Friday, September 16, 2011


Results of 2009 LS elections did bring a sense of joy amongst people when Dr Man Mohan Singh took oath the second time over. I would feel that UPAII came to power not because of congress party but singularly on the honest face of Dr Man Mohan Singh.
Opinion of certain political and economic analysts is that UPA 1 sailed through because it had inherited a govt with low inflation rate communal harmony, a growing economy and was relatively corruption free.UPA II perhaps could not sustain it. That is where UPA II seems to have gone wrong. Arrogance of the ministers, insensitivity of the establishment and compulsions of UPA allies started to take over.

While he took oath in May 2009, PM announced a hundred days plan, which has fallen flat. Govt itself is avoiding talking of the plan.

No Indian is feeling safe---except for VIPs as they are covered with Z+---security. Last ten terror attacks have remained unsolved. General feeling of minority appeasement policy still persists. Reportedly, BSF has been instructed not to fire on infiltrators from Bangladesh. China has encircled India from all sides, including sea routes, and is present in POK. Proposed Communal Violence Bill is being seen as major threat to the basic unity of the country (bill is available on the net)

Coalition partners have their own agenda. Mamata Banerjee refused to accompany Prime Minister on his tour to Bangladesh as a protest against proposed Teesta water agreement, which PM had to cancel. NC,NCP, DMK each one is playing its own game. But, no partner will ever walk out.

Inflation is the lost game for the Govt. Prime Minister, Montek Singh Ahluwalia,Pranab Mukherjee in last two years have given innumerable dates to bring down inflation to 5%.It stands today in double digit at almost 10 %.Today, there isn’t a gap between price of Milk, Diesel and Aviation Fuel.

Tamil Nadu assembly has passed a resolution to press for relief to Rajeev Gandhi killers. Before the Govt could wake up to react, J&K assembly spoke for Afazal Guru. Within hours Punjab Govt wanted a similar equation for Khalistan leader Bhullar. All these three cases have been decided by SC.
Corruption is an issue. Not only us, but the world is taking note of Indian corruption. There isn’t any point in repeating those cases here once again. But for supervision of the Supreme Court, likes of Raja would not have been jail. Govt’s handling of Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare was a miserable failure.

Govt is in disarray. Govt has lost will to govern. Govt has lost the plot. Govt is insensitive. Govt is disconnected with ground realities. Govt is not serious about inflation. Govt has taken middle class for granted.

Govt needs to look into  the mirror.


posted 16/09/11, b k chowla


Sandhya said...

The situation really looks scary! We have not faced so many scandals at the same time, earlier to this Govt. For sticking to the seat they are prepared to go down on their knees in front of any coalition party member.

We want a change, but where is the alternative leader? Dhoondte rehna padega! Is Modi capable of running the govt. without any communal party influence?

R. Ramesh said...

yes bkc sir.. weell said..Govt needs to look into the mirror...

Alka Gurha said...

You are so right, the govt is in deep freeze. They are in power but not in control, their power has begun to ebb.

R. Ramesh said...

haha thanks for that hilarious coment sir..:)

R. Ramesh said...

bkc is: