Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Planning Commission has recently submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court stating that those Indians living in Cities earning Rs 32 per day and those in rural areas earning more that Rs 26 per day do not fall in the category of the poor.
Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia is the Dy Chairman of the Planning commission while the Prime Minister of India is the Ex-Offico Chairman. Hence, when an affidavit was submitted to the Supreme Court, I would presume that it was in knowledge of the PM, and the Law minister.
This govt was voted to power on the slogan “Congress ka Haath Aam Admi Ke Sath”. Affidavit speaks volumes about the condition of Aam Aadmi.
Affidavit is a tight slap on the face of the common man.
Why is this govt so disconnected with the ground reality?
How can we expect them to know our plight when their official assets/wealth has increased by over 800% in last 3 yrs?
A beggar on a traffic signal earns much more than Rs 32/day.
Montek Singh feels that to be above poverty line, one has to spend Rs 1per day on medical care. He perhaps he isn’t aware that a tablet of Crocin is beyond the reach in that amount.
Disconnect is because when these VIPs fall sick, they have VIP wards assigned for them in AIIMS. Why should they care?Best treatment overseas is also at their command,absolutely free of cost.
Perhaps, Montek Singh needs to check the amount he has spent on overseas trips in last 2 yrs? Reportedly, the amount spent on his travel is close to Rs 2 Crores.
May be, Montek Singh can make us wise by identifying at least one product in the country which is available at Rs 32 per unit, be it cooking oil, wheat, Bajra, medicine any vegetable?
Montek Singh enjoys the status of a Minister. How can he understand our pain when he gets free housing, free medical, free electricity, foreign travel, subsidised food in parliament canteen?
Will Montek tell this country as to in which school or college can the poor get their children educated with an expense of Rs 1 per day? Even 40 yrs back, this amount for education was not sufficient.
They must understand and see for themselves as to the sub human conditions poor live in.
It is our misfortune that after 63 yrs, we are still struggling to avoid realty of the poor in India.
What we as common people don’t understand the hidden agenda by redefining poverty. Those who cross an income level of Rs 32 /day will automatically not get included in the list of those enjoying State or Central subsidy schemes. Be it ration, Medical treatment etc.
But, MPs are quite OK with enjoying subsidised food at tax payer’s account in the parliament canteen.
Where are we heading towards? Why is the Govt so insensitive towards aam aadmi? Let’s not forget, poorer you are, more vulnerable you are, more vulnerable you are, faster you fall in line, faster you fall in line, sharper you are the first target. 
Take your pick.
Let us work towards building a better India.

Read the affidavit here.


PS. Planning Commission Chairman seems to have given some clarification on the affidavit.



anilkurup59 said...

It was only yesterday , in my Blog that I mentioned this ridiculous finding of Montek Singh.

It baffles and defy all logic that, even Manmohan Singh ,lauded as the far-sighted economic brain of our times and with such a rich repository of academic laurels must also endorse this cruel statement. He is the Chairman of the PC and he cannot as he usually does claim ignorance. Or will he do so?

As for the haste in which the government want to disband subsidies for the marginalised - will they use the same when it comes to voting for the privileges the legislatures enjoys and all at our expense.?

It is one thing to ignore the plight of the deprived but a heinous one at that to trivialise the plight and inflict such cruel statements like the cut off of Rs 32 and Rs 26 for BPL families.

We do not need an Oxford or a Yale Economist to sit in the plush office at South Block and sieve through the statistics fed into his PC and then bingo proclaim that India is richer, India is poverty free, Indian NI has gone up.etc etc.

A commoner like you and me can amidst the precarious life we have tell for sure that more in India have gone below the poverty level.

Indeed shameful on the PM to let his men speak thus on his behalf.

Yuvika said...

very well put - i read somewhere too - remove the poor and not the poverty - is the new mantra!

Amrit said...


32RS is plain stupid.

Having said that even if they make 500$, it still won't make any difference to poor. Nothing matters these days.

Ask Kamal Nath - what does he think? said...

quite an insight!

R. Ramesh said...

nona said it sir: ridiculous..and btw..thanks bkc sir..