Monday, October 14, 2013


My last post was about Parallel Justice System.  Parallel Justice System  Please read this in conjunction with the last one.

(via twitter)  The corrupt accuse the corrupt of being corrupt and the corrupt investigate the corrupt and absolve the corrupt of being corrupt.

Justice Katju (retd) ,recently in an interview on national TV said "90% of Indians are fools".

The highest court in India has termed Central Bureau of Investigation as a "Caged parrot".

In the gripping mystery authored byArthur Conan Doyle,Sherlock Homes illuminates the truth by presenting the "Curios incidentof the dog in the night time"by concluding the dog did not bark becuase the criminal was not an unknown person.In Indian politics,why did the dog bark since the persons were known?

look at this !!!!!!!!    

PM backs Ashwini.

Ashwini backs up Kurshid.

Khurshid backs up Chidambaram.

Chitambaram backs up Manish Tiwari.

Manish backs up Sonia.

Sonia backs up Man Mohan Singh.

Every is safe...only we are a bunch of fools..

CBI gives clean chit to Vincent George.

CBI gives clean chit to Bansal in Railway bribery scandal.

CBI gives clean chit to Banks...2G probe.

CWG probe going nowhere as sleuths cannot find any evidence.

CBI gives clean chit to Govt officers in Coalgate scam.

CBI gives clean chit to Quttorochi.

Robert Vadra gets clean chit from Govt of Haryana.

JPC gives clean chit to Man Mohan Singh...2G.

JPC gives clean chit to P Chidmabaram...2G.

Ishrat Jahan is about to get a clean chit from CBI (going by media reports).

PM gave clean chit to A Raja.

PM gave clean chit to Kalmadi.

CBI gives clean chit to Mulayam Singh in disproportionate assets case.

Raja Bhaiya gets clean chit in Prataprgh muder case.

Kerala CM gets clean chit in solar scam.

CBI gives clean chit to Mayawati in disproportionate assets case.

Irony, Isn’t it?

Though convicted, Sanjay Dutt comes out on Parole coinciding with festive season.

Italian Marines who killed Indian fishermen were allowed to go to Italy for their festive season.

Dreadest Terrorist, TUNDA gets special medical attention and treatment.

Lalu Prasad gets special facilities in Jail...

Now, compare this with a case that of VHP activist Sadhvi Pragya Thakur.She is in jail for over five years without any charges having been framed against her. She is reportedly suffering from cancer and is not being allowed to go to hospital for treatment.