Wednesday, December 18, 2013


SECURITY....................The state of being free from danger or threat"

In any country, security of its citizens, its internal security and its external security is of prime importance and responsibility of the Govt in power.

We, however, have made a joke of our security systems. One is curious as to why should elected representatives need security from its own people?

VIP security of our leaders (sic !!!!) could put a Ruler of any Sultanate to shame. When Indian VIPs move, en-route, city roads are blocked for traffic for them and their convoy. It is termed as VIP movement by the authorities. There have been instances when persons have lost their life unable to reach the hospital or have been denied entry to hospital while a PM has been visit.

It is laughable, Every time it’s a terror attack or a bomb blast, the security that of VIPs is tightened and not that of the common man.

Last year  while thousands young boys and girls  were protesting on the streets of in Delhi, against  Nirbhaya  rape case, it was the Chief Minister of Delhi whose security was increased and not that of the protesters. CM’s house was almost converted into a fortress. Having secured the CM, protesters, mostly young students, were lathi charged and water cannons were fired. So what? Our popularly elected CM hid behind secured security ring. Damn the common man and his security.

In the US, on 4th July, citizens are all over the town with US flags in hand celebrate Independence Day. It is celebration time for them. Come our Independence day, we are made to sit behind closed doors and high rise windows are kept shut to keep a check on sharp shooters and markets in that area are closed a day in advance so that the PM delvers his speech from behind bullet proof screen (Even though the content has been same for decades) from Red Fort.

Situation on the Republic day is no different. At the end of the three hours of India having shown its might to the world of its preparedness, state is unable to provide basic security to its helpless people.

It was 6th Dec when (unfortunately) Babri Masjid was demolished. Every year on that day the area is converted into a fortress with security forces all over the place. The Situation before 364 days and after 364 days from 6th Dec seems to be of little concern. Damn the common man during rest of the year.

It was 23rd Dec when Indian Parliament was terror attacked. Since then, all measures have been taken to increase security for the parliamentarians. Year after year, on this day huge promises are made for security for the man on the street. Instead, VIP security gets tightened
Muslims from Myanmar are crossing over to Hyderabad and are being sheltered. Instead of screening them, those giving shelter to illegal are being given security cover.Arent they a security risk?

Illegal crossing over from Bangladesh is now undisputed fact .Reportedly; BSF has been instructed not to fire on that crossing over.Arent they a security risk?

Are we, the citizens free from danger or threat? No, we are not. We are ourselves to be blamed for the state of affairs. Unless we make our concerns felt and our voice of reasoning heard loud enough, nothing will change.

They are not MASTERS and we are not SUBJECTS. Let us get over our colonial mind set.