Saturday, November 8, 2014


After decades we have had divine blessings. This is the first time India has voted for India. Narendra Modi is the new Prime Minister. For God sake, wait. Give him time.

Managing a country with 1.2+ billion expectations is not easy. There is no magic by which situation can be brought under control after ten years of misrule. Foreign relations, Economy, Internal Security, Border management and unity of the country have been in a mess for years.

In a short period of a few months in office, Prime Minister has taken various decisions and implemented some of far reaching consequences. From the day of taking oath in presence of SAARC members till the official visit to America after one to Japan and China, a lot has changed with brand India. On diplomatic front each initiative has enhanced the status of India and a strong message has been given to India’s adversaries.Brand India is alive once again.

In 150 days, labor laws have been amended, Diesel has been deregulated, and coal stands denationalized. In five months Petrol prices have been reduced on five occasions and after years it first time Diesel prices have been reduced. This is a major step towards controlling inflation.

In 67 yrs since independence, no Prime Minister was ever inclined to go to Siachen. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent his Diwali with the Jawans in freezing cold. It is less about Siachen and more about moral of the Armed forces. Those who understand this would be able to react to the body language of the Jawans.

Initiatives have been taken on Black money. For over two years, despite a directive from the Supreme Court, previous Government did not appoint an SIT. Soon after coming to power, Modi Government appointed one. A major stumbling block could be the treaties which previous Government made with countries by which information would not be asked for retrospectively.

Over 6 crore accounts with deposits of close to Rs 5000 crores  have been opened under the new Dhan Jan Yojna scheme by which poor man will benefit with insurance cover.

Swatch Abhiyan is a major initiative. Who would not benefit with a clean India?

Media and its secular brigade hounded Modi for twelve years at no end. He chose not to answer every media man/woman and stood like a rock. Perhaps, in his place someone else would have been vindictive.

Prime Minister and his cabinet are focused on growth. Even otherwise, on Maslow’s theory of hierarchy, people will move to next level of growth only after basic needs are satisfied.

After decades of decayed sentiments, man on the street is feeling a sense of belonging and has hopes of Ache Din .Modi's style of functioning could be a matter of debate,but,he has a success story behind him of twelve years of governance in Gujarat.

It is a relief to have got over ten years of misrule of congress led UPA under Man Mohan Singh.

With his actions, Narendra Modi is smashing Nehruvian consensus.



Beloo Mehra said...

Yes there is certainly a new hope and many new beginnings. Systemic change doesn't happen in an instant, it will take time. And I think most sane Indians understand that and are willing to wait. It is just that a few opportunistic voices aren't too happy about the way things are unfolding and want to see the government fail so that they can say - see, we told you so! Such voices will become obsolete, in time.

SG said...

I think it will take 5 years to clean up the mess created by the previous government. Therefore, I would give Mr. Modi another 5 years.

anilkurup59 said...

Certainly , must give him time.
However misgivings vis a vis environmental degradation, the US stage show( because that was preceded by Modi's largess to US Pharmaceutical giants" and conveniently ignored by Modi fans.
Then the Sangh Parivar agenda of obfuscation and rewriting of history to suit its philosophy . THe same happened last time around too. History is not what someone dictates but is based on archaeological, and philological evidence , theory and empirical details.
His test as a Statesman will be seen at the end of his tenure on how he reacts to these matters for instance.
Perhaps as a Sanghi himself the question is can the leopard change its spots?
Well then what perhaps will keep him where he is will be the detestation for mother and son family and no viable alternative. Good luck Modi

Sushma Harish said...

The best punch line was first time India voting India. I read it over repeatedly.

Vikram Suryawanshi said...

I was going to write the same thing, India voting India

Rachna said...

Yes, there is hope in the air. Let us wait and give ample time. I am sure that change will come about.

Shilpa Garg said...

Oh yes! we must give him time. There is a wind of change. And I am sure he will bring about the much needed changes!

Alka Gurha said...

His heart is in the right place and he is doing the right things. However, inflation remains a big worry. Potatoes are still 50 Rs/ kg. Cars are not selling and there are no jobs. Regardless, we will judge him next year. He is the best bet so far.

Unknown said...

Yes there is great hope from Modi. But he has to be given time. The mess created in all spheres of life can not be washed away in a day. Let us wait and watch.

indu chhibber said...

He has certainly accomplished A LOT in such a small time and you have encapsulated it nicely.