Wednesday, July 11, 2012


TIME (Mag) hasn’t been kind to Dr Singh. TIME (Waqt) isn't being kind to Dr Singh.

This was coming in some form or the other. It has been on Face Book, It has been on Twitter. It has been on other social media network sites.

It will be a natural comparison between TIME covering Modi and TIME covering Dr Singh.

Irrespective of contents of the article, fact is that this Govt has been perceived to be non functional, paralyzed and headed by an UNDERACHIEVER.

Foolishly, NDA,in 2004 called for early elections and India shining campaign bombed costing it power. Had Advani not insisted upon early elections, India under Vajpayee would have been a different world power by now. Fact remains that during NDA life was easily manageable, in all respects.
UPA1 inherited an awesome situation from NDA.UPA1 managed ’04 to’09 on the policies,surpluses and goodwill of NDA while projecting Dr Singh as the real, credible reformer PM, who in 90s was seen as a reformer. If one was to read political and financial experts, it was PVR Narsimha Rao who was the real reformer and Dr Singh,as the then FM, was implementing Rao’s policy on reforms.

In ’09, UPA2 honest face was Dr Singh, for convenience while by end of ’08 itself, power centre and real power had shifted to the dynasty leaving Dr Singh being remote controlled.

There was now a visible beginning of Corruption, subversion and misuse of constitutional bodies, worsening relations with Armed forces, snub and threat to alliance partners(DA cases),minority quota, minority appeasement, issue of Swiss a/c, efforts to censor Internet, RamLila episode, arrest of Anna, failed diplomacy, Adarsh, Colgate, proposed FSB, NAC. It couldn’t get better for dynasty-------Absolute power without responsibilities.

After each corruption expose, party has distanced itself from the Govt indirectly shifting the blames on to head of the Govt…Dr Singh. Party insiders loyal to Rahul Gandhi would regularly leak embarrassing story to press so as to discredit Dr Singh.

Accepted, Dr Singh is not a politician.

What about economy?

Economy is in a mess. Inflation is high. Interest rates are high.GDP is at its lowest. Sensex has become the economy barometer. Industrial output is negative. Rs is slipping. Not opening FDI in Aviation, Retail and  infrastructure is a mystery. Exports are declining.

Why has Dr Singh failed as an economist and an administrator?

Who has the power...Sonia? Rahul? Man Mohan Singh? Certainly, not the people,not PAPPU.

Is he an UNDERACHIEVER? Perhaps, yes.


B k chowla




Giribala said...

He is controlled by dynasty, and dynasty itself surrounded by sycophants... a disastrous setup!

not needed said...

I agree. Dynasty and sycophancy are the 2 elemenst that characterize the chicken-hearted Manmohan Singh.

R. Ramesh said...

sir social media has been repeatedly trying to wake up sleeping singh...but poor guy is waiting for "chalo utto call" from maam.