Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It was 2004, when the Central Govt levied a 2% education cess on practically all the major central taxes. In the first year it was expected to yield about Rs5, 000-5,500 crores. Reportedly, an estimated amount of Rs 60,000 crores has been collected till now. (CAG figures differ from those of HRD ministry and those of Finance ministry, surprised?). The levy is meant to be spent on improving standards of primary education and for implementation of midday meal scheme in schools.

Those children who get admission in high end private schools surely never needed subsidy either for mid day meal or for tuition fees. Culture of heavy donations for admissions is no secret any more.

• Has the burden of education cess been effective?

• Has your maid's child been getting regular midday meal and books from Govt School?

• Has education cess not been an avoidable burden?

• Has the utilization of education cess been satisfactory?

• Has the number of school going children increased?

• Has the interest rate on education been eased?

• Has the Govt ever given a “package” to deserving students?

• Has there been any visible improvement in education system since 2004?

Unfortunately, there seems to be very little accountability in usage of funds and implementation of the much burdensome scheme. Two important ministries, Finance and HRD have varying explanation and varying figures.

Is it too premature to term it as a scam?


Posted 21/12/11.

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Anonymous said...

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Sandhya said...

Another scam? God save us, not any political leader is going to pop up to save us!

BK Chowla, said...

Sandhya,...let see,time will tell.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Sir,you have raised a valid point. I also believe that without participation of the masses, any policy on paper remains simply on paper. Be it female foeticide, dowry harassment and so on, the laws are strict and protective but has it been able to save lives? Not really. The more affluent one is, the easier it becomes to break all the rules without even a basic sense of accountability.

Of course, education is now a fundamental right that has far to go before it can be implemented. Looking at how Kerala implemented with the generous participation of community-specific groups may be a good stepping stone for other states as well.

R. Ramesh said...

hah dear friend SM correctly said: all taxes are good but they end up in a scam

Blog Editor said...

Is Money for RTE Teachers (Selected through TET) comes from Education Cess,
(Here 65% amount bear by Centrl govt, and state by 35%)

Unknown said...

This definately another scam ... If we assume that only 1 crore people are paying 300 INR for a month as Edu cess then it would be 300 Crore money for month . SO where all these money going .. in to poticians pockets / where exactly , its simply looting Indians .

Unknown said...

I dont think any school is developed since 2004 when the Edu cess introduced , Its definately a scam.

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