Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We keep reading about scams on regular basis on scam a day phenomenon. There are issues which go unnoticed. Some of us must have experienced such uncomfortable situations with anguish.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Authorized or otherwise, a number of parking lots have come up in each city which generates Lakhs of Rs per day. The last link in the chain of ownership is a politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN— Unauthorized construction, residential and or commercial, is a common site and reality. The last link in chain of beneficiary is the politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Every State CM has discretionary powers on land allotment. The last link in chain of beneficiary is the politician through his close relatives.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—NGOs are surreptitiously funded by political parties for ulterior motives. Last link in the chain is again a politician.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Media is a major contributor in opinion forming process. Last link in chain is a politician in ownership pattern.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—Lawyers who fight cases for murderers, rapists, anti-nationals, money launderers become the last link in the chain by joining political parties.

CAUSE OF CONCERN—for painting of state transport buses, the last link in the chain is the politician as a paint distributor or contractor.


posted 20/04/11

b k chowla


Shilpa Garg said...

Oh my!! So very true!! Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!!

Jon said...

A great analysis..The Parking lots was a revelation..may be petrol pumps fall in too!

Sandhya said...

A politician is always behind huge amount of corruption, otherwise the persons who are involved, will not have guts to do that.

Here, in Chennai, autowallahs are notorious...they are rude to the passengers and never come anywhere without demanding excess fare. No one dare question them because 80% of the autos are owned by politicians and policemen, it seems!

More worried after reading your list, Sir!

Alka Gurha said...

All very valid concerns!

dr.antony said...

One cannot move a straw in India without involving a politician.
Their roots are so deep,and like you said ,they are invisible.

This last communist regime has transfered many of prime governmental land to foundations,which will eventually end up with the party.Why they groom their children also to serve the nation?

radha said...

For all these jobs, they call in applications - and there is no transparency - and obviously where there is money, there is the politician.

ZEAL said...

I do not have any hope till congress is in power . All we need is to change the govt. " Takhta-palat" is much required in order to bring some posiive change.