Friday, May 20, 2011

15 V/S 85

We have elections in India every year, Panchayat, Corporation, Bi-Elections, State assembly elections and General elections .In each of these elections ,what political parties and media(upon insistence of political party, perhaps) emphasise upon is the MINORITY VOTE, shamelessly though.

India is a Hindu majority state with 85% majority and 15 % minority status.

It is always been a cause of concern as to why do political parties chase 15% minority votes at the cost of 85% majority?

It is well known as to how do the Church influence politics.

It is well known as to how do the Muslim clergy influence politics.

But, if any Hindu religious organisation even talks for Hindus or supports a political party or has views on politics, we as a community get branded COMMUNAL by all those who chase minority voters. We have already been divided on the basis of cast, religion, region, language. It is more so as part of Govt's minority appeasement policy.

Unfortunately,we Hindus are not united. We don’t congregate at least once a week in a Temple.

Christians do so once in week at the Church.

Muslims are together once a week, during Namaaz at the Masjid.

Sikhs are together on Sundays at the Gurudwaras.

Such situation makes it easy for political parties to get minority vote’s en-masse. We may not accept, but, Religious influence does have an impact.

Hindus are divided.

Muslims are united.

Christians are increasing.

It is a bit surprising, but, Govt has no control over Muslim places or worship, Govt has no control over Church.Gurudwaras are not under the Govt control.But, all Hindu places of worship are undeer govt control/supervision.

We are the only country subsidising Haj pilgrimage but are comfortable taxing Amarnath Yatra.

The moral of the story is very clear. Perhaps, we need an iconic figure like some of the other communities have.

Kerala election results could be an eye opener.

Even after eyes open up, where is the spine and the vocal cord?


poste 20/05/11
b k chowla


Bikram said...

I am not sure what to say here.
I have a different story to say here.. The minorities are looked after for votes once that is done then the rest of 4 years and 364 days they are ignored...

I went on a tangent so i will stop here and say only together india can go miles ...

regarding religious things, I think we need to ABOLISH religion, all will be fine then


A said...

Now I'm able to read and comment. Thanks.

I don't agree with you on certain points. Though Sikhs gather in gurudwara, they are pretty fragmented.

I think politicians will exploit anything for votes - religion is just one. Caste is another one. Language is another one. Any thng that gets them vote.....besides honesty and hard work

Urmi said...

Very nice and appropriate post. Whatever I say about politicians I think it will not be enough. During election we give votes thinking that we will get benefit but it happens just opposite. Infact we are not united in our own country. Not only the religion is a factor but people who are South Indian they do not mix with North Indian and vice-versa. Everybody wants to stay in their own community.

Urmi said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. I have taken the pictures of finger monkeys at Perth zoo.

R. Ramesh said...

sir people dont understand diff betwen religion n spiritualissm..well, i think even religion is controlled by nature so no need to worry..did not someone say, god, plz save us fm yr followers..

Shilpa Garg said...

When are we going to break free from the caste, religion and vote bank culture?? It's high time we did that!

S.R.Ayyangar said...

People go to church because their God Christ is one, Muslims go to Mosque because Allah is one whereas we have thousands of Gods and equal number of different temples for different sects like Shiva for Shaivites and Vishnu for Vaishnavites therefore they do not meet eye to eye!How can they become ONE?

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

A majority of Indian Hindus in urban areas take pride in saying they are secular, which they try to convey means they don't care about following Hinduism. They have a mistaken notion that following Hinduism makes them look ridiculous in their upper class social sphere. The Christians and Muslims take pride in their religion, and they don't care what the others think. They love and honor their religion.

Urmi said...

Thanks a lot for all your comments in my blogs.

R. Ramesh said...

thanks boss:)