Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This is the origin of the word NEWS.

Media is a source of information, source of reporting truth truthfully, a source for people to form their opinion regarding their elected representatives, situation in the country and world over. Anchors/editors are expected to report news as it happens and leave the rest to the intelligence of the viewer.

Over the years, newsrooms have become like corporate conference rooms for editors where the strategies for increasing profits is the main agenda...Anchors have become salesmen selling their product ,only packaging has to be politically attractive for news to become an impulsive purchase----hence,concept of BREAKING NEWS.

Media should be reporting on the development, future plans of  nation building, issues relating to internal and external security, foreign policy, economy, education truthfully without being biased in favour of any political party. Media’s responsibility is towards a billion people. Instead of forcing down its opinion, media should report the truth, only truth for people to form their own opinion and judge the Govt on facts.

Recently, Entire media was busy reporting major scams, including Coal, Rail besides Chopper to the discomfort of the Govt. Undoubtedly, a stage had come when people were forming their opinion against the Govt,especially in this election year.One day, all of a sudden, media hit upon IPL spot fixing news which it covered almost nonstop for 17 days. Any normal person would think that India lives only on Cricket news. But, it is not true. There are political Pundits who are connecting replacing scam coverage with spot fixing slot in the media  to heavy Advertisement budget for "Bharat Nirman".Who would mind getting a slice of a large creamy cake? All it needs is to kill one story for another. But, who cares?

For days together, it was Jiah Khan Suicide which was covered more so on Hindi news channels. Had the media covered famers’ suicide with same gusto, perhaps public opinion and outcry might have helped.  Who is Jiah Khan? Had media covered farmers’ suicide, India would have been a better place to live in. But, who cares?
While Indian media was stuck with Sanjay Dutt’s jail term, it was BBC which was reporting death of Hizbul Mujahidin’s most wanted terrorist “SOHEL FAISAL” in Anathnang district of J&K. Major Pitambare leading the operation lost his life. Maj. Pitambare did not get even one minute of air time as Indian media preference was Sanjay Dutt who was trying gaining sympathy in name of his two little daughters. Late Major Pitambare’s daughter is 18 months of age, but, who cares?

Covering economy doesn’t seem to be media’s agenda. Instead of reporting GDP at actual of 4.77%, media spins it as UNDER 5%.For information of readers, every 0.10% equals to Rs 7700Cr.INR has slipped to over Rs 58 to US$. Debt- to-GDP ratio has gone up to 67%.Instead; media is busy wasting time on BJP-JDU split. But, who cares?

Kartik Sawhney, a Delhi student was denied permission to appear for IIT-JEE because of his disability. In March 2013, he was given fully funded scholarship to study Engineering at Stanford University in America. Instead media chose to cover Gujarat riots of 2002 in view of BJP Goa meet. But, who cares?

Media spins can be annoying, though interesting. It terms 1984 anti Sikh riots as an “Incident” while 2002 Godhra is termed as “Genocide”. In view of such spins, social networking and micro blogging sites are becoming more credible, resulting in greater following and credibility than that of Main Stream Media. Govt has tried controlling social media, but, it too vast for a politically corrupt system. But, who cares?

Reporting foreign policy is zero priority. M J Akbar has penned it so well "India a joke in Maldives, a foe in Sri Lanka, a doubt in Bangladesh, a shrug in Nepal, a snigger in Pakistan, a taunt in China" But, who cares?

Media is a sure case of misplaced priorities.