Tuesday, July 31, 2012


How would one react when a senior minister of the cabinet says that India would have been better without East and North? Swapan Das Gupta is right when he says our national bird should be Ostrich as we dump our head in sand waiting for solutions to come by.When the central govt goes weak,it is natural for external and internal disruptive forces to come into action.

Nothing can be more disastrous than people losing faith and confidence in the Govt. Today, precisely that is the position. A scam a day syndrome has only strengthened it.

Recent developments in Assam have shaken the very basics.ISI playing havoc is no secret, but, In order to appease the minority community, govt is finding words “ethnic clashes” Communal disturbances” “infiltration from Bangladesh” Reportedly, BSF has been instructed not to shoot at the infiltrators till shot at and to use rubber bullets. Problem of Bangladeshi infiltration is not new, but, each successive govt has preferred to behave like ostrich than find solution. As Kanchan Gupta rightly said, the strategy of infiltrators is clear against Hindu population. First encircle, then beat, then kill and then grab the land. Why should Army take three days to arrive is a mystery, why should PM take five days to visit Assam is a mystery, Why should Home Minister take eleven days to visit Assam is a mystery. While Assam slept, the silent invasion happened.11 of Assam's 27 districts are Muslim majority.This explains belligerence.(The pioneer).

PM Dr Singh seems to think playing cricket with Pakistan is final solution. While the entire continent is excited about discussions about Indo-Pak series, ISI is busy digging tunnels and one such has been found at the Samba sector in Jammu. Army confirms that such tunnel couldn’t have been dug without Pak army help. In such case, what has our intelligencies agencies been up to? KARGIL REVIEW pointed out that India's Security framework as formulated by Lord Ismay & recommended by Lord Mountbatten, remained Unchanged. Isn’t that a shocking state of affairs?
Armed forces can not be blamed for a low and broken moral.It is the quality and commitment of Indian Armed forces that they have never taken on the inefficient political class even under worst circumstances.

Factually, 250 districts in the country are under control of the Maoists. After the Maoist Red Corridor, a Green Corridor is being built from Kashmir to Assam via Uttarakhand, UP, Bengal.
China has encircled us via Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Bhutan.

In peculiar prevailing circumstances,we should be fighting our enemy.But,who are we fighting?ANNA and BABA RAMDEV.
Govt's threat to the media over ANNA coverage is deplorable.

As per 24x7 media, between being communal and secular there is only a one four letter word. MODI.If one talks against MODI, secular. If one speaks for MODI, communal.

Media plays MODI politics even on dead bodies.

Have we not been too tolerant?



b k chowla

Thursday, July 26, 2012


There are times when our politicians utter words without realizing the trouble they could get into----more political than legal.

Following are some of such (in) famous words/ statements of our leaders.

Any Guesses who said what?

We have Tu handered and twenty Tu.

Maut ke Saudagar.

He is a political terrorist.

Hum Paisa Bhejte Hain,Haathi Kha Jaata hai.

Only 15 p reaches the purpose it is meant for.

UPA has lawyers as advisors and not politicians.

In two years we will Wi-Fi in every city.

In my state, there is Wi-Fi in every village.

Bhrashtachar mukt bharat.

I have full faith in my cabinet colleagues.

Coalition compulsions, coalition compulsions

Anna Hazare,Tum Ooper se Neeche Tak Bhrashtachar Mein Lipt ho.

We are known as Muslim follower’s party
Lord Ram is divine encroachers.

Minorities have first claim over India’s Resource.

40 dead bodies(Assam) are 1000 less than Gujarat.(From A journo).

70(Punjab) seats are what I have promised congress president.

How can we become so insensitive?


b k chowla

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


TIME (Mag) hasn’t been kind to Dr Singh. TIME (Waqt) isn't being kind to Dr Singh.

This was coming in some form or the other. It has been on Face Book, It has been on Twitter. It has been on other social media network sites.

It will be a natural comparison between TIME covering Modi and TIME covering Dr Singh.

Irrespective of contents of the article, fact is that this Govt has been perceived to be non functional, paralyzed and headed by an UNDERACHIEVER.

Foolishly, NDA,in 2004 called for early elections and India shining campaign bombed costing it power. Had Advani not insisted upon early elections, India under Vajpayee would have been a different world power by now. Fact remains that during NDA life was easily manageable, in all respects.
UPA1 inherited an awesome situation from NDA.UPA1 managed ’04 to’09 on the policies,surpluses and goodwill of NDA while projecting Dr Singh as the real, credible reformer PM, who in 90s was seen as a reformer. If one was to read political and financial experts, it was PVR Narsimha Rao who was the real reformer and Dr Singh,as the then FM, was implementing Rao’s policy on reforms.

In ’09, UPA2 honest face was Dr Singh, for convenience while by end of ’08 itself, power centre and real power had shifted to the dynasty leaving Dr Singh being remote controlled.

There was now a visible beginning of Corruption, subversion and misuse of constitutional bodies, worsening relations with Armed forces, snub and threat to alliance partners(DA cases),minority quota, minority appeasement, issue of Swiss a/c, efforts to censor Internet, RamLila episode, arrest of Anna, failed diplomacy, Adarsh, Colgate, proposed FSB, NAC. It couldn’t get better for dynasty-------Absolute power without responsibilities.

After each corruption expose, party has distanced itself from the Govt indirectly shifting the blames on to head of the Govt…Dr Singh. Party insiders loyal to Rahul Gandhi would regularly leak embarrassing story to press so as to discredit Dr Singh.

Accepted, Dr Singh is not a politician.

What about economy?

Economy is in a mess. Inflation is high. Interest rates are high.GDP is at its lowest. Sensex has become the economy barometer. Industrial output is negative. Rs is slipping. Not opening FDI in Aviation, Retail and  infrastructure is a mystery. Exports are declining.

Why has Dr Singh failed as an economist and an administrator?

Who has the power...Sonia? Rahul? Man Mohan Singh? Certainly, not the people,not PAPPU.

Is he an UNDERACHIEVER? Perhaps, yes.


B k chowla