Tuesday, January 13, 2015


“Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief”………..Leo Burnett

It is an established fact that unless print or electronic media gets advertising support, it will have problems of survival. It is the Government t which has the resources which eventually become a simple give and take deal. We will advertise, and you promote us (A political party).

With  multiple options available for advertising, with expanding consumer base, with availability of extra disposable income, every conceivable product has been on extra advertising band wagon for last few years.

Experts must be divided as to what extent advertising is good for a product. Millions are spent on products like McDonalds on advertising .If the product is good and has a consumer acceptance and a base, why spend so much on Ad budget?

Should Indian Oil be advertising? What is it advertising of and for? Unless, such cases of public sector undertakings advertising are to support a section of media or a particular media house. What needs to be advertised is “Vada Pav” to take McDonalds head on. It is “Masala Dosa” which needs multiple layer advertising for world market.

I was amazed to see the multiple ranges of FMCG products lined up in stores without, perhaps, any advertising or a negligible budget. How could a company plan a turnover of Rs 2000 crores this year without emphasis on advertising? It could be a cause of concern to big boys like Hindustan Levers etc.

Perhaps, it could be an interesting case study for advertising experts, for product managers and of course the media.



Anita Desai said...

That's a good one Mr. Chowla, food for thought - if a product is good and has an existing clientele then why the need for a million dollar ad budget. Your idea that a 'vada pav' or 'masala dosa' perhaps needs a strong ad budget is bang on and goes for all Indian products. Frankly, I'm thru' with ads, we are bombarded at every corner - even youtube wouldn't allow you to watch a video without irksome ads. ToI webpage has an irritating slideshow of ads where I lose several seconds before I can read an article.

indu chhibber said...

I pay very little attention to ads and i wonder how much of what they claim is true.Take the McCain AD for example.I had occasion to eat it--completely avoidable.It sucks up all the oil in the pan,i just threw off the rest of the stuff.

Bikram said...

ads these days dont do anything for me .. I like to see the product myself and choose..

I also feel that products which are NOT good need more advertising as no one is buying them


SG said...

Advertisement is very much necessary. Advertisement plays a big role in making people like things, or feel they need them. Nobody is going to run out of the house and buy the car they see in the advertisement in the television. The ad places the product in the subconscious mind. Frequent advertisement places the product in a much stronger position in people’s subconscious mind. So, when they are ready to buy a car, the first things that comes to their mind is the ad they saw several times.

Tomorrow, bombard the television and newspapers with a special “Punjabi Style Masala Dosa”. In 3 months, public will forget the South Indian Masala Dosa.

Sandhya said...

Unless the products are advertised, general public will never know about them. And if the advertisement is catchy, the product remains in the minds of people. If children are targeted via puppies or animals, they pester their parents to get the products.

Earlier movies were advertised with a small clip of trailers. Now, the new movie casts participate in all reality shows to promote their movies, though the movie goes out of theatres within a week, most of the time. Sometimes curiosity makes people to watch the movies or buy the products that are interestingly advertised.!

BK Chowla, said...

My point is simple. .If a product is of quality, it may need Ad support whereas I find some going overboard

BK Chowla, said...

That's the point I am making..A bad product can't survive despite Ad over spend

BK Chowla, said...

No amount of advertising can help a bad product

Rahul Bhatia said...

Frankly, I do not understand the logic of government advertisements and more so of companies in PSU glorifying their acts! These are a drain on exchequer !

anilkurup59 said...

Perhaps the reason for the flood in advertising is because of the multitude of products and services that are actually not needed by consumers and when competing products have to sell they have to vie and hard sell. Foist an idea or a product on the consumer. Something he would still be well off without!

As for PSUs well well a propaganda. Like the advertising of Shell Oil or Exon

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