Thursday, March 27, 2014


I am not an expert in matters relating to Defence, but I do read as to what is being generally reported in certain section of media.

In the last few years, Armed Forces seem to have been sidelined on many issues, including hierarchy, though; Armed Forces have always been leading from the front.

In the last about a decade and the first time in independent, India under current Defence Minister!!
Army Chief has rebelled.
Ex-Air force Chief has been charge sheeted.
Naval Chief has quit before completion of his term.

The story of young officers laying down their life leading from the front is also among the common theme running across most recent naval mishaps. Lt Commander Kapish Muwal and Lt Manoranjan Kumar also died heroically aboard INS Sindhuratna.Commander Kuntal Wadha, chief engineer-designate of INS Kolkotta who was killed in accident recently. (TOI)
India has the second largest standing Army in the world, though it is miserably short of hardware. As per norms, we should have War Wastage Reserves for 40 days of intense fighting whereas India has it only for less than 20 days. According to a statement by the COAS (TOI 24/3/14), India will have 50% WWR by 2015 and will complete it by 2019.What has the Govt been doing for last ten years remains a mystery.
China and Pakistan must be readying the best defence strategies against a weakening Indian defence forces. Gwadar port in Baluch has been handed over to China by Pakistan. China completes encirclement of India, Coco Island, Burma, Hamanthota, SriLanka and now Gwadar.

Pakistan still claims part of J&K as its territory.
China still claims Arunachal Pradesh as its territory.
Islamist outfit Shahadat-e al-Hikima, formed in Feb 2003, has been propagating West Bengal as a part of Bangladesh.

We have believed in a lot of crap for years about Aman-Ki-Asha and Hindi –Chini-Bhai-Bhai. Some in Pakistan must be feeling that one “AMAN” might exploit “ASHA”. We must be naive to believe that Pakis or Chinis believe in these slogans. They do not.
Interestingly, or shall we say, surprisingly, India’s China policy is driven by Ministry of External Affairs and China Study group and not by the Military.
In the midst of all this, Indian foreign minister terms Chinese intrusions as “ACNE”
India’s integrity is being undermined by three global networks that have well-established operating bases inside India: (i) Islamic radicalism linked with Pakistan, (ii) Maoists and Marxist radicals supported by China via intermediaries such as Nepal, and (iii) Dravidian and Dalit identity separatism being fostered by the West in the name of human rights……(.Breaking India )by Rajeev Malhotra
Let us hope, in coming days and years, Indian defence forces get complete support from the Government in power.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I am not an economist. I am a simple middle class man and I feel my money isn’t being used for mine or society’s benefit.

In the last decade or so, we have heard of unbelievable numbers running into thousands of Cr of Rs of corruption. Some important and comparative large numbers go unnoticed or get accepted as a fate accompli.

As per a report (in 2005) prepared by Division of Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics and Department of Statistics, The University of Akron,USA............
There are 320 million (32cr) savings bank account holders in India which have deposits of Rs 472,147 Cr.

As per RBI rules; each savings bank account holder must maintain a minimum balance of Rs 1000 each. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It is 32x1000 =equals a staggering sum of Rs32000 cr. At any given point of time, Govt is sitting on this huge sum of money which is essentially that of middle class. The balance in savings bank accounts earn an interest of 3.5% which is effectively app. 2.8% as interest is paid on the minimum balance between 10th and the month end. Considering a rate of inflation at 13%, who are they fooling with 2.8% interest?  It is the same middle class who asks and deserves a subsidy in essentials, but, is taught basics of economy. Banks are borrowing at 2.8% and lending the same money at over 10% to those who are converting this money into NPAs
Incidentally, a Current Account holder has to maintain a minimum quarterly average balance of Rs 5000.Normally,every business, small or big, holds a current account .Hypothetically, if current account holders are even half(it may actually twice as much) of saving bank account holders....It is a wooping sum of Rs 80,000 cr.

As per, Non performing assets or bad loans of 40 listed banks jumped by 38% or around Rs 35,424 Cr in the first six months of current financial year ending Sept2013.According to a study by, as on 31st March, net NPAs of 40 listed banks were Rs 93109 Cr which rose to Rs 128533 Cr as on Sept 2013
Why is middle class always a victim of Govt policies?