Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Justice Hussain Attar of J&K HC said in a landmark judgment “India is not a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist or Christian India. It is India which is born from the bosom of unrelenting struggle of millions of people”.

The most (mis) used word in Indian politics is SECULARISM. It is the Government which are secular and not the people, not the country.

Constitution of India adopted on 2nd Nov 1949, states India as a “Sovereign, Democratic Republic”

In November of 1948, while discussing draft constitution, Dr Ambedkar rejected an amendment to define India as “Secular, Federal and Socialist”.

The word “SECULAR” was added to the preamble in November of 1976.For those who may not remember, India was under emergency rule in 1976.In an extended session of Lok Sabha, the word SECULAR was added through 42nd amendment during dark days of emergency while all fundamental rights were suspended.

That was the beginning of the day India watched helplessly beginning of the criminal misuse of word SECULARISM.

90% of the Indians are secular. It is the 10% population comprising of politicians who are actually communal and are responsible for taking India on communal path. Every time one hears the word Secularism from these 10%, rest assured some communal pot has been kept on boil somewhere to create communal tension for some petty vote bank politics. They wait for an opportunity to divide society on religion. However, factually, there exists tensions between Hindus and Muslims, but, it’s important to know the cause which undoubtedly is 10% politicians. Vote is the net result after divide, divide and then sub divide.Some of their decisions,actions speak for themselves.

 Unfortunately, being anti majority is been projected as SECULARISM. Least one should do is to read actual meaning of SECULARISM in Oxford Dictionary.

Shamefully, they have reduced the discussion between COMMUNAL and SECULAR to a skull cap.

Karanataka congress President suggests that minority should take loans and not return.

Shahjahanpur administration has been instructed to change School timings for Fridays so that Muslim students can attend Jumma Namaz .

Kerala Govt has stopped mid day meals even to Hindus during the holy month of Ramazan.

Marriage laws have been amended, but, not for Muslims.

Land requisition has been redefined, but, Waqf property and Church land is excluded.

Right to education has been well worded so as to exclude minority institutions.

Efforts are on within the govt to start Islamic banking. It is being seen as a tool for religious conversions via bank loans

Efforts are on within the govt to move towards Sharia laws.

Shah Bano Case is still not forgotten. Court orders were dumped just to get SECULAR credentials.

An elected Chief Minister stated in an interview that he is a Hindu nationalist...Hell broke out.

There are those who are proud of being Christians, Muslims, Sikhs. But, being a proud Hindu is being Communal.

Why must it take years to arrest Shahi Imam of Jamma Masjid despite court orders to arrest him?

Constitution doesn’t allow reservations on religious basis, but in practice, do we follow that?

Minister for Minorities has suggested setting up commission for cases where Muslims have been sentenced.

Man on the street, colleague at work place, next door neighbour, movie goer, casual employer want to lead their lives without worrying about religion. They want to move on in  life hand in hand with all communities for nation building.

It is time Government allowed Amar Akbar Anthony to live in peace.