Friday, July 26, 2013


Today, for the man on the street, all he can say  to the present Government,is what Lord Cromwell said in House of Commons in the year 1653....”YOU HAVE SAT TOO LONG HERE FOR ANY GOOD YOU HAVE BEEN DOING LATELY...DEPART, I SAY; AND LET US HAVE DONE WITH YOU...IN THE NAME OF GOD, GO.
Divisive policies which are being practiced by the govt could be detrimental to the unity of Indian state. Government is using all its resources...Be it media, be it intelligence agencies, be it beaurocracy and be it the police force to cling to power by appeasing minorities.
 It is up to the youth of the country to counter the policy of dividing India.
In 40s, Jinnah and Muslim league played divisive politics and result is a divided nation.
Present govt too is following same policy and have pitched Hindus and Muslims one against the other. Some of the statements and or actions by the Govt are indications of its intentions. Hindus are at their tolerant best for the time being.
Main stream Media has been unleashed to take on the opposition parties and keep minorities on the right side of the Government. News rooms are being run like factories, manufacturing news to the comfort of the Government. Thanks to social media, some of us are able to put our point of view across
Prime Minister saying “Muslims have first right over our assts and resources”...What about Hindus who have put in as much if not greater efforts in nation building?
A state CM announcing free Scootys to Muslim girl students...What reactions does the CM expect from Hindu girls?
J&K Chief Minister Grants Rs 50 Lakh for Free Vaccination of Hajjis....What about those who go to Amaranth Yatra?
Ishrat has the entire establishment behind her, while Pragya Thakur is in jail without any charges....How does the Govt expect Hindus to react?
Reportedly, BSF in the NE has been instructed not to fire on insurgents. In the process, it is BSF which is taking the beating.
There are fears that Indian foreign policy is being islamised under pressure from the “Secular Brigade”.
CBI and IB have come face to face; it is a matter of grave concern when two intelligence agencies are at each other’s throat which could have far reaching consequences to national security.
There is a clear division between Armed forces and Civil services. Chief of Army staff used to be 4th in hierarchy, but, now is placed number 12 on the Warrant of Precedence which is one below the Cabinet Secretary.
It was in 1971 during the war that India stood united to the extent Vajpayee compared Indira Gandhi to Durga. Unfortunately, once again, internal emergency of 1975 divided the nation. Before situation could be set right and salvaged,Mandal Politics took its toll and divideds ociety on caste basis.
In fact, the day Nehru divided the states on linguistic basis we became Punjabi,Marathi,Bengali  etc and preferred  our regional identity than being called  INDIANS.
Let us be alert.
 Let us not fall into the trap being laid by the govt.
Let us Stand united and Act united.
Perhaps, it is time to remind Govt of  Lord Cromwell’s words.



sm said...

division based on language divided us
well written

BK Chowla, said...

sm,I think it was a wrong decision to divide states on linguistic basis..You can see the consequences

anilkurup59 said...

I would differ in one of your comment about secular brigade playing divisive politics. It is not the secular brigade who are at it, it is the Congress ( the UPA), the BJP and the parivar in the right.
Shamelessly the atheist communist Marxist in Kerala even sided with the fanatics of Abdul Nazer Madani’s PDP.
Both the Congress and the BJP stand to gain by polarizing people. Who will have the guts to abolish government funding of Haj pilgrimage? The BJP was in power for five years and what stopped them from stopping the tax payer funding personal journeys of faith?
Look at South Africa. The sunshine country as it is called was on the precipice once. It was certain that the blacks and the whites will start the orgy of violence. But mercifully the sagacity and wisdom of one man could prevent the fall into the abyss. Though animosities from the past and distrust linger, communal flaring is not heard of.
We in India have a chance as you mentioned to turn back the zealots from both sides of the communal divide. Will the people do so? But then who is the choice. The opportunistic Congress or the communal BJP and the Sangh parivar?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Our society is being purposely divided.

In this the government is following the policies favoured by the British when they ruled India.

I agree, division of states on linguistic basis was a bad idea....

Sandhya said...

Linguistic states was the brainchild of Rajaji. It was/is a wrong decision. All these water/river fights are because of this wrong decision. Kannadigas and Tamilians fighting over water.

I always wonder How our India would have been if Patel had become our PM, though he died early.

We don't have good leaders in BJP too. Congress has proved as the worst ruler of our country. Too many scandals. Should we vote for BJP and see how far they can go in spoiling our country more? Or who else is there?

Everyone is scared of muslims...even BJP will back them once they come to power. Only a strong patriotic leader can bring some peace here.

Sanand said...

You have brought up a topic that has a macro view perspective and micro view perspective. Indeed, it is a most relevant topic for all patriots irrespective of what political party or idealogy they support. Division is used by everyone at different levels to exploit than serve the nation's interests. There are laws showering benefits on certain sections of the society whereas there are also laws that have so many loopholes to thereby resulting in justice being implemented too late or in an ineffective way. At every level, division has become rampant. When one also looks at the crimes taking place today, the most obvious division is the increasing socio-economic gap worldwide.

indu chhibber said...

Very well researched post Chowla jee,who will answer these questions?Our leaders have lost all ense.In this way they are fanning communalism

Surbhi Bafna said...

Very true! India seems divided on lingual basis. Further religious flames are being flared by some jesters. We need to look through their vague motives and stand firm against them.

Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

Harleena Singh said...

Hi BK,

I don't know much about politics, but I do know that when it comes to running the country and the government, all are the same. Most of the political parties are corrupt in some way or the other. If this one goes, another similar one will come, though it will show its true colors after some time.

It is quite evident that UPA is very apprehensive of its defeat in next year's elections and it's trying to play all the tricks in its bag. Minorities seems to have gained major focus as they may play the role of game changers and the king makers, as far as I understand.

Divide and rule, repression and favoritism - this is the only way people know to rule and to defeat others. I've seen the same scenario in offices and company administrations too.

I'm sure this and next year too will be full of such propaganda, campaigning, and game playing. Everybody knows and understands that they're playing the politics for vote, but then it's nothing new in India.

I'm sure the government was aware that new demands from other quarters would arise after creating a new state - does it have further plans and aces up its sleeve? I think the early politicians and administrators could find only one way to divide the people of India, and that was by way of languages.

So, maybe if the entire country has one major connecting language, will it be hard to break the unity of Indians in India? Some sort of divisive criteria would've been needed to create the states, I wonder what else could they be, any guesses?

You're right; no matter what the government you've, it's us the citizens that matter and we need to stand united and tall.

SG said...

Interesting post. Unless there is political awareness among villagers, nothing can be changed. Villagers in Northern States should be aware of what is happening just like the villagers either in Tamilnadu or Kerala.

Congress party favoring muslims over hindus is a long tradition with them. Jinnah wanted Pakistan established. Gandhi was opposed to it. To appease Jinnah, Gandhi offered to make Jinnah as the first Prime Minister of United India. My question is India a private property of Gandhi? People have to vote.

In a very old Tamil literature, there is a word called “eriparandheduthal”. This is the name of a strategy when a defeated king, while running away from the war zone, will destroy the houses, forests, paddy fields, and other infrastructures. This was done to prevent the victorious king from benefitting from them. In other words, create problem for the winning king. I think the present rulers in India are doing the same thing. They know they will not be winning the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Therefore, just before the election announce a new state. Implementation of this and resolving major disputes like finance and which city will be the capital for whom are all the responsibility of the new government to be formed in 2014. Be it BJP or 3rd front or the 13th front. Also, by doing this, make many people in several states agitate for their own separate state. Create headache for the new government.

BK Chowla, said...

Bottom line is that we are being systematically being divided.Like fools, we are being made to look like fools.Dont politicians realise,what damage are they doing to the country's unity?

BK Chowla, said...

Pity is that the civil society is aware of the sinister designs,still are silent

BK Chowla, said...

With prospects of Modi in 2014,there may not be much to fear of Muslims.Yes,if anyone else in BJPor congress takes power---only God can help India

BK Chowla, said...

Look,division of society as a policy,has been the political agenda for long.What should worry us is,the silence on part of 100 crore people

BK Chowla, said...

Indu Chibber,
Good to see you here.Actually,it hardly needs a research--we see all this nonsense right in front of us but prefer to look the other way

BK Chowla, said...

surbhi bafna,
Yes.Unless,we the people raise our voice,we could be in serious trouble

BK Chowla, said...

Harleena Singh,
Second term to UPA was given looking at the face of ManMohan Singh.
It is he who has been used by congress resulting into him niether remaining a politician nor an economist.
Governance has taken a hit and corruption has achieved great heights.

BK Chowla, said...

True,it is a replay of “eriparandheduthal”.