Wednesday, April 29, 2015


What is the correct terminology, I don’t know, but, PM Narendra Modi Government has put over 10000 NGOs on watch list and put on hold disbursement of their funds. For quite some time now, especially over last decade, there have been voices that spoke against these NGOs, but, were not loud enough fearing a backlash from Man Mohan Singh Government which in any case was being run from elsewhere. Perhaps, Government was being guided by institutions like NAC which were under direct control of Sonia Gandhi.

Overnight, India had more NGOs per thousand compared to number of policeman per thousand.

Allegedly these NGOs (?) were involved in anti India activities. They have not filed their returns over the years despite reminders after new Government took charge in 2014.Under prevailing FCRA rules, there are certain obligations NGOs have to fulfill, which they have not.

Is it too much of a coincidence that all those who kept gunning for Narendra Modi were funded by same foundation? Teesta Setalvad, Greenpeace, Arvind  Kejriwal, Indian Media ? List could be larger, much larger.

Question here is much larger. If the NGOs were not following the rules, were funding those who were into politics, were allegedly into anti India activities...why were they allowed a free run from 2004-2014? Who was patronizing them? Why was Election Commission, Income Tax deptt, Intelligence agencies not allowed to act against them? Who allowed anti India activities to carry on? These are some of the important and relevant questions. If the surface is scratched, quite a few important and powerful leaders (?) could feel the heat and embarrassment… be it.

Law of the land will hear and decide upon NGOs, but, before that Government must set up a time bound high level enquiry commission headed by a Supreme Court judge with clear terms of reference.

There cannot be any compromise on national security, irrespective of how high and mighty may have been involved.



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