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In the last ten years of rule by appeasement and many more reasons, there are suspicious demographic changes taking place in India. In Kaliyug, it is to distinguish between Rajtantra and Rajshadyantra. Kingdoms topple on this. Shakuni did not know this but Krishna did (said Swamy via twitter).

It’s official. Hindu population share dips below 80%. Chew on that for a moment.

Do not be surprised that Islamic decadal leads over Hindu decadal growth rate touches 4%.It may make some politicians (Sic) happy when they read about Muslim decadal growth 2001-2011, least since independence 1951-61(25%) 1961-71(30%) 1971-81(30%) 1981-91(33%) 1991-20019(29%) 2001-11(24%).

While the Hindu decadal growth in India was 14.5%, Muslim decadal population growth is 24% in India, 20% in Pakistan and 14% in Bangladesh.

Total Muslim population increased from 25.2% to 27% in West Bengal, a growth of 1.9% over last10 years which is more than double the national average. In Lakshadweep, Muslims have gone from 95.5% to 96.2%. Muslim population grows by 24% while national average is at 18% as per 2011 census data.

 As the Muslim population grows in Assam, it might inch closer to "Beirut effect" demographic tipping point.

Certain historical facts cannot be ignored.

A mere less than 50000 British Army ruled India for 200 odd years.

Babar came into India with less than 11000 soldiers and the rule lasted for four centuries.

Prithviraj Chauhan had defeated Ghauri and allowed him to leave.Ghauri came back with a bigger army soon thereafter and defeated Prithviraj.

After 1971 war, 93000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered before India Army accepting defeat. Indira Gandhi agreed to release those soldiers….Rest is history.

We might soon be proving The Oxford English Dictionary wrong which defines ‘Nation’ as “a large group of people sharing the same culture, language or history, and inhabiting a particular state”.

Wall Steer Journal has written about growth of Muslim population in India over Hindus.

Please look at the two pictures here .Both these speak volumes.


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indu chhibber said...

I do hope this appeasement ends but it should not be supplanted by another kind of radicalism.

Rachna said...

I agree with Indu above.

Bikram said...

Well NO comments .. what I have to say I cant say on a public place ..