Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Aum  Namah  Raghukul---Shriomani  Kaushalya Nandan- --Dashrath Putra- Shri Raam.
( I bow to Lord Raam,The Son of Dashratha,Born to Kaushalya.Scion -of-the Raghu Clan)

Raam  (राम, Rām) is the Seventh Avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu.

Let this Government accept that RAAM is not a myth.

Let the Government withdraw the affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court of India.

Let the editor of news channel withdraw her statement saying “RAAM IS A DIVINE ENCHROACHER”. Let her try and say this about any other religion and see the backlash.

This is from the official website of City of Lahore and pictures do not lie.In fact it says it all. Let this picture from across the border put to shame those who are against Raam and RAMSETU.

You can abuse Lord Ram at the crossing and still live to boast about it. Try that with any other religions and you will know what secularism and Hinduism is.

When it comes to the Ramayana and the history of Lord Rama, there have been numerous authors who have accepted the Ramayana as a history of ancient events. For example, the first Governor General of India, Sri Rajaji, wrote on the Ramayana and called it a history, as also did the English Indologist Sir William Jones. Various other western authors have made a study of the culture and history of the Ramayana, such as Philip Lutgendorf in his book Rama’s Story in Shiva’s City, California University; Joe Burkhalter Flueckiger and Laurie Sears in The Boundaries of Traditional Ramayana and Mahabharata Performances in South and Southeast Asia, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; W. L. Smith on Ramayan Traditions in Eastern India, University of Stockholm, and others (Courtesy Stephen Knapp).

For God sake.For Raam sake.