Friday, February 8, 2013


Gau means light in the Vedas.
Gau means cow in Sanskrit.
We want protection for Gau Mata.
Who will protect the real MATA????

India has a of 48.96% population as females.

Why are women so unsafe in India? We have women on top jobs.We have women IAS, IFS officers,Bankers,Lawyers,CEOs. Why is women security not a priority for the Govt?
Why are there slips and misses in implementing prevailing laws concerning women’s security?Justice Varma report has been submitted within a record time of 29 days, but, there already are hiccups in certain quarters within the Govt.

Is it our male mind set?If it is so,it is time women must stand up and get counted.

Says... Ranjana Kumari of The center for Social Research...”After the Dec 16th gang rape “the society has woken up, but has the Govt woken up?”..
Says....Abhijit   Mukherjee(son of the Prez of India) referred to protesting women as “Dented, Painted”
Says....Sheila Dixit..women should not get "adventurous"by going out at night..."Delhi is not safe for women".... Says Sheila Dixit

Quoting Center for Study of Society and Secularism” The origin of the Indian idea of appropriate female behavior can be traced to Manu...In 200 BC: “by a young girl, by a young woman, or even by an aged one, nothing must be done independently, even in her own house...”

An estimated 1, 36,000 women die in India every year due to pregnancy related setbacks. Studies also indicate widespread violence against women as an important cause of morbidity and mortality. Such violence may also include rape and sexual abuse. Psychological violence includes verbal abuse, harassment, confinement and deprivation of physical, financial and personal resources. For some women emotional abuse may be more painful than physical!

According to a global poll conducted, India is the “fourth most dangerous country” for women and the worst for women among the G20 countries.

There must have been some divine reasons for President Patil to have shown leniency to 5 rape accused. The President takes such decisions upon recommendations of the Home Ministry. Why would the Home Ministry, under whose pressure, under what political compulsions recommend pardon is anyone’s guess?

The Govt has failed the nation miserably on this besides various other issues. It is time, civil society, women’s’ organisations, NGOs (non political) got into action to ensure safety of women.
Above all,women must fight themselves

Govt intent is clear after its shifting stand on Justice Varma report.

And let us stop playing politics over dead bodies of the rape victims.



br945 said...

without a drastic change of mentality at all levels, nothing will move for another 100 years

BK Chowla, said...

br945, Glad to see you here.
Absolutely..But the way Govt is going about framing weak laws,nothing will change.
Bad elements will have a free run

Unknown said...

It is a very sad state of affairs. Issues such as 'atrocities on women' is one issue which will never be solved, because the so called higher ups are not interested in taking any stringent action against the culprits. The latest case too, will erase from public memory.

BK Chowla, said...

Usha Menon,
Answer is...women's movement .Unless women stand up for themselves,nothing will change

Sandhya said...

Women should stand up against the discrimination, there is no other go.

In olden days, soldiers used to die in warfare and the remaining men were allowed to have 2-3 wives just to take care of them - the women, and to produce more 'sons'! Everything is distorted now. We don't need just 'sons' anymore. Women are capable of taking care of themselves.

Rachna said...

Sad state of affairs. There are so many things that need to change including the mindset.

BK Chowla, said...

As long as we wait for Govt to act,nothing will ever change
Yes,time foe women to get up and stop behaving weak

BK Chowla, said...

with the present state of affairs in the country,i dont see much changing if women depend upon Govt to frame laws,act against the culprits

Unknown said...

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