Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now,it is Natural Resources.

India was once termed ”Sonay Ki Chidiya”.

After independence, Govt job was considered a premium catch because of “Ooper Ki Aamdani”. During initial days, a few paisa was the kind of Bakshish that did the trick.

As time passed, the level of corruption and loot kept increasing with greater innovative ideas.

For a long time, corruption was limited to kickbacks on grant of licences during the infamous “licence Raaj”

Then came a period when concentration of kickbacks was confined, largely, with Builders and Arms purchases.

The greed for more, more and more power to get more and more money made the corrupt rulers find bigger, more lucrative and newer avenues of corruption. Swiss banks there to remain with their secrecy clause and tax heavens having been created officially, was the beginning of loot of Natural resources. Those in power haven’t spared any, be it on ground, underground over ground. From spectrum to natural gas, most of the natural resources have been a source of alleged corruption.

India’s natural resources,Coal,iron,Manganese,Bauxite,Titanium,Petrolium,Diamonds,Limestone,Thorium(largest in the world) are under threat from the corrupt.

It may not be long before; people at large express their anger against exploitation by Govt favouring big business, the corrupt, the black marketers, the politicians, Babu Nexus.

Whilst the loot continues, the common man is considered rich if he earns over Rs 29/day.

There are those who are unable to count the Zeros.

Unless, civil society puts its act together, we will few decades later still coin the phrase;

“Sonay Ki Chidya”.


posted 22/03/12
b k chowla


R. Ramesh said...

thanks BKC sir 4 those consoling words..and sorry for late reply.just returned to really touched..will stay connected:)

Haddock said...

Like some one said, India cannot pull on with this type of "democracy"