Sunday, September 4, 2016


“Every newspaper editor owes tribute to the devil’

Shouldn’t  one analyze how was media hand maiden of Congress from 2004-14?
AUGUSTA PATRAKARS and RADIA TAPES happened in the same period.

A few days back, congress, Sibal asked PM to give interview to “OUR JOURNALISTS”. It speaks volumes.
India media can only live with political and corporate world in illegal “live in relation”, never in legitimate marriage.

Sponsored overseas trips are too juicy to reject. Reportedly, the score has been as. NDTV (44).CNNIBN (43).INDIA TODAY (30).HINDU (81).INDIAN EXPRESS (70)...HT (64).TELEGRAPHS (44).Who sponsored those trips? PM’s flight and destinations has enough goodies on board. No one needs to be told as to who was power behind selecting journalists.

 It will be interesting to audit if assets of senior anchors/reports have increased over this period and if there is an increase, how much more and the source of income and also if any journalists were given government houses/plots. Who are the journalists who got favors from “Discretionary” quota? Was there a quid pro quo, if any? Owning a house in Diplomatic enclave, in Panchsheel Park or in South Africa is extreme expensive luxury. Who in media were provided security by the government? Which media house/s were sanctioned bank loans or restructuring of loans. Who are those who visited Pakistan? Which journalists who have attended ISI funded anti India FAI’s seminars?

Media has been showing its bias shamelessly. As someone said on twitter...Media is “Making a stew of all snakes they breed” - A proper description of the conduct of immoral journalists who betrayed the free press in India and betrayed that it is a pillar in a democracy. Some anchors have raucously bayed for blood. They have no qualms standing with terrorists in their defense for the crimes of the terrorist. We have heard of stone palters, whereas we have paid palters in form of some anchors in the media spreading lies. Intellectual abuse of the nation has become a media and academic past time.

India is in greater danger today from its own media than external anti India forces.
Ownership pattern of the media houses will reveal and embarrass more.  
If these small pieces of information are collected and put in public domain, a lot of corruption in high places will get exposed.
In all probabilities, exposé’ will end up at a huge heavily guarded common door in Luetyans zone.

It remains to be seen if Narendra Modi Government will take concrete steps in this direction.
Cowards and anti nationals (pro Pak) in Indian media are tied forever to the funiculus umbilicalis (Bains twitter) of evil.


b k chowla
article is also in NewsNViewsonline


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indu chhibber said...

Very pertinent questions Chowla ji.We may come to know who is patronising the anchors by carefully listening to them.But what they get in return is never known.

SG said...

You are correct Mr. Chowla. Also, instead of media reporting the news, the media itself has become the news.

The same in USA too. Most of the TV and print media are liberals. They downplay Hillary's weakness and her frauds/faults. At the same time, they make a mountain out of a mole on any mistake Trump makes.

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