Friday, August 7, 2015


Since the day Parliament session started, there has been no business conducted.
Forget about the costs involved; forget about nonsensical behavior of MPs.
Forget about how much is world laughing at Indian democracy.
Forget about who is for discussion and who is not.
Forget about who is for clearing important bills or not.

Everyone knows which party President and which party is responsible for disruption.

What is obvious is hatred of media for Narendra Modi Govt as media is picking up and broadcasting bytes of all non bjp members each byte being played by media is suggestive of blame being put on bjp. There are a lot of statements being given by bjp, but, media chooses either not to air those or pick up those which are perceived to be harmless to congress.


Thursday, August 6, 2015


I have been away from blogsphere for almost three months. I am trying to get to the logical reasons, but, it is taking time.
May be I realized a bit late that my blogs were running into 400-50 words  and in days of Twitter and Face Book ,perhaps, it is shorter  blogs which are needed. For some time, I have been writing on Face Book  and putting links on twitter for blogs running into less than 200 words. The response in terms of comments and Likes and RTs has been quite good.
Hence, now onwards, I will try and write shorter blog posts while it is difficult for me not to write about current affairs  and the media.
Both are six feet under the ground with their respective performances.

But, let see.