Thursday, May 21, 2015


After Man Mohan Singh took over as PM,he said “Dawood Ko nahin Chodein Gein” (We will not leave Dawood). It was converted into a joke on a comedy show “Chodein Se Pahley Pakarna Zarrori Hai”( you have to get him before you release him).

Dawood has been absconding for over two decades. Intelligence agencies have been releasing his latest addtress, his passport numbers, and his movement from Karachi etc.

India maintains that it has been asking Pakistan to hand over Dawood to India.

Dawood’s contact with Film fraternity, with powerful politicians and builders is well known, even though they may want to dismiss this allegation.Allegedly; he maintained good contacts and PR with the police too.

Recently, Ex Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar broke a piece of news saying Dawood offered to surrender conditionally, but, somewhere someone put a spoke in the wheel. Neeraj Kumar has spoken after years, is a matter of concern and his turn around on his statement is curios too, but does not take away facts about Dawood’s surrender.

I distinctively remember, during an Interview to a TV channel, Ram Jehtmalani   had also confirmed that Dawood spoke to him while he was in London and wanted to surrender to Indian authorities. Such proposal was turned down by those in power or was powerful enough to stall his surrender. JethMalani is one man whose version cannot be doubted as he is a man of principles and conviction. Mahesh Jethmalani has also confirmed the statement of Sr JethMalani.

In coming days, issue will get twisted whether Dawood offered to surrender or not. Under pressure from political and powerful politicians, main stream media will kill this story systematically.

It just the right time for PM Modi Government to not worry about surrender, but, investigate and expose all those who scuttled agencies’ efforts in brining Dawood to negotiation table and made him agree on his surrender. Let’s not hide behind certain sections of law which do not permit conditional surrender (heard this on a TV discussion).

Those who are quoting such sections of law, might like to answer!!!
AS to how was Qutrochi allowed to leave?
How  was Anderson allowed to leave?
How  was Abu Salem brought in conditionally?

Whatever is in National interest must be done and those who are well wishers of Dawood, have worries of business deals being exposed must be brought to books.

It is time to expose the “Bosses”