Tuesday, September 11, 2012


India is having problems internally and to make it worse, political forces—internally and externally-- are taking advantage of our disturbed internal situation. Politically, we are going through a bad patch. Worst was what happened in Assam which is on boiling point. The way we are (mis)handling Assam, it just might be next J&K .Between 1971 and 1991, Muslim population has increased by 77.42% bringing it to 29.30% while Hindu population has declined to 14.95%.

.India has 15,106 KM of border with 7 countries. The longest one is 4099 KM with Bangladesh.

India has a poor historical record of border management. The so called “Seculars” might nullify this argument quoting entry of terrorists 26/11 via sea route. We have the longest border with Bangladesh which is porous; our border with Nepal is porous, Rohingyas from Myanmar have been crossing over to Hyderabad. Entire border management needs a serious relook and a definite policy backed by diplomatic push. India cannot continue policy of minority appeasement at the cost of national interest. IMDT judgment of SC is a slap on the face of policy makers and politicians.Recently, Former Assam CM P.Mahanta said: "India never took up (infiltration) issue with Bangladesh... Assam is not a dustbin"

It is natural for interested parties to take political advantage of a weak centre. Mr Owaisi, a lone MIM MP from Hyderabad, on first day of this monsoon session of parliament said about Bangladeshis ....I warn the Central Govt; I warn the Hon members over here (interruptions) if proper rehabilitation does not take place, you be ready for a third wave of radicalisation amongst Muslim youth(interruptions)

Neither Congress nor BJP has reacted is astonishing, since it does concern national security . Owaisi and congress, both, seem to be securing their respective vote banks.

At what cost? At what risk?

Interestingly, around that time, said, Radio Australia, In India, non-Muslims were receiving text messages from Muslims saying they "would be attacked, after, Ramadan”. What happened in Mumbai in Azaad Maiden, after Assam, by the Raza Academy was not a coincidence. Hoisting of Pakistani flag was not a coincidence. External forces have been up to their dirty tricks.

Corrective measures must be taken before it gets too late .Let Assam not become another Kashmir.

Porous borders might help “seculars” import “votes”, but, country’s security is being compromised.

While Owaisi spoke, while Azaad maiden happened, while Assam was burning, while they hoisted Pakistan flag......one genuine question one would ask....Why were Indian intelligence agencies like IB and RAW caught napping?

When will these politicians raise their voice against illegal Bangladeshis infiltrators.

Will they?



Vinod_Sharma said...

BJP's silence on Owaisi -- made member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence -- and now on the Visa Deal with Pak proves that the present BJP poses a grave threat to India. It is almost like the Army of a country stealthily switching sides and fighting for the enemy -- Cong.

Bikram said...

Chowla sir our leaders and policticians are a bunch of idiots and hypocrites, We know that from a long long time.

security concern has never made them do anything , I mean look at the scams that happened after or during the kargil war.. people and these politicians were busy making money..

They will only do something when their own are taken to task, or they themselves have to face the brunt..

sad sad state of affairs


anilkurup59 said...

It is a miracle that the Country survived in one bit after the havoc wreaked by Colonial Britain.

It is not untruth if the right wing Hindu parties allege that there is a sinister Islamisation on the agenda in India.
The politicians are doing their bit by taping potential minority vote banks.
Will India say in one bit for the next decade and more?

R. Ramesh said...

yes as bik says, sad state of affairs

nitu said...

"Illegal" bangladeshi infiltrators for you and me.....but "legal" for the vote bankers.....so unless our leaders come out clean themselves and think for the betterment of tomorrow our borders would remain porous forever !!!!

R. Ramesh said...

thanks bkc sir:)

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