Wednesday, December 18, 2013


SECURITY....................The state of being free from danger or threat"

In any country, security of its citizens, its internal security and its external security is of prime importance and responsibility of the Govt in power.

We, however, have made a joke of our security systems. One is curious as to why should elected representatives need security from its own people?

VIP security of our leaders (sic !!!!) could put a Ruler of any Sultanate to shame. When Indian VIPs move, en-route, city roads are blocked for traffic for them and their convoy. It is termed as VIP movement by the authorities. There have been instances when persons have lost their life unable to reach the hospital or have been denied entry to hospital while a PM has been visit.

It is laughable, Every time it’s a terror attack or a bomb blast, the security that of VIPs is tightened and not that of the common man.

Last year  while thousands young boys and girls  were protesting on the streets of in Delhi, against  Nirbhaya  rape case, it was the Chief Minister of Delhi whose security was increased and not that of the protesters. CM’s house was almost converted into a fortress. Having secured the CM, protesters, mostly young students, were lathi charged and water cannons were fired. So what? Our popularly elected CM hid behind secured security ring. Damn the common man and his security.

In the US, on 4th July, citizens are all over the town with US flags in hand celebrate Independence Day. It is celebration time for them. Come our Independence day, we are made to sit behind closed doors and high rise windows are kept shut to keep a check on sharp shooters and markets in that area are closed a day in advance so that the PM delvers his speech from behind bullet proof screen (Even though the content has been same for decades) from Red Fort.

Situation on the Republic day is no different. At the end of the three hours of India having shown its might to the world of its preparedness, state is unable to provide basic security to its helpless people.

It was 6th Dec when (unfortunately) Babri Masjid was demolished. Every year on that day the area is converted into a fortress with security forces all over the place. The Situation before 364 days and after 364 days from 6th Dec seems to be of little concern. Damn the common man during rest of the year.

It was 23rd Dec when Indian Parliament was terror attacked. Since then, all measures have been taken to increase security for the parliamentarians. Year after year, on this day huge promises are made for security for the man on the street. Instead, VIP security gets tightened
Muslims from Myanmar are crossing over to Hyderabad and are being sheltered. Instead of screening them, those giving shelter to illegal are being given security cover.Arent they a security risk?

Illegal crossing over from Bangladesh is now undisputed fact .Reportedly; BSF has been instructed not to fire on that crossing over.Arent they a security risk?

Are we, the citizens free from danger or threat? No, we are not. We are ourselves to be blamed for the state of affairs. Unless we make our concerns felt and our voice of reasoning heard loud enough, nothing will change.

They are not MASTERS and we are not SUBJECTS. Let us get over our colonial mind set.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Justice Hussain Attar of J&K HC said in a landmark judgment “India is not a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist or Christian India. It is India which is born from the bosom of unrelenting struggle of millions of people”.

The most (mis) used word in Indian politics is SECULARISM. It is the Government which are secular and not the people, not the country.

Constitution of India adopted on 2nd Nov 1949, states India as a “Sovereign, Democratic Republic”

In November of 1948, while discussing draft constitution, Dr Ambedkar rejected an amendment to define India as “Secular, Federal and Socialist”.

The word “SECULAR” was added to the preamble in November of 1976.For those who may not remember, India was under emergency rule in 1976.In an extended session of Lok Sabha, the word SECULAR was added through 42nd amendment during dark days of emergency while all fundamental rights were suspended.

That was the beginning of the day India watched helplessly beginning of the criminal misuse of word SECULARISM.

90% of the Indians are secular. It is the 10% population comprising of politicians who are actually communal and are responsible for taking India on communal path. Every time one hears the word Secularism from these 10%, rest assured some communal pot has been kept on boil somewhere to create communal tension for some petty vote bank politics. They wait for an opportunity to divide society on religion. However, factually, there exists tensions between Hindus and Muslims, but, it’s important to know the cause which undoubtedly is 10% politicians. Vote is the net result after divide, divide and then sub divide.Some of their decisions,actions speak for themselves.

 Unfortunately, being anti majority is been projected as SECULARISM. Least one should do is to read actual meaning of SECULARISM in Oxford Dictionary.

Shamefully, they have reduced the discussion between COMMUNAL and SECULAR to a skull cap.

Karanataka congress President suggests that minority should take loans and not return.

Shahjahanpur administration has been instructed to change School timings for Fridays so that Muslim students can attend Jumma Namaz .

Kerala Govt has stopped mid day meals even to Hindus during the holy month of Ramazan.

Marriage laws have been amended, but, not for Muslims.

Land requisition has been redefined, but, Waqf property and Church land is excluded.

Right to education has been well worded so as to exclude minority institutions.

Efforts are on within the govt to start Islamic banking. It is being seen as a tool for religious conversions via bank loans

Efforts are on within the govt to move towards Sharia laws.

Shah Bano Case is still not forgotten. Court orders were dumped just to get SECULAR credentials.

An elected Chief Minister stated in an interview that he is a Hindu nationalist...Hell broke out.

There are those who are proud of being Christians, Muslims, Sikhs. But, being a proud Hindu is being Communal.

Why must it take years to arrest Shahi Imam of Jamma Masjid despite court orders to arrest him?

Constitution doesn’t allow reservations on religious basis, but in practice, do we follow that?

Minister for Minorities has suggested setting up commission for cases where Muslims have been sentenced.

Man on the street, colleague at work place, next door neighbour, movie goer, casual employer want to lead their lives without worrying about religion. They want to move on in  life hand in hand with all communities for nation building.

It is time Government allowed Amar Akbar Anthony to live in peace.


Monday, October 14, 2013


My last post was about Parallel Justice System.  Parallel Justice System  Please read this in conjunction with the last one.

(via twitter)  The corrupt accuse the corrupt of being corrupt and the corrupt investigate the corrupt and absolve the corrupt of being corrupt.

Justice Katju (retd) ,recently in an interview on national TV said "90% of Indians are fools".

The highest court in India has termed Central Bureau of Investigation as a "Caged parrot".

In the gripping mystery authored byArthur Conan Doyle,Sherlock Homes illuminates the truth by presenting the "Curios incidentof the dog in the night time"by concluding the dog did not bark becuase the criminal was not an unknown person.In Indian politics,why did the dog bark since the persons were known?

look at this !!!!!!!!    

PM backs Ashwini.

Ashwini backs up Kurshid.

Khurshid backs up Chidambaram.

Chitambaram backs up Manish Tiwari.

Manish backs up Sonia.

Sonia backs up Man Mohan Singh.

Every is safe...only we are a bunch of fools..

CBI gives clean chit to Vincent George.

CBI gives clean chit to Bansal in Railway bribery scandal.

CBI gives clean chit to Banks...2G probe.

CWG probe going nowhere as sleuths cannot find any evidence.

CBI gives clean chit to Govt officers in Coalgate scam.

CBI gives clean chit to Quttorochi.

Robert Vadra gets clean chit from Govt of Haryana.

JPC gives clean chit to Man Mohan Singh...2G.

JPC gives clean chit to P Chidmabaram...2G.

Ishrat Jahan is about to get a clean chit from CBI (going by media reports).

PM gave clean chit to A Raja.

PM gave clean chit to Kalmadi.

CBI gives clean chit to Mulayam Singh in disproportionate assets case.

Raja Bhaiya gets clean chit in Prataprgh muder case.

Kerala CM gets clean chit in solar scam.

CBI gives clean chit to Mayawati in disproportionate assets case.

Irony, Isn’t it?

Though convicted, Sanjay Dutt comes out on Parole coinciding with festive season.

Italian Marines who killed Indian fishermen were allowed to go to Italy for their festive season.

Dreadest Terrorist, TUNDA gets special medical attention and treatment.

Lalu Prasad gets special facilities in Jail...

Now, compare this with a case that of VHP activist Sadhvi Pragya Thakur.She is in jail for over five years without any charges having been framed against her. She is reportedly suffering from cancer and is not being allowed to go to hospital for treatment.




Monday, September 30, 2013


In the 70s and 80s, it was common for many aggrieved parties to approach the underworld DONS for settlement of their grievances. Be it land/ property dispute, family disputes, murders, movie piracy, financial matters etc. One was sure of a fair trial, unbiased hearing, quick judgment, low cost and more so, it went without any appeals. It didnt need an FIR, no lawyers costing a few lakhs per appearance, no Tareekh Pe Tareeekh...and justice was delivered on the spot. The DON played a lawyer, a judge, a defendant and a prosecutor. Famous amongst the DONS were Dawned Ibrahim,ChotaShakeel, Chota Rajan,Haji Mastan,Yusuf Patel,Vardarajan( Varda Bhai) Raman Naik,Abu Selam, Chikna,Gotia, Abdul Kania,Saleem Langda.....list is too long
Unfortunately, thanks to politicians, India is becoming a lawless society. Rapes, Murders and Loot are so common that people have even stopped reacting and have become defensive in the absence of   a reactive state and police.

The bad characters are perhaps getting inspiration from the politicians who never seem to get caught as the laws get made or amended to ensure they walk free. In hushed, voices people have been comparing present day justice system, its delays, its costs; it’s repercussions on the civil society,to a dangerous parallel justice system which was controlled by DONS.

Parrallel justice system could not have opertaed for decades unless it was in connivance with the police or because of a weak and corrupt state machinery.

Normally, one would hate to go to DONS for settlements, but, considering the pendency in courts, they say it could take over 300 years to settle. Is that justice?

Unless, corrupt, law breakers and criminals are removed as law makers, unless judicial reforms are put in place soon, Indian justice system just might take a hit, thus inviting an undemocratic system of justice controlled by DONS.

Dawood,in any case, is next door.


Friday, September 13, 2013


Debate has moved from TINA (there is no alternative) to MITA (Modi is the alternative).

Should BJP comes to power in 2014 under Modi’s leadership, credit must go to Congress as  debits of last ten years, Modi has cleverly credited to his account. As Shourie says, Man Mohan Singh is the strongest election agent of Modi.

Democracy is about numbers; else, congress would have been shown the doors in 2009.Vajpayee would not have lost by one vote. Why criticise Modi if he can get the numbers? Samajwadi Party woos Muslims and Yadavs.-Mayawati woos Dalits.-Congress woos minorities- Nitish woos EBCs and Maha Dalits. Is this not an effort polarising minority votes? What is wrong if Hindu votes get polarised too? What is wrong if Modi plays up his OBC status? Why must a Hindu be termed communal if he claims to be one and seeks Hindu votes? Don’t minorities wear their tags over their shoulder.Reportedly, 17% Muslims voted for Modi during state elections. Can Advani, Jaitley,Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj come even close to numbers which have been projected by polls?

Modi realised well in time the basic factors which could swing power within BJP in his favour...
1...A weak centre headed by a not so strong PM surrounded by mostly corrupt colleagues.
2...Famous Delhi4 (Arun Shourie refers to some as “Stateless Leaders”) not having been able to take on the establishment. All Modi had to do was to convince RSS, who in any case were not impressed  with Advani-’04 and ’09 were his failures and 60% of youth population would not want an ageing leader.
Modi got himself promoted in Goa (tension was visible on faces of Rajnath Singh,Jaitley) as Sushma took an earlier flight to Delhi and Advani was conspicuous by his absence though, except media, no one missed him.

BJP,under Modi  was born.

Since then, Modi has not missed any opportunity in attacking Congress. He has been screaming from public platforms about failures of Congress Govt by attacking Dr. Man Mohan Singh, be it, Dual power structure, Governance, Corruption, Sir Creek, Internal Security, External Security, Beheading of Indian Soldiers, Intrusion by Chinese, Falling Rs, Inflation, Economic Situation, Italian Marines. His speech, point wise rebut to PM’s speech from Bhuj, on 15th Aug was a hit where it hurts the most.

Though Congress spokespersons maintain that Modi is of no consequence, Modi is not an issue, but, the moment Modi takes digs at Congress, senior congress members’ jump across to TV studios criticising his approach, his comments, his style and his claims of development records. They have even called him a frog. Such debates and news is a juicy slot for Media which prefers terming every word against Modi as “BLOW TO MODI” “CONGRESS BASHES MODI” “CONGRESS TAKES ON MODI” “CONGRESS TEARS INTO MODI CLAIMS”...while Modi decides not to react. It is the same media which would not miss any opportunity in covering Modi. His message to media is clear-he does not need media to promote him; it is the media which needs him. He once took on Sardesai of CnnIbn saying “If you abuse Modi, you will a RS seat or a Padma Bhushan or Padma Shree.Indian media loves to hate him while International media is not missing any opportunity in project him as the future PM.
It is no secret, political leaders spend crores of Rs for arranging crowds for a political Rally while here is one man who puts a price tag, should one decide to attend his rally in Hyderabad? Reportedly, about 1 Lakh people attended the rally.

Modi’s target is not PM, though he takes pot shots at the PM and drags in Rahul Gandhi without naming him ever, but is actually targeting Sonia Gandhi. Senior BJP leaders as well as congress members seem quite uncomfortable facing a situation when it is Modi who is setting the agenda for’14 and is converting it into a Presidential form of debate to his advantage.

Those who consistently talk of his secular credentials need to check if there is complete communal harmony, zero communal riots in other states in India? Assam, Hyderabad, UP, Kishtwar? Gujarat officers have faced conviction. No investigating agency complained of lack of co operation from him for 2002.No files went missing. Has anyone been held responsible for 1984? If SIT was formed for 2002, why wasn’t or isn’t formed for 1984? Man on the white horse is on his way to Delhi.
He is unstoppable.
Youth is with him.
Industrialists are with him.
BJP cadre base is with him.
It is not Modi vs. Rahul.
It is Modi vs. Sonia.
Ask a congressman a simple question! How much is 1+1= Answer could be 2 Modi.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Manish Pahuja writes for "The People's Voice Blog" I was very impressed with the subject and its treatment. You might like to read it too.

We keep hearing and reading news about parents opposing marriages of their children if they seek their permission for marrying a person from a different caste or religion. Some even go to the extent of killing their own children in the name of family honour because they cannot accept the fact that a person outside their caste can become a member of their family. It really is sad to see such a mindset of people against each other......continue reading


Thursday, August 29, 2013


I have been away for almost a  month from Blogsphere.Travel,Assignments were priorities.
It had nothing to do with either Onions or Dollar.
I need to read the long list of unread posts.

See you all soon,another week or so.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


My article "APPEASMENT" has been published in niticentral,an Independent News Portal.

We make movies based on Dawood. It is Dawood who decides where to strike, when to strike and how to strike, whether it is stock market investments, IPL betting, or bombing with the help of ISI, other Muslim fundamentalist and terror groups who want to give India 1000 cut, but, we continue walk an extra mile wanting to appease minorities with 20 per cent vote power. We are even ready to stake national security concerns to keep a section of minorities on our side for votes without bothering even if means going easy on Dawood and his cronies. In the last few years, what is it that the ruling coalition has not done to appease minorities?
They have been given or promised universities, courts, ministries, budget and Islamic banking. We hit the bottom recently when the Union Minister for Minority Affairs suggested setting up a SIT to go into details of charges against ‘Muslim Youths’ who are in jails. Why? Doesn’t the Minister trust Indian judiciary? Just the other day, the Congress spokesperson, Shakeel Ahmad said that Indian Mujahideen (IM) was formed as a result of post-Godhra incident. Another spokesperson of Congress went a step further saying he is not even sure of existence of IM. This must have been music to Pakistan’s ears. According to Shakeel, he was relying upon a report from NIA. Fine. In such a case, why not rely upon NIA report which states Ishrat was a terrorist? Why different standards?
Batla House encounter case is a unique one. The courts have sentenced the culprit to life. Headlines Today reported from Azamgarh stating: “This verdict comes in the holy month of Ramzan?” What is the channel implying? For some time, Azamgarh almost became a place for pilgrimage for some politicians and media personalities.  While the secular brigade keeps blaming a section of society of being communal, but are deaf and dumb when the Government decides that No Midday meals for Non-Muslim students during Ramzan in schools in Malabar, Kerala. “What is the message and for whom is the message?" During the month of Ramzan, India is reluctant to hold elections, lest minority voting per cent drops, but, Kuwait being a Muslim country holds elections during Ramzan.
This might come as a surprise to many. According a 1970 Gazzette, Delhi has 488 burial grounds for Muslims though only 30 are in use. What happened to rest 458? That is a lot of land. But, Delhi is ruled by secular brigade. In spite of court orders, the Delhi Government has been going slow on removal of illegal structure of a mosque. If one was to go by current mood, Church is an integral part, Chisti is a scientist, Bukhari is a great man, Mirwaiz is ok, Yasin Malik is Gandhinian, Owaisi is a secular leader and it is only Modi who is communal. Who is defining secularism? We have seen Kashmir helplessly; next, should we wait and watch for Kerala and the North East?
Some of us may not be aware but Indian Muslims are mentioned as ‘Hindu Muslims’ in their application for Haj. But, then it is a matter of Haj subsidy, which is available only in India, not even in Muslim countries. Who is teaching us secularism? How long will India appease minorities? To what extent will India bend to keep minority vote intact? How long will Hindus suffer to prove their secular credentials?\

Friday, July 26, 2013


Today, for the man on the street, all he can say  to the present Government,is what Lord Cromwell said in House of Commons in the year 1653....”YOU HAVE SAT TOO LONG HERE FOR ANY GOOD YOU HAVE BEEN DOING LATELY...DEPART, I SAY; AND LET US HAVE DONE WITH YOU...IN THE NAME OF GOD, GO.
Divisive policies which are being practiced by the govt could be detrimental to the unity of Indian state. Government is using all its resources...Be it media, be it intelligence agencies, be it beaurocracy and be it the police force to cling to power by appeasing minorities.
 It is up to the youth of the country to counter the policy of dividing India.
In 40s, Jinnah and Muslim league played divisive politics and result is a divided nation.
Present govt too is following same policy and have pitched Hindus and Muslims one against the other. Some of the statements and or actions by the Govt are indications of its intentions. Hindus are at their tolerant best for the time being.
Main stream Media has been unleashed to take on the opposition parties and keep minorities on the right side of the Government. News rooms are being run like factories, manufacturing news to the comfort of the Government. Thanks to social media, some of us are able to put our point of view across
Prime Minister saying “Muslims have first right over our assts and resources”...What about Hindus who have put in as much if not greater efforts in nation building?
A state CM announcing free Scootys to Muslim girl students...What reactions does the CM expect from Hindu girls?
J&K Chief Minister Grants Rs 50 Lakh for Free Vaccination of Hajjis....What about those who go to Amaranth Yatra?
Ishrat has the entire establishment behind her, while Pragya Thakur is in jail without any charges....How does the Govt expect Hindus to react?
Reportedly, BSF in the NE has been instructed not to fire on insurgents. In the process, it is BSF which is taking the beating.
There are fears that Indian foreign policy is being islamised under pressure from the “Secular Brigade”.
CBI and IB have come face to face; it is a matter of grave concern when two intelligence agencies are at each other’s throat which could have far reaching consequences to national security.
There is a clear division between Armed forces and Civil services. Chief of Army staff used to be 4th in hierarchy, but, now is placed number 12 on the Warrant of Precedence which is one below the Cabinet Secretary.
It was in 1971 during the war that India stood united to the extent Vajpayee compared Indira Gandhi to Durga. Unfortunately, once again, internal emergency of 1975 divided the nation. Before situation could be set right and salvaged,Mandal Politics took its toll and divideds ociety on caste basis.
In fact, the day Nehru divided the states on linguistic basis we became Punjabi,Marathi,Bengali  etc and preferred  our regional identity than being called  INDIANS.
Let us be alert.
 Let us not fall into the trap being laid by the govt.
Let us Stand united and Act united.
Perhaps, it is time to remind Govt of  Lord Cromwell’s words.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We are a peculiar people.Our priorities have shifted .We are not any more concerned with going on around us. We are too involved with ourselves.

We are becoming very insensitive. Very.

Some recent trends, situations, acts should have got our attention and reactions.

Parity of Indian Rs to US $ was 1 on 15th Aug 1947.Today we are looking at Rs 60 to a $.No section of society has reacted. No economist, No TV channel, no one from Burger generation even seems to be worried. Will we wait for a decimal to shift of our currency as happened in France after French revolution? World trades in US $ and its current parity is a serious issue for our future.

In the last 42 days, Govt has increased fuel price four times. Obvious reason is the weakening Rs (besides corruption) against the $, but, are you responsible for it or it is the Govt which has failed to managed the economy? Do we realise how will it affect the household budgets? Everything from wage goods to electricity will become expensive.

We have 3.3 million NGOs in India, which is appx one NGO per 400 persons. Who are they? Where do they get funds from? Are NGOs being used by politicians as fronts? Have we ever wondered as to why no NGO has ever contacted anyone of us? I am amongst those 400 for which there is an NGO?

TV screens ran scroll (NOT BREAKING NEWS) “Chinese 10 Kms inside India”—this was the day Chris Gayle was hitting sixes. All eyes were glued to TV screens watching Gayle. That night and the following day, in drawing rooms and in TV studios, discussion was centred on Gayle and not Chinese intrusion. Because of our attitude, besides Chinese, even our own Govt takes us for granted. How else will one explain Foreign Minister’s comment comparing intrusion to an ACNE? This is what our Home Minister had to say “It’s localized issue... Humare sainik bhi border paar karte rahete hain” - Sushil Kumar Shinde.

After every terror attack, within minutes we are told that Indian Muhajjudin could be involved? What after that? Nothing...Nothing. Our own foreign minister has been the lawyer for SIMI/IM. He may be right technically, but, where is morality?

The only time we react to Pakistan is during bilatteral talks. What is our strongest negotiation point...We will not play cricket till Pak stops terror activities. And Pakistan strikes again; we threaten cricket ties till Pakistan strikes again and again... While Indian soldiers have been protecting Sir Creek for decades and this is what our Prime Minister had to say “Sir Creek is just a ’60 miles strip of water in uninhabited marshlands, which opens into Arabian Sea” Really? Is that all? Ask a soldier.
We are neither Egypt nor Libya. But, is it not time, we the people, showed some resolve and make Govt worry about the man on the street?
Where are those thousands who took to agitation after 16th December unfortunate incident?
Every policy, every action, every decision of the Govt has bearing on life of each one of us,the society and nation of which we are THE most important part.
Let us stop enjoying tragic political drama in which we are being projected as villains..


Friday, July 5, 2013


Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board is to celebrate its silver jubilee.

On this occasion, Reserve Bank of India is putting into circulation a coin of denomination of Rs 5.
Unfortunately, Muslim community has objected to this coin being put into circulation and have threatened to protest against this.
Dr Azimuddin, chairman of Movement for Human Welfare said, “Ours is a secular country and featuring the picture of a Hindu goddess on the coin will harm secularity,” while adding that “Coins are given to beggars and tossed by saints during holy processions. With such instances, it is not proper to imprint a picture of a deity on it.”

Meanwhile, spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha Abhay Vartak said, “Coins bearing pictures of Mother Teresa, Alfonso have been issued in the past. What’s wrong if coins embossed with images of Vaishno Devi are circulated?”

Why should anyone have objections as earlier coins with picture of Mother Teresa have been circulated?

This is a result of appeasement policy.


 news /picture courtesy

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This is the origin of the word NEWS.

Media is a source of information, source of reporting truth truthfully, a source for people to form their opinion regarding their elected representatives, situation in the country and world over. Anchors/editors are expected to report news as it happens and leave the rest to the intelligence of the viewer.

Over the years, newsrooms have become like corporate conference rooms for editors where the strategies for increasing profits is the main agenda...Anchors have become salesmen selling their product ,only packaging has to be politically attractive for news to become an impulsive purchase----hence,concept of BREAKING NEWS.

Media should be reporting on the development, future plans of  nation building, issues relating to internal and external security, foreign policy, economy, education truthfully without being biased in favour of any political party. Media’s responsibility is towards a billion people. Instead of forcing down its opinion, media should report the truth, only truth for people to form their own opinion and judge the Govt on facts.

Recently, Entire media was busy reporting major scams, including Coal, Rail besides Chopper to the discomfort of the Govt. Undoubtedly, a stage had come when people were forming their opinion against the Govt,especially in this election year.One day, all of a sudden, media hit upon IPL spot fixing news which it covered almost nonstop for 17 days. Any normal person would think that India lives only on Cricket news. But, it is not true. There are political Pundits who are connecting replacing scam coverage with spot fixing slot in the media  to heavy Advertisement budget for "Bharat Nirman".Who would mind getting a slice of a large creamy cake? All it needs is to kill one story for another. But, who cares?

For days together, it was Jiah Khan Suicide which was covered more so on Hindi news channels. Had the media covered famers’ suicide with same gusto, perhaps public opinion and outcry might have helped.  Who is Jiah Khan? Had media covered farmers’ suicide, India would have been a better place to live in. But, who cares?
While Indian media was stuck with Sanjay Dutt’s jail term, it was BBC which was reporting death of Hizbul Mujahidin’s most wanted terrorist “SOHEL FAISAL” in Anathnang district of J&K. Major Pitambare leading the operation lost his life. Maj. Pitambare did not get even one minute of air time as Indian media preference was Sanjay Dutt who was trying gaining sympathy in name of his two little daughters. Late Major Pitambare’s daughter is 18 months of age, but, who cares?

Covering economy doesn’t seem to be media’s agenda. Instead of reporting GDP at actual of 4.77%, media spins it as UNDER 5%.For information of readers, every 0.10% equals to Rs 7700Cr.INR has slipped to over Rs 58 to US$. Debt- to-GDP ratio has gone up to 67%.Instead; media is busy wasting time on BJP-JDU split. But, who cares?

Kartik Sawhney, a Delhi student was denied permission to appear for IIT-JEE because of his disability. In March 2013, he was given fully funded scholarship to study Engineering at Stanford University in America. Instead media chose to cover Gujarat riots of 2002 in view of BJP Goa meet. But, who cares?

Media spins can be annoying, though interesting. It terms 1984 anti Sikh riots as an “Incident” while 2002 Godhra is termed as “Genocide”. In view of such spins, social networking and micro blogging sites are becoming more credible, resulting in greater following and credibility than that of Main Stream Media. Govt has tried controlling social media, but, it too vast for a politically corrupt system. But, who cares?

Reporting foreign policy is zero priority. M J Akbar has penned it so well "India a joke in Maldives, a foe in Sri Lanka, a doubt in Bangladesh, a shrug in Nepal, a snigger in Pakistan, a taunt in China" But, who cares?

Media is a sure case of misplaced priorities.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Ramayana is the immortal tale of Shri Rama that teaches us the values of ideology, devotion,   duty, relationships, dharma and Karma...The term “Ramayana”, literally means “the march (ayan) of Rama” in search of human values..

Unfortunately, we Indians seem to be losing connect with reality. There are various pulls and pushes which Hindus are facing within their own country. It is shockingly true that those Hindus who swear by Hinduism are termed “communal” while those hitting the bottom with appeasement of minorities are being “termed” Secular
While Hindus may be losing touch with reality of Ram, but, some countries are seriously adopting Ramayana in their educational and cultural and daily life
Communist China’s Universities are teaching Ramayana. Chinese are now turning to Ramayana to learn Hindi. Never would have the Govt in India taken such a step should it annoy a section of the minorities.
In Thai literature, the Ramayana story is called RAMAKIEN.The earliest evidence of Ramekien
dates back to the 13th century. Some names are kept the same, but most differ probably due to 
the phonetic differences of the language. In the past 200 odd years the capital of Thailand was AYUTTHAY (AYODHYA), Rama’s Kingdom in the epic.

The University of Wyoming's Summer High School Institute (HSI) has started teaching ancient Hindu scriptures Mahabharata and Ramayana in its Laramie (USA) campus. The curriculum of this class was titled "The Hindu Epic" which also includes learning about Hindu gods, Hindu way of worship etc.
Besides, International Ramayana Institute of North America is contributing towards learning’s of Ramayana
Ram Setu has been suddenly in news for last four years or so. Adam’s Bridge (Tamil atam palam)      also known as Rama’s Bridge or Ram Setu( Tamil: ஆதாம் பாலம் ātām pālam) is a chain of limestone shoals, between  Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram the South Eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island, off the north western coast of Sri Lanka
Geological evidence suggests that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka. While there are evidences in favour of Ram Setu, there are those in the Indian Govt who submitted an affidavit to the Apex court in India terming RAM as a “MYTH”. A senior anchor of a popular English news channel described RAM as “Divine Encroacher”.

Some political commentators also say that the behaviour of Govt of India is so considering dredging about Thorium Deposits & shipping project is an excuse to Mint Money at the Cost of Faith of Millions?

Having said this, there are millions of Indians, Hindus who swear by Ramayana and follow the teachings of Ramayana.


Times Of India.