Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We are a country only 64 of age. There were visionaries who saw India as a model country, a super power, a regional leader. Over the years, systematically,a lot at national level had been destroyed by politician parties out of sheer greed for power.

 DESTROYED…Armed forces and Civilian services relations. Recent controversies, including the leak of a letter from COAS speak volumes of the state of affairs. Let’s take for whatever it is worth it, we have only 10 days ammunition in stock.

 DESTROYED…Airways. AI is the living example of political interference.AI is toy for the politicians which are being funded by tax payers.

 is largest network in the world. There is still a special train for the Railway minister as was in the days of British Raj. The conditions prevailing are better known to those who pay for it.

 DESTROYE…Roadways. Conditions of roads and slowdown in road construction to less than 2Km per day is proof of the seriousness of the Govt in this sector.

 DESTROYED...Internal security.200 odd districts are under Naxal control. According our appointed PM, Naxals are the biggest security threat to the nation whereas the HM is busy forcing NCTC down to States throat or protecting himself or his family in the LS in alleged corruption charges.

 DESTROYED…External security. China has encircled India and we have ammunition for 10 days. One word from China and we show our intentions from not exploring in South China Sea. Pakistan, China and Bangladesh could prove to be a deadly combination.

 DESTROYED…Trust between the people and the elected representatives. Let’s cross our hearts and ask ourselves if we trust those sitting in Parliament.

 DESTROYED…Social fabric of India. Two nation theories were based on religion. Now we are being divided again on religious reservation. Rest of society has been divided on basis ofcaste, region and language. It makes it so convenient for the greedy vote seekers.

 DESTROYED…Sanctity of Parliament. We may be the largest democracy, but, the fact is that we have a most non functional Parliament.

 DESTROYED…Office of the President. Without going into details of recent controversy, the first citizen of India might be considered on Caste, Religion or community basis. No one is discussing merit, all that matters as to who would be more helpful in 2014 should there be a hung Parliament.

 DESTROYED…Economy. Is it its worst compared to the $.Inflation is high, GDP is low, Industrial output is low, Interest rates are high.

 DESTROYED…Food. Lets try and find some storage space for rotting food grains.

Pappu is still awaiting Bijli,Sarak,Paani.


b k chowla