Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Zakir was born in Bombay some half a century back. 

His speeches are banned in Canada, UK and Indonesia.
UK cancelled his visa in 2010.

Zakir is known for his hate speeches. His venture, Peace TV is all about radicalization. Peace TV website does not show J&K as a part of India. He never had a license for broadcast; still Government of the day took no action.

Zakir has links with Pak JuD as shown in JuD website
Zakir has links with Pak LeT .
Zakir sets up “Islamic Research Foundation”.
Zakir sets up NGO and collects funds for research under FCRA rules
Zakir diverts research funds for terror preaching/Jehadi activities.
Zakir NGO received Rs 14 cr from overseas of which over 75% came in from Gulf countries
Zakir is an “inspiration” for Muslim youth to join ISIS… Bangladesh,Hyderabad and Kerala factual cases.

 Mumbai Police Commissioner, in 2008, sent a report to central Government about suspicious activities of Zakir. Congress Government slept over it.

Despite all this, do you know what happens in India with Zakir during congress rule? Need one emphasize under whose orders congress worked and acted? Zakir was rewarded for anti India activities, for spreading hatred against Hindus as part of congress’ appeasement agenda.

Sudarshan TV exposed Jihadi activities of Zakir .Instead of stopping Zakir, Sudarshan TV was sent a notice. (See attachment)
 Zakir was invited under congress government to address IPS officers at Hyderabad Police Academy.
Zakir was rated number 3 in “Top ten spiritual Gurus of India” in 2009 which was upgraded to number 1 in 2010.
Zakir was elected to top most council of Aligarh Muslim University in 2013 when Kapil Sibal was HRD minister.

Congress general secretary Dig Vijay Singh shared stage with Zakir, hugging him and calls him a “Messenger of Peace” and addresses him as “Huzoor”
One actor Shah Rukh Khan after meeting Zakir spoke of “Enlightenment “
One journalist Shekhar Gupta after interviewing Zakir calls him a “Rock Star”
Abu Azmi of SP, Owaisi of MIM and IUML (congress ally) support him besides some Muslim groups.
Some English news channels and a few journalists support him.

Congress is speechless as it can’t criticize him since Zakir is a child born out of congress anti India policy.

Likes of Zakir and a section of Urdu media are real fertilizers of Jihadism in our main stream (via twitter)

Congress has over drawn from minority credit card in last ten years for which India, especially, Hindus will have to repay with compound interest.

It is time for civil society to come together for the sake of national interests and national security to put an end to the society divide engineered by Congress party.



anilkurup59 said...

Mr BKC, you know very well from my interactions on the social media that I'm not a fan of such quislings and hate mongers, this man being no exception.
I feel strongly that Islamic radicalisation is the greatest threat after the Cold war, perhaps a bigger one.

I detest Hindu bigots like an other. But the difference with such products like ZN in Islam and such in Christianity or Hinduism is different. For a faith born out of violence,. whose genesis can be traced back to blood shed, whose founding father or his successors have laced exhortations to kill apostates through out history, and have done so killed,cut the heads of people who disagree, instruct their followers to do so even now, the faith that threatens to not tolerate other streams , how the hell can a preacher who is driven by these ideologies exhort peace and love?

But the question- we all knew that ZN was roaming dangerously , but leave the Congress govt who licks vote bank, why the hell did not the BJP govt act for the past two years?

BK Chowla, said...

Anil Kumar Kurup
I couldn't agree with you more .
I have,separately written to Bjp asking the question you are asking..
But then,.......

sm said...

ZK is intelligent he speaks in the borders of law.
In last 25 years No Fir was registered him
answer to ZK is debate not ban. I listened to his many speeches and nowhere i found him supporting Terror acts,suicide bombings etc.

Bikram said...

Politics is a dirty game .. and they are all hand in glove with each other..