Friday, March 6, 2015


British left India in 1947.

They removed the Union jack.

They Hoisted the Indian Tricolors.

We were Independent.

Yes, we are free.We still continue to  live with a typical colonial mind set and are afraid of changing the systems, laws and rules set by the British?

No wonder someone correctly said….”Some Indians are more British than British are”.

Indian bureaucracy still continues to work in exactly under the same system of files. After 1962 Chinese war, then Defense Minister said in Parliament “Decision may have been wrong to o to war, but the file was right”.  Babus still go to the Gymkhana for lunch from 12 noon till almost 3.30 pm .In any case, 5.30 is the time to go home. Babus still give same importance to golf as they did during the Raaj. Even a small high nose habit of getting tea served with tea warmer hat by the peon remains a need of the Babu. Culture of “Orderly” for them still persists. In digital India peons for Babus are still needed outside his room.

There are separate clubs like Delhi Gymkhana for Babus as was during Raaj. There are still clubs where entry with Dhoti or Kurta Pajama is not allowed. There are special schools like SANSKRITI for children of Babus.

Politicians have followed British to the T. Their style of living, their Luteyans bungalows, their security, and their perks could actually put Lord Mountbatten and lord Luteyans to shame.Babus have yet to realize that they are not working for the Queen.

Until this January, during the Republic day parade “beating of the retreat” we played old colonial tunes’. It took us 68 yrs to change a tune whereas Bollywood comes with a new tune every minute.

Quite a few of us may not really be aware of the fact that India Navy Flag even today carries Red Cross of St George. Is it not time to consider a change? Has it been a deliberate effort by Government to give us continued feeling of slavery?

British worked on divide and rule policy and the same policy have been practiced by most Government in India. Social fabric has been systematically destroyed by politicians by dividing Indians on basis of religion, region, caste and sub-caste. Someone even claimed Colonial arranged murder of Mahatma Gandhi to impose a ban on Hindu Mahasabha and RSS.

Indian judicial system was a direct take from the British system. While British have changed /improvised, we are still stuck. Backlog in Indian courts will take over 300 yrs to end.

We still follow criminal laws which were framed in the year 1861.Section 304 and (304 A) are classic examples.

We still follow Indian Postal laws framed in 1898.

Policeman still holds the Lathi he did in 1935.

Even when it came to loot, we follow the British. British looted India of $10 Trillion.”What is England now?” fumed the Whig litterateur Horace Walpole, “A sink of Indian wealth”. There will be a time when someone will say exactly same words for those who looted via CWG, COAL, SPECTRUM, THORIUM, MINES, DEFENSE DEALS, and NATURAL RESOURCES etc. Sum total of this loot might turn The British in their grave."Cut" is the new word for "Bakshish"

With Indians entering British parliament,may be it will help change  our colonial mind set.





anilkurup59 said...

I agree with you in full. But then who bothers to redress the nonsense?

SG said...

100% with you. Some of the rediculous British practices and laws are still here. Lawyers wearing black robes and calling judges "My Lord". And age old laws that are not even in practice in Britain - For example this 144 thing. No one does this in UK.

Indian should have thrown the British out of the country just like the Americans did and declared independence themselves.

Unknown said...

Whatwver you have said is 100% correct.Coloniolism is ingrained in the system so deeply that no soul will come forward to uproot it!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Ankita said...

A very sensible and informative post. I agree with each point.

Purba said...

Or maybe our Polity is too lazy to scrap archaic laws that work for their benefit?

indu chhibber said...

Very true.Politicians have more profitable ventures to pursue,who cares if we have submerged our Indian-ness to slavery of past?

sm said...

well penned
each line each word is important everyone should read it few times.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Bureaucracy and politicians may say many things publicly but till one sees the change on ground it s a hogwash and no one wants to give up perks and right to loot, honest citizens!

Anita Desai said...

To change anything the babus will have to work. Where is the time to work for upgrading and developing systems since those in charge are busy trading favors.