Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Certain incidents in everyone’s life leave an impression, a question, a doubt, or is it confusion?

Three real life incidents have left me wonder.

My wife along with her eight friends had gone to Vaishno Devi. Having reached the main entrance,all of them put their offerings in a marked cloth which was handed over to the priest.The priest handed over a bag back to them after Pooja, containing Prasad for eight of them in the same cloth in which the offering was given. After the ladies reached the hotel, my wife realised that her part of Prasad was missing from the bag. They had to leave for Delhi next morning. She announced to her friends that she would not return and stay back until she solves the mystery of the missing Prasad. When she got up in the morning, her packet containing the Prasad was on her bedside table. This is true Aap Beeti.

Recently, we were in Kuala Lampur. For any one visiting KL, a visit to Twin Towers is a must. They sell a limited number of tickets, of which we weren’t aware, for which the “Q” gets into action early morning. By the time we reached, tickets were sold out and people were walking away, so were we. From nowhere, two gentlemen walked up to my wife and asked if we were looking for two tickets and handed those over to her. Before we could even thank them and pay them, they weren’t there. We have no idea who these two gentlemen were. This is true Aap Beeti.

I was in Bologna, in Italy, it was November. The day I had to leave for London, it was snowing heavily and Milan airport was closed. My visa was expiring too. While I was confused and was talking to the reception desk, one gentleman asked me as to where would I be going. He offered to drive me to Lugarno, on Italy- Swiss border, which he did. He had a red coloured Fiat and all the four wheels had heavy chains around them to avoid skidding. He dropped me at the Railway station and I took the train to London. I still can’t figure out why this gentleman took the trouble to drop me all the way. We didn’t and even know each other’s names. This is true Aap Beeti.

These are true incidents which we have experienced.

Who were the people who came to help us?

Was it any divine intervention?

We are clueless, except that my wife feels,we must have done someone some good some time to deserve all this help from unknown people.

Still Wondering.


Posted 14/06/11

B k chowla