Sunday, November 11, 2012


Despite our problems, India has been known to be a united country in times of crises. How would one react when a senior minister says “India would have been better without North and East?

We switched over to LPG cylinders from CHOOLAH. Who would have imagined, after 40 years or so, we would be facing rationing of LPG. If the price keeps going up the way it is, we just might go back to days of CHOOLAH again. But, But, we need coal for CHOOLAH .Yes, COAL which has been given away to big business. We cannot even use wood as there is directive against falling of trees by the Supreme Court. However, Millions of trees being cut, forests being destroyed for builders’ lobby is another issue.

There was a time politics was all about service to nation. Now, politics is business, it’s all about business of politics, politics of business. Most Lok  Sabha members have become businessmen while list of business men getting into Rajya Sabha is getting longer. Either way, it is business interests all the way. Imagine and shiver, Vijay Mallya as a part of parliamentary committee on civil aviation?

India Army is known to be amongst the most disciplined one in the world. After Gen V K Singh laid down office early this year, two more Generals are fighting it out for the job of Chief of Army Staff.

Looking at current situation, one would find it difficult to believe that India was ever an agricultural economy.70% of Indian population lived in rural areas. Hunger and greed of land by the mighty is amazing. Farmers land is being taken away. Adivasi land is being taken away resulting in Farmers’ committing suicide. The Govt still believes or wants us to believe that Maoists are a law and order problem. We may pat our back on loan waiver to farmers running into Rs 70,000cr. But,how much of it actually reached the farmer? Figures could be shocking.

Diesel has always been a poor man’s fuel and a farmer’s source of energy generation. To ensure revenue generation, price of Diesel has hit the roof resulting into farmer being unable to afford diesel, while SUVs, backups for shopping malls and Mobile towers have become the major consumers of diesel. What is the message poor man and the farmer? Go take a walk.

We were optimistic of catching up with China.Well, this is what BBC has to say "nearly half of India's 1.2 billion people have no toilets at home and they defecate in the open".
With depreciating Rs,high rate of inflation,high interest rates,low GDP,declining exports we can hardly dream of catching up with China?

If we are made to believe,only FDI in retail is the answer to all the economic ills,I am afraid,we are not being brave enough to face economic,social and political issues.Why are we blind to a realty that via FDI in retail,foreign investors' eyes will be on control of Indian agriculture and largest middle class in the world?
"Garibi Hatao"has been a very popular political slogan for decades in India.Does it surprise anyone that 25% of GDP is in the hands of less than 100 families? 73% of our population lives under Rs20/day?

Our politicians are never sure if they should look into concave or convex mirror?

We seem to be full of contradictions,but,are incapable of corrective action.



Happy Kitten said...

nd the last nail in the coffin would be the attempt to gag the CAG. Woe to these crooks! I hope they rot in hell!

Unknown said...

It is unfortunate that things are moving at snail speed.

R. Ramesh said...

india is indeed full of contradictions but the beauty lies there hopeful..v willl..