Saturday, June 21, 2014



He was an Indian. He was killed in Pune..

Being a software engineer Sadiq naturally knew computers better than some of us. Allegedly, he posted derogatory pictures of Shivaji Maharaj and our Balasaheb on Face Book. Pictures were uploaded from four different computers in Netherlands,Saudi Arabia,France and Romania as told by  Police officer to PTI.

Naturally, sentiments were hurt.

In the first place, he should not have done what he did knowing well that it could create unrest and trouble. However, what has happened subsequently as a result must be condemned and should never have happened. But, it is about a larger issue.

Sadiq was killed by a mob .Sadiq didn’t die because he was a Muslim. Sadiq died because of mob with overcharged emotions could not be controlled. It is a pity that media made this into a Hindu -Muslim issue, which it was not. Most of the print media, most search engines, and most TV channels have given a religious angle this unfortunate killing. What is most disturbing is each one playing up with word MUSLIM.

“The Pune Muslim killed”, reported Headlines Today.
“Muslim techie beaten to death, tension prevails in Pune”, reported ABP news
‘The news of a Muslim being killed by a mob on a public street in Pune on Monday night brought back disturbing memories of the 1992-93 riots..” Writes, another Paper.

For those who might have missed it, Mumbai Shakti mill rapists were all Muslim. The girl raped was a Hindu. Did any section of media report “Hindu girl raped by Muslim men”? No One did. Is there a pattern in reporting?

Media must stop be divisive.It is the responsibility and job of media to report facts and news without playing with words so as to avoid creating a rift or to play up already charged emotions. It is high time media realised that days of sycophancy and days of minority appeasement by Congress are gone and may be never to return. Let media no longer give a message of being anti Hindu. Let media refrain from creating a religious divide two communities. We are all Indians first and communities later. Muslims have now seen through the game played by media with political support and will not succumb to media’s divisive strategy.

Let all of us work towards a dream Prime Minister Modi has identified.
Modi govt has given a clear message of ‘Sabka  Vikas,Sabke Saath” .