Friday, May 20, 2011

15 V/S 85

We have elections in India every year, Panchayat, Corporation, Bi-Elections, State assembly elections and General elections .In each of these elections ,what political parties and media(upon insistence of political party, perhaps) emphasise upon is the MINORITY VOTE, shamelessly though.

India is a Hindu majority state with 85% majority and 15 % minority status.

It is always been a cause of concern as to why do political parties chase 15% minority votes at the cost of 85% majority?

It is well known as to how do the Church influence politics.

It is well known as to how do the Muslim clergy influence politics.

But, if any Hindu religious organisation even talks for Hindus or supports a political party or has views on politics, we as a community get branded COMMUNAL by all those who chase minority voters. We have already been divided on the basis of cast, religion, region, language. It is more so as part of Govt's minority appeasement policy.

Unfortunately,we Hindus are not united. We don’t congregate at least once a week in a Temple.

Christians do so once in week at the Church.

Muslims are together once a week, during Namaaz at the Masjid.

Sikhs are together on Sundays at the Gurudwaras.

Such situation makes it easy for political parties to get minority vote’s en-masse. We may not accept, but, Religious influence does have an impact.

Hindus are divided.

Muslims are united.

Christians are increasing.

It is a bit surprising, but, Govt has no control over Muslim places or worship, Govt has no control over Church.Gurudwaras are not under the Govt control.But, all Hindu places of worship are undeer govt control/supervision.

We are the only country subsidising Haj pilgrimage but are comfortable taxing Amarnath Yatra.

The moral of the story is very clear. Perhaps, we need an iconic figure like some of the other communities have.

Kerala election results could be an eye opener.

Even after eyes open up, where is the spine and the vocal cord?


poste 20/05/11
b k chowla