Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Who are these people?

Land Mafia.

Coal Mafia.

Builder’s Mafia.

Liquor Mafia.

Mining Mafia.

Sand Mafia.

Fake currency Mafia.

Underworld Mafia.

Transport Mafia.

Diesel Mafia.

Water tanker Mafia.

Port Mafia.

Mafia...Police knows them.

Mafia...We know them.

Mafia...Parallel justice system knows them.

Mafia…Intelligence agencies know them.

Mafia…Politicians know them.

Mafia…International cartels know them.

Everyone uses them and needs them, a bitter truth but a reality.


posted 26/06/12

b k chowla

Saturday, June 2, 2012


We have been uneasy with the prevailing situation.  Be it political, be it social, be it economical or be it a situation making us feel insecure.  There is so much in the air on issues like corruption,conversions, minorities,political instability,censorship and paid news etc.Since all this affect our daily life,we tend to follow anyone who shows sign of leadership/positivism.

 ANNA...One must give him credit for bringing corruption issue centre stage. Let’s be honest, didn’t we already know of what Anna has been fasting or agitating for? Do we need an ANNA to tell us about cancer of corruption?Dont we face it every momnent? Even before we pressed “play” from “pause”, ANNA had become an institution in itself.Why do we lack the energy to take on issues which affect our daily life?Corruption does affect our daily life.
 BABA RAMDEV...He has made Yoga so popular that almost every TV channel starts morning broadcast with Yoga and ensure his stage presence.  Suddenly, BABA takes up issue of Indian money in Swiss banks. We must ask ourselves,do we really need a Yog Guru to tell us about Indian black/dirty money stacked up in Swiss banks? Is there any sane Indian who didn't know of this fact? Even 40 yrs back, movies on underworld subject had dialogues "Boss,Apke Swiss Bank Mein Paisa Dal Diya Hai”.
Billions of $ stacked in Swiss does affect our daily life.

 SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR...A spiritual leader in his own right starts to coordinate with ANNA and BABA.Extended subject combo being  corruption and dirty money.  Overnight, he too becomes a crusader against corruption.  Aam aadmi could not build guts to do what SRI SRI did. He just spoke a few words against corruption,selectively,only to the media so as to reach larger audience.
Black money and corruption in high places does affect our daily life.

 AAMIR KHAN...Lets cross our hearts and say that we didn't know about issues relating to Girl child, Dowry and Corruption in hospitals and Path labs? It happens every moment in our neighborhood, in our back yard,we hear of this from our maids.  Do we really need someone like AAMIR to create a TV show to awaken us,awaken conscious of the victims and or of the culprits? Reportedly,33crore people have watched three shows.(1IN EVERY THREE INDIANS)
The issues raised by AAMIR do affect our daily life.
GEN V K SINGH...it won't be fair to write on this issue as it concerns national security. Let those concerned with the subject in MOD or the arms lobby know that someone with slightest common sense knows the truth.
National security does affect our daily life.
It is time we realized our strengths and weaknesses.
Historically, we are a tolerant a nation.
Historically we have preferred to be led rather become leaders.
Let us not be a spineless society.
Let us not be a society of people with defective vocal chords.
Let us try and stand on our two feet.
Let us not await divine intervention.
Let us not wait for a celebrity to tell us realities of prevailing situation.



b k chowla