Friday, July 26, 2013


Today, for the man on the street, all he can say  to the present Government,is what Lord Cromwell said in House of Commons in the year 1653....”YOU HAVE SAT TOO LONG HERE FOR ANY GOOD YOU HAVE BEEN DOING LATELY...DEPART, I SAY; AND LET US HAVE DONE WITH YOU...IN THE NAME OF GOD, GO.
Divisive policies which are being practiced by the govt could be detrimental to the unity of Indian state. Government is using all its resources...Be it media, be it intelligence agencies, be it beaurocracy and be it the police force to cling to power by appeasing minorities.
 It is up to the youth of the country to counter the policy of dividing India.
In 40s, Jinnah and Muslim league played divisive politics and result is a divided nation.
Present govt too is following same policy and have pitched Hindus and Muslims one against the other. Some of the statements and or actions by the Govt are indications of its intentions. Hindus are at their tolerant best for the time being.
Main stream Media has been unleashed to take on the opposition parties and keep minorities on the right side of the Government. News rooms are being run like factories, manufacturing news to the comfort of the Government. Thanks to social media, some of us are able to put our point of view across
Prime Minister saying “Muslims have first right over our assts and resources”...What about Hindus who have put in as much if not greater efforts in nation building?
A state CM announcing free Scootys to Muslim girl students...What reactions does the CM expect from Hindu girls?
J&K Chief Minister Grants Rs 50 Lakh for Free Vaccination of Hajjis....What about those who go to Amaranth Yatra?
Ishrat has the entire establishment behind her, while Pragya Thakur is in jail without any charges....How does the Govt expect Hindus to react?
Reportedly, BSF in the NE has been instructed not to fire on insurgents. In the process, it is BSF which is taking the beating.
There are fears that Indian foreign policy is being islamised under pressure from the “Secular Brigade”.
CBI and IB have come face to face; it is a matter of grave concern when two intelligence agencies are at each other’s throat which could have far reaching consequences to national security.
There is a clear division between Armed forces and Civil services. Chief of Army staff used to be 4th in hierarchy, but, now is placed number 12 on the Warrant of Precedence which is one below the Cabinet Secretary.
It was in 1971 during the war that India stood united to the extent Vajpayee compared Indira Gandhi to Durga. Unfortunately, once again, internal emergency of 1975 divided the nation. Before situation could be set right and salvaged,Mandal Politics took its toll and divideds ociety on caste basis.
In fact, the day Nehru divided the states on linguistic basis we became Punjabi,Marathi,Bengali  etc and preferred  our regional identity than being called  INDIANS.
Let us be alert.
 Let us not fall into the trap being laid by the govt.
Let us Stand united and Act united.
Perhaps, it is time to remind Govt of  Lord Cromwell’s words.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We are a peculiar people.Our priorities have shifted .We are not any more concerned with going on around us. We are too involved with ourselves.

We are becoming very insensitive. Very.

Some recent trends, situations, acts should have got our attention and reactions.

Parity of Indian Rs to US $ was 1 on 15th Aug 1947.Today we are looking at Rs 60 to a $.No section of society has reacted. No economist, No TV channel, no one from Burger generation even seems to be worried. Will we wait for a decimal to shift of our currency as happened in France after French revolution? World trades in US $ and its current parity is a serious issue for our future.

In the last 42 days, Govt has increased fuel price four times. Obvious reason is the weakening Rs (besides corruption) against the $, but, are you responsible for it or it is the Govt which has failed to managed the economy? Do we realise how will it affect the household budgets? Everything from wage goods to electricity will become expensive.

We have 3.3 million NGOs in India, which is appx one NGO per 400 persons. Who are they? Where do they get funds from? Are NGOs being used by politicians as fronts? Have we ever wondered as to why no NGO has ever contacted anyone of us? I am amongst those 400 for which there is an NGO?

TV screens ran scroll (NOT BREAKING NEWS) “Chinese 10 Kms inside India”—this was the day Chris Gayle was hitting sixes. All eyes were glued to TV screens watching Gayle. That night and the following day, in drawing rooms and in TV studios, discussion was centred on Gayle and not Chinese intrusion. Because of our attitude, besides Chinese, even our own Govt takes us for granted. How else will one explain Foreign Minister’s comment comparing intrusion to an ACNE? This is what our Home Minister had to say “It’s localized issue... Humare sainik bhi border paar karte rahete hain” - Sushil Kumar Shinde.

After every terror attack, within minutes we are told that Indian Muhajjudin could be involved? What after that? Nothing...Nothing. Our own foreign minister has been the lawyer for SIMI/IM. He may be right technically, but, where is morality?

The only time we react to Pakistan is during bilatteral talks. What is our strongest negotiation point...We will not play cricket till Pak stops terror activities. And Pakistan strikes again; we threaten cricket ties till Pakistan strikes again and again... While Indian soldiers have been protecting Sir Creek for decades and this is what our Prime Minister had to say “Sir Creek is just a ’60 miles strip of water in uninhabited marshlands, which opens into Arabian Sea” Really? Is that all? Ask a soldier.
We are neither Egypt nor Libya. But, is it not time, we the people, showed some resolve and make Govt worry about the man on the street?
Where are those thousands who took to agitation after 16th December unfortunate incident?
Every policy, every action, every decision of the Govt has bearing on life of each one of us,the society and nation of which we are THE most important part.
Let us stop enjoying tragic political drama in which we are being projected as villains..


Friday, July 5, 2013


Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board is to celebrate its silver jubilee.

On this occasion, Reserve Bank of India is putting into circulation a coin of denomination of Rs 5.
Unfortunately, Muslim community has objected to this coin being put into circulation and have threatened to protest against this.
Dr Azimuddin, chairman of Movement for Human Welfare said, “Ours is a secular country and featuring the picture of a Hindu goddess on the coin will harm secularity,” while adding that “Coins are given to beggars and tossed by saints during holy processions. With such instances, it is not proper to imprint a picture of a deity on it.”

Meanwhile, spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha Abhay Vartak said, “Coins bearing pictures of Mother Teresa, Alfonso have been issued in the past. What’s wrong if coins embossed with images of Vaishno Devi are circulated?”

Why should anyone have objections as earlier coins with picture of Mother Teresa have been circulated?

This is a result of appeasement policy.


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