Saturday, May 11, 2013


The 80:20 formula in every aspect of life is well known.
The same formula is being applied in India to keep it divided on religious and caste lines.
Indian polity has reached such shameful heights of minority appeasement that 20% is greater than 80%.

This is not about Karnataka elections.
This is about India.
This about democracy in India.

It is also about divided Hindus. 20% of minorities are the deciding factor in Govt formation in Delhi because they vote as group, as a community en masse while, Hindus are perpetually divided on basis of Caste, sub-Caste, Region and language. Historically, we have been a divided community for centuries. Mughals ruled us, British ruled us. And now it is.........??????
It was not their strength, it has been our weakness.

This appeal from KARNATAKA MUSLIM MUTTAHIDA MAHAZ speaks volumes.

May be, it is time for Hindus too to learn from their Muslim brothers and stand united to steer Indian polity to its democratic best.

Perhaps, it is time to coin a fresh phrase---- 20:80  in place of 80:20.




It's only in India that minorities always trump the majority. A case of the dog wagging the tail. Because the majority is not united.

Harleena Singh said...

Hi BK,

Unity is power. In fact, where ever you go, you'll find more coordination, coherence and collaboration among the minority people and groups. This is a sort of a rule of nature. Indians, including Hindus, living in some other country might be more bonded and united than if they were living in their own country. With respect to our country, it's sad that we become united only when we're under threats.

Thanks for sharing :)

anilkurup59 said...

Communal electorate or call it en masse voting based on communal lines is and has always been the bane and India will continue to suffer from that myopic idea.

siddarth pai said...

yes right atleast if one major caste in a state unites and votes against cong would be good that too not happening

Sandhya said...

Caste based vote bank is going to be here always. Did you read about the PMK party's latest rowdyism here in Tamilnadu? They are burning buses, torch other communities/dalit's huts, torch ration shops etc. just for the Vanniar caste vote. All states are doing this. Do you think we will ever get united?

But in Pakistan, even Muslims have sub sects and fight within themselves!

The only solution is inter-caste marriages at least inside/within Hindus and inside muslims. Language is nearly common now, English or Hindi!