Monday, April 16, 2012



For some time one has been reading a lot on one's addiction to social networking sites, blogging, and mobile.  Recently, I read a blog post where the author admits her unease with the amount of time she has been spending on the net and her inability to get over it and has failed despite her best efforts.

Fact is that even I have personally been getting kind of addicted to the net. I have tried to cut down but have failed after innumerable attempts.

Recently, I went to Rajasthan for a few days. Baggage contained laptop, iPad, Blackberry and what have you. At the last moment, I decided not to carry any of these addictions/gadgets with me.

Determined, I left all this at home and took a chance.

Trust me, it works.

For three days I was a freeman. No mail. No call. No tweets. No reading of blogs, no posting of comments.

It was heavenly. I slept better. I had an extra glass of wine. After all, we did live without all these habits until a few years ago, didn’t we?

I won't, now, accept any argument that it is not possible to live without these oxygen cylinders we call gadgets.

Given an opportunity, I just might try this once again in coming days.

Try it, you might like it.



posted 16/04/12
b k chowla


Sandhya said...

I can feel how you feel, Chowlaji! It is like TV addiction! When the power goes off or the TV is under repair, we get so much relief. But we go back to it.

It is a good idea to take a break from these gadgets.

kanagu said...

Me too tried it for a day sir.. Its a real good feeling and yeah.. we wake up next day and world still exists :D :D

R. Ramesh said...

bkc sir..v can live anymore without gadgets...whether v like or not..:) and thanks

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

BKC sir, this is such an absolutely true post! I am some one who is socially networking all day. I really enjoy it but many times I think it has begun to drain me of real, positive energy that one gets from actual relationships in the real world. Right now, I have taken a sabbatical from social networking and I am feeling so much at peace. It feels as if a lot of noise around me has become still and I have space to focus on real relationships. I think all bloggers should create an awareness campaign of sorts to prevent this from becoming not just an addiction but a social menace as time progresses and gadgets consume all our time and drain all our energy.

flappy bird said...

ofcourse, realy good feeling.....