Wednesday, August 3, 2016


It is time; this government gave up the conventional method and switched to press briefing as is done in the US. Press briefing should be give from 7 RCR and not from the press club as it will add to value. It is now established that BJP has ruled states better than any other party, especially better than congress.  Media coverage is focus on an exceptional failure keeps BJP active..

Election of 2014 was won by Narendra Modi on his communication skills. He was on every possible communication platform available. People awaited announcement of his next program/speech where they could listen to the man they had decided to vote for the highest elected office of India.

In last two years a lot of work has been and is being done on ground for a stronger India. A strong foundation is being laid for the basics .Unfortunately; first casualty of the present dispensation is direct communication of PM with people at large.

It is the middle class which actually is the deciding factor in any elections and also is the one most effected by any decision or otherwise of the government. It is this strata of society which needs to kept updated with Government work/achievements.

We have heard of increased coal production, improved CAD, higher FDI, better crop and so many other issues in various interviews and rallies, but, consolidated official news has not been given away by any Government agency.

It is no longer a secret that Indian media----both TV and print----have no credibility, especially after recent expose’ of media being led by our enemy.

Mann Ki Baat is a unique platform, but, much more needs to be done in terms of sharing official information originating from PM’s office.



indu chhibber said...

Your suggestion makes a lot of sense.

Haddock said...

Very true - about the middle class which actually is the deciding factor in a election.