Wednesday, November 16, 2016


PM Modi is a decent man and also a shrewd politician..No one can predict his next move as every move has shaken the opposition....latest being 500-1000 surgical strike.
He has been concentrating of national issues and may be, will spring surprises on opposition in 2018-19.
Factually, there are and have been leakages to the press, some from ruling party, some from opposition and some from sources.
What if information about travel details of Sonia Gandhi between 2004-14 is leaked and "Sources" are never named...
What if issues of health, treatment and costs of Sonia Gandhi come into public domain?
What if Rahul Gandhi's travel details get leaked?
What will be scenario if details /secrets of mysterious deaths of India scientists are revealed?
What will be reactions if details and alleged breaking of rules by HP Govt for land allotted to Priyanka Gandhi are put in public domain.
Will Govt investigate into numerous sudden fire breaks out in Government offices between  2004-14?
Will it be interesting if findings about allegations against NGOs managed by Salman Khurshid and his wife are made public?
May be Sunanda Murder also gets solved in coming years. Will it be?
May be mystery of allotment of 10Jan Path to Sonia Gandhi is solved? Who decided to allot it to her for life time and why? In terms of area, perhaps, it is larger than PM's bungalow...
Will we come to know of the number of paper shredders procured by Govt between  2004-14?
What if truth about alleged Siachen deal with Pak is made public?
What is the story of 2012, when allegedly Hindus were to be targeted and emergency declared?
Will we know the truth as to under whose pressure did Home Minister Shinde coined Saffron Terror
What will happen if minute details published in "Outrage and Commitment "by Margret Alva are actually analysed?
Before 2019 elections, a lot can, will happen ...In politics, strategising and timing is of prime importance...
Modi-Shah combo has proved to be a deadly combo.
Let’s see how it unfolds.