Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It was 2004, when the Central Govt levied a 2% education cess on practically all the major central taxes. In the first year it was expected to yield about Rs5, 000-5,500 crores. Reportedly, an estimated amount of Rs 60,000 crores has been collected till now. (CAG figures differ from those of HRD ministry and those of Finance ministry, surprised?). The levy is meant to be spent on improving standards of primary education and for implementation of midday meal scheme in schools.

Those children who get admission in high end private schools surely never needed subsidy either for mid day meal or for tuition fees. Culture of heavy donations for admissions is no secret any more.

• Has the burden of education cess been effective?

• Has your maid's child been getting regular midday meal and books from Govt School?

• Has education cess not been an avoidable burden?

• Has the utilization of education cess been satisfactory?

• Has the number of school going children increased?

• Has the interest rate on education been eased?

• Has the Govt ever given a “package” to deserving students?

• Has there been any visible improvement in education system since 2004?

Unfortunately, there seems to be very little accountability in usage of funds and implementation of the much burdensome scheme. Two important ministries, Finance and HRD have varying explanation and varying figures.

Is it too premature to term it as a scam?


Posted 21/12/11.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


RAAJ SIRF RAAJA HI KAR SAKTA HAI(Only a king knows how to rule)

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi---Mahatma Gandhi---was the real hero who fought for us,for India for our freedom. He is the one who sacrificed his life for the nation.No one from his family-his children-his grand children-has ever claimed any position of power,directly or indirectly,in exchange for the sacrifice for the country.No one from his family came into politics just because the head of their family had sacrificed his life for the country.

Subhash Chandra Bose, was a true son of India, a dedicated freedom fighter and a soldier.His sacrifice for the freedom of the country has never been questionable.For reasons whatever,details of his alleged death have remained a mystery.There was a theory that he did not actually die in the air crash.His only daughter-Anita Bose Pfaff--has never claimed publicity, power or political space in Indian politics just because her father had made sacrifices for the country.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel was the iron man of India.If one goes by history books,had Nehru listened to him, J&K would have had a different scene.Sardar Patel's next of kin have been leading a quiet retired life away from political climate.None of his children,grand children have claimed political power, political space or even publicity.They have never complained on occasions when Sardar's birth or death anniversary has been forgotten by those holding power.
Lal Bahadur Shastri’s short tenure has been one of pride for all Indians.His children,though in politics, haven’t been fighting for position.

Nehru-Gandhis have been on the Indian political scene since independence and have been in power on their own for almost45 yrs,besides having led a coalition Govt for almost 7 yrs.

Historicaly,Nehru - Gandhis at different stages have suffered humiliation.
First, when Nehru miscalculated his friendship with Chinese resulting into a miserable defeat for India in'62.He was a sensitive person and it is common knowledge as to how he took his decision and defeat to heart.Consequences were there to see.
Second, When Indira Gandhi declared internal emergency in the country subsequent to Allahabad High court judgment unseating her.Consequences were there to see.

Third, When Rajeev Gandhi got caught into alleged Bofors corruption scandal. Consequences were there to see.

Dr Man Mohan Singh is the officially appointed PM of the country.Without getting into futile discussion, it is common knowledge that it is Sonia Gandhi and to some extent Rahul Gandhi who controls policy making and purse strings.It is obvious as who are congress members loyal to.
In the recent past, there have been allegations against congress on corruption, lack of governance, minority appeasement, regionalism, misuse of Govt machinery etc. Law will take its own course is a line no sane person buys any more.
Perhaps, it is time for congress to step aside for some time,get its act,organization together,let alleged charges of corruption be settled and come back to the national scene with full majority rather than come to power on clutches of opportunistic coalition partners.(Indira Gandhi waited till ’80)

It won't only benefit congress, it will benefit nation at large.

But, it is eventually up to Congress party to decide



posted 07/12/11
b k chowla