Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Indians are being made brand conscious by using all possible avenues,advertising,promotions,free gifts etc.

Are we really getting what we need and what is expected of a brand?

Do we pay for a product?

Do we pay for a brand?

Do we pay for quality?

Can a particular brand "X" of Mineral water bottled in UP and Punjab be of same specifications and quality?The quality of water can never be same.

Can a branded hospital "Y"in Noida and Delhi give identical treatment?It is the Doctor and not the hospital name brand which is important.Two different surgeons can never operate similar.(my personal experience)

Can Cornatto ice cream cone be same in Mumbai as in the UK? Quality of milk can never be same.

Can a popular brand of sports wear made in India be identical to the same brand made and originated in France? The yarn quality can never be same.

Black Label Whisky bottled in any country other than Scotland  can never be same.Water inputs matter.(India consumes more Scotch than its produced in Scotland is a separate issue)

Will Walmart label on a Chinese toy be treated as a branded product while the same Chinese toy available at Sadar Bazar will be "China Ka Maal"?

One product- Swiss chocolates are made only in Swiss.

Yet,there is another brand which never lets any one down-- Swiss bank.It will taste same, irrespective of the country one operates it from.Check with any politician,they travel enough..

While brands are getting promoted,there are those RICH who are fighting hard to survive despite earning Rs 33/day.

PAPPU kab pass hoga?


posted 29/11/11.

b k chowla

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Is it a scam?

It is a season of unearthing scams.
Money, one can never have enough of. I need money, you need money, my domestic needs money, beggar at traffic signal needs money, neighbors driver needs money trader needs money, manufacturer needs money, poor need money—(LOANS TO US CANT TURN INTO NPAs). And above all and most important, the rich want (not need) money. Banks are always there to give money to the rich against a collateral gaurantee.

Is it a scam?
Technically, a loan starts to become NPA if it is not paid back from after 180 days or as per the terms laid down contractually.

As per RBI website, following are the NPAs as of 14th Nov.

1-Public Sector Banks----Rs 71047    Crores.
2-Nationalised Banks-----Rs 42907   Crores

Total 1+2……………… Rs  113954 Crores. Does this figure remind one of Telecom RAJA?

Then there are those loans which the borrowers being unable to pay up, apply for what is called--OTS—“One time settlement scheme” and “Compromise settlement”. In such cases, generally, banks waive accumulated interest amount, waive penalty and ease future installments of principle payments on concessional rate of interest to ensure recovery of principle amount. Such outstanding do not appear under the heads of NPA (how convenient)

Some banks try and off load part of their NPAs to "asset reconstruction companies" (ARCs) so as to show cleaner books. ....Such outstanding do not appear under the heads of NPA. (How convenient)

Ever heard of a collateral guarantee of an industrialist being invoked?

Ever heard of an Aircraft being taken over by bank?

Ever heard plant and machinery of a company being taken over by a bank?

Do similar rules apply to us, you, and me?

Will banks compromise on student loan of the needy and deserving students?

Will banks compromise on home loans of the needy?

Will banks compromise on Scooter loans of the needy?

Would a needy common man get similar benefits? Perhaps not, because we belong to a different category of India borrowers.
Govt refuses to continue subsidy on petrol, LPG, diesel and doesn't hesitate compromising financial stakes running into thousands of crores of Rs with the high and mighty.

During current fiscal year, industry has been given subsidies/concessions to the extent of app. Rs 6 Lakh crores.(yes,six lakh crores) and despite all this,the industrial growth has dropped to 1.91%.

Is it there a scam?

There goes a saying--It is the industry which falls sick, never the industrialist


posted 20/11/11
b k chowla

Monday, November 7, 2011


It was only last week that a DIG rank officer in UP used a very apt expression,every thing is Fake in UP, referring to level of corruption.

That makes me  think of various reports in the press about Fake materials being sold during festive season.In fact,there is so much Fake around us which makes it difficult to really separate one from the other.




Fake-Milk,mixed with deadly inputs.

Fake-Flying licences,risking lives of thousands at 30000ft.

Fake-Vehicle driving licences.

Fake-Medicines.It is estimated that 30% medicines in India are fake.

Fake-Motor parts.It is to the extent that one gets to choose between genuine and fake officially.

Fake-Shampoo and various other cosmetics.

Fake-Most of branded clothings,shirts jeans etc.

Fake-Whisky(India seems to consume more Scotch than what is produced in Scotland)

Fake-The list could be endless.

However,is it possible for these cheats to be indulging in such dangerous acts,deadly mixtures,risking lives in air and roads,risking lives of children with spurios milk without the help,connivance and support of the Police and the politicians?

Think--answer is just there.Look around carefully

Oh,yes.How can one not mention some( not all )Fake Deshabhaktas who like to be called Politicians.


But, Rs 1.76 lakh crores did not seem to be fake.


posted 07/11/11
b k chowla