Thursday, July 26, 2012


There are times when our politicians utter words without realizing the trouble they could get into----more political than legal.

Following are some of such (in) famous words/ statements of our leaders.

Any Guesses who said what?

We have Tu handered and twenty Tu.

Maut ke Saudagar.

He is a political terrorist.

Hum Paisa Bhejte Hain,Haathi Kha Jaata hai.

Only 15 p reaches the purpose it is meant for.

UPA has lawyers as advisors and not politicians.

In two years we will Wi-Fi in every city.

In my state, there is Wi-Fi in every village.

Bhrashtachar mukt bharat.

I have full faith in my cabinet colleagues.

Coalition compulsions, coalition compulsions

Anna Hazare,Tum Ooper se Neeche Tak Bhrashtachar Mein Lipt ho.

We are known as Muslim follower’s party
Lord Ram is divine encroachers.

Minorities have first claim over India’s Resource.

40 dead bodies(Assam) are 1000 less than Gujarat.(From A journo).

70(Punjab) seats are what I have promised congress president.

How can we become so insensitive?


b k chowla

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