garment company launched a series of ladies and gents ready-mades for summer—it read “Cottons have caught on”—sure they did.
Years back a company was selling tress which would give returns to the investor 25 yrs down the line—its campaign ran as “Money does grow on trees”

A popular Japanese car manufacturer devised a unique strategy.-Cars meant for Western markets had all screws moving in clockwise direction. All the care for Asia pacific had all screws moving in anti clockwise  direction. This strategy had a great impact on their sale of spare parts and accessories.

“To sound like an expert, hire one.”-Harry Beckwith

“No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data.”John Scully

“Marketing takes a day to learn.  Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.”-Phil Kolter

There are numerous cases of product launch, success story, and Ad campaigns. Marketing professionals maintain such case studies as Bible.

The most simply analysis will tell you that Coke is only a fizzy drink with a massive marketing budget, and that 
simplicity makes the market vulnerable—Richard Branson

 There are numerous such cases studies of product launch, success story, and Ad campaigns which marketing  professionals maintain  as Bible.

Sales, Marketing and advertising is a unique combination where none of those handling these functions, ever get along well.-----That is the perception.


posted   27/04/11
b k chowla

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We keep reading about scams on regular basis on scam a day phenomenon. There are issues which go unnoticed. Some of us must have experienced such uncomfortable situations with anguish.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Authorized or otherwise, a number of parking lots have come up in each city which generates Lakhs of Rs per day. The last link in the chain of ownership is a politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN— Unauthorized construction, residential and or commercial, is a common site and reality. The last link in chain of beneficiary is the politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Every State CM has discretionary powers on land allotment. The last link in chain of beneficiary is the politician through his close relatives.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—NGOs are surreptitiously funded by political parties for ulterior motives. Last link in the chain is again a politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Media is a major contributor in opinion forming process. Last link in chain is a politician in ownership pattern.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Lawyers who fight cases for murderers, rapists, anti-nationals, money launderers become the last link in the chain by joining political parties.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—for painting of state transport buses, the last link in the chain is the politician as a paint distributor or contractor.


posted 20/04/11

b k chowla