Monday, July 4, 2016


There are two distinct characters which we see in India. Those who  fight terror and those who don’t. Latter are mostly identified as politicians.
The establishment (intelligence) works and worked overtime to catch the anti nationals, suspected terrorists and succeeded in arresting them from Hyderabad in early morning raid. It will not be long before "Secular" media and political parties will start questioning the Government about early morning raid during Ramzan, not realizing that it was just the right time before dawn and after they broke their fast. If they can hit during Ramzan, why can’t they be picked up during Ramzan? Does anyone have an answer to this?
None of us have any idea as to how many terror attempts must have been foiled by intelligence agencies.Then we have likes of Owaisi who makes a public statement of his commitment in providing legal support to the suspected terrorists caught in Hyderabad. It is same Owaisi who threatened Hindus and dared them to remove police for 15 minutes. It is the same Owaisi who under Sonia’s congress was made a member of Parliamentary Committee for Defense. Is that how India intends fighting terror? All this when suspected terrorists have been picked by Intel agencies with huge stock of arms in possession of their possession. Look at the irony of this nation. Owaisi is representing a constituency in Lok Sabha where the laws are made, issues are discussed and country's future depends on the elected representatives.  It should also not surprise anyone in the civil society when one gets know that some senior lawyer from amongst Luteyans zone takes up the case of the terror suspects and will have full support of the media. All one needs is deep pockets.
All we need to do is to look out of the window towards Bangladesh. If ISIS has arrived there, is ISIS far away from India?
One thing is to be politically opportunist by playing appeasement card and the other is to be a nationalist. It is time Hindus, Muslims, civil society and politicians joined hands forgetting their political differences and fight the danger together.
Think of the danger ahead if we don’t unite against terror.
How long will we live foolishly saying “Terror has no religion?”


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SG said...

Ramzan or not, arrest the criminals. Our family priest is a deekshathar. He does nithya homam (havan every day) at his home. So he will never be arrested, by using the same yard stick. Right?