Monday, October 23, 2017


Nov 15th, 1949 while debating with Prof K T Shah, Dr Ambedkar opposed addition of word SECULAR in Article 1 of constitution…

With 42nd  amendment to constitution during emergency, Indira Gandhi added word SECULAR for vote bank politics and that opened the flood gates of appeasement agenda..

To make situation worse, decade of 2004-14 sent and kept Hindus on defensive…

How should a Hindu react when PM of the country says ” Minorities have first right over our resources “. A known terrorist Ishrat gets  labeled as ” Bihar KI Beti” and Senior congress leader has tears when Batla encounter takes place.. What happens if a VP talks of “Unease”.. What about self proclaimed film stars when they talk of intolerance and moving out of country? How is a Hindu expected to react? If he does, he is branded communal ..

Pent up sentiments of Hindus were awaiting to explode and in view of recent judgement on cracker ban, it has exploded resulting into discussions on Hindu, Hindutva and why are Hindu festivals are on target. Every Hindu festival has been targeted in recent past, be it Jallikattu, Holi, Karva Chauth, Dahi Handi and now Diwali, you name it and there is an objection, restriction in name of Secularism.. It’s natural for Hindus to rake up atrocities of Aurangzeb and Babar .. We will hear more comments like one about Taj Mahal built by a traitor …

I don’t need a Babar to have a golden era in India: Dr Sambit Patra…

Shashi Tharoor’s comment that “Firecrackers are unholy add-ons” is not surprising.

Those who had studied  Communal Violence Bill proposed by Sonia congress must be relieved that  it did not go through or else Hindus would have been rotting in jails.

A number of incidents, judgments and State level decisions have shaken and angered large section of Hindu community.

Forcible religious conversion of Hindus is a realty on which Government prefers to play blind towards foreign NGOs.. How long will we behave blind to conversion in Punjab, WB, Kerala and many more states? Obvious reason must be change of demographics …

Why do we see an overreaction from certain quarters and a section of media when Hindus advocate their case for Government should stop interfering and free itself from control of Hindu places of worship.? It still remains unconvincing as to why the Government has no control over Mosques, Churches and Gurudwara? Mosque uses its funds for Madrasas. Church uses its funds for Missionary schools.. Why mustn’t Temple funds be used for Hindu education? Why must Hindu Temple funds be used for subsiding Haj pilgrimage?

Who doesn’t know of a case when a Hindu student was forced to fast during Ramzan.. WB had put restrictions on Durga immersion while giving preference to Muharram ..

In no way is anyone helping any cause of social harmony as political points are being scored by playing Hindus against Muslims ..

Hindus are a majority is a reality.. Muslims are a part of Indian state is a reality …


Sunday, October 1, 2017


Every Indian is condoling  the death of those died due to stampede …

Every time one sees a train accident, a pothole, a building collapse, unusable roads, all you need to do is to reflect a reverse mirror and what it will reflect is corruption..

Lets please understand, human life for any politician Is worth a vote every five years and at best @ Rs 5 Lakhs should one die in an accident caused by any Government agency or department ..

I can imagine what could happen, may not be in same serial order…

Government and or Railway Minister will order an enquiry, though I wonder enquiry of what? Damn bridge was over a century old and was almost at the verge of collapse.. Complaints are on record of unsuitability of that over bridge.. But, who cares?

A statement will be made to the effect “DOSHIYON KO NAHIN BAKSHEY GE”…And who are those DOSHEES?

There will be filthy politics of its worst kind over dead bodies..But, who cares? Congress will counter BJP with statistical numbers claiming greater passenger percentage died in Latter’s rule…Damn the dead, lets discuss numbers for 2019..

Then it will be beginning of Blame game .. Shiv Sena will take jibes at BJP … There will be tussle between Railway police and other departments….

Each TV news channel will show you the most disturbing pictures of the dead and their relatives crying over the dead till your spouse has tears and tells you how heartless is the Government … But, who cares?

Every TV channel will have those experts who have never stepped into local train in Mumbai or have ever crossed a bridge over Elphinston  or Dadar…

Every opposition party will make statements as to how have they been caring for their constituencies but tne ruling party is anti people…

Most foolish statements will come against Bullet trains .You Dumbos,these are two different issues…

JAANCH KEY ADESH won’t get us anywhere..

Safety audit of overbridges won’t get us anywhere, is one to understand  that there has not been a safety audit of bridges on regular basis? It will be seen as an effort in buying time for Issue to die down..Conditions of over bridges is there for a blind men to see..But, who cares?

Issue is accountability..Is one to believe that no department is accountable or responsible for the accident claiming 22 lives? If there is one,why hasn’t a FIR been filed?.

Make Babus accountable and answerable like any employee of a Private sector company ….

Enquiry, Audit,meetings is all an eyewash because both,ruling party and opposition are finding space for 2019…

For them dead is a number but, not as much of a number as  272+ …


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Friday, September 29, 2017


It was 11th , September 1893 … Swami Vivekanand gave lecture in Chicago … It was about Hinduism..

It was 11th September 2017…. Rahul Gandhi gave lecture in Chicago… It was about dynasty..

By advocating Dynasty, Rahul has defeated the concept of Democracy …

Congress has been fond of foreigners …. From Hume to Sonia ..

Nehru cracked  India so he could stay in power.

Indira cracked Congress so she could stay in power.

Sonia cracked Gandhi family to stay in power …

By no stretch of imagination am I an admirer or follower of 125 yrs old congress party..But, me, as a common man having some democratic values  and I am of firm opinion that India needs a strong opposition ..

In congress, do we see  an opposition or is there a remote possibility of congress being a responsible opposition? I see this party neither as a prospective opposition nor responsible opposition and it’s coming  back to power seems a distant dream ..

Jai Ram Ramesh wrote this about congress  “The sultanate has gone, but we behave as if we are sultans still. We have to completely redo the way of thinking, the way of acting, the way of projecting, the way of communicating”

Having made his intentions clear On dynasty, Rahul Gandhi has blocked any non Gandhi ever to head congress party, especially,  considering that Priyanka Vadra’s son is coming of age, there is no possibility of any non Gandhi to be a Congress President till 2077 , yes 2077.

One may like  it or not, by all Indications and surveys, Modi is here to stay and is for a long run, at least till 2024, if not beyond …

In the circumstances,what happens to “seniors” in congress between and now and Modi factor?

Likes of Digvijay singh, Mani Aiyar, Chidambaram, Sibal, Vora, Singhvi and all would be nearing their 80’s …

What happens to young leaders like Scindia, Pilot, Deora, Naveen Jindal, Jitendra Singh, Priyanka Chaturvedi ?Is one to presume that the  young leaders have accepted to always remain passengers in a Train which is going towards an unknown destination? If those passengers have tickets to abuse Modi and run anti Modi (not anti bjp) campaign,rest assured ,destination is nowhere is sight as they are going through a dark tunnel.

What happens to a very  important vehicle -MEDIA-which congress rode successfully between 2004-14 and had a vice like grip over its steering wheel.. There were journalists who were as strong If not stronger than some of the ministers… How Can one Forget TV journalist fixing ministerial berths by announcing ” I am at 7RCR”.. Another TV journalists was caught on camera asking a panelist “Congress ké Paksh Mein bolna”.. How dangerous could  this become for a democracy? All such journalists are finding some corner to hide…

What happens to those Luteyans Babus whom the British called “Civil Servants” …. It’s no longer afternoon Golf at Delhi Golf Club followed by lunch at Delhi Gymkhana ..

To be and behave like a viable and responsible  opposition, congress must go back to the drawing board failing which it will Some decades before congress will smell power …

Opposition, Media and Babus have only factor to counter … Narendra Modi..

Year 2077 is a long way away …


Sunday, September 17, 2017

1 word or 1 phrase makes a difference!!!

1 WORD or 1 PHRASE can make a Difference !!!!

This piece is not to make fun of Any congress leaders…

If one had to, one would have quoted two historical statements of Rahul Gandhi..

This morning I got up at night…

Every single city in Bangalore..

But, following is a compilation of a few  damaging statements by politicians across board..

This is not my India …. A R Rehman.. (he converted to Islam)

Unease growing among Muslims in India ….. Hamid Ansari (V P of India)

I am alarmed, my wife suggested moving out of India … Amir Khan. (married a Hindu)

At the moment there is ‘extreme intolerance’ in the country .. Shah Rukh Khan … (married a hindu)

Remove police for 15 mins, We will finish off 100 crore Hindus … Akbaruddin Owaisi … ( Senior Owaisi tried cover up)

Ishrat Jahan is Bihar Ké Beti …. Nitish Kumar … (Now he is with NDA)

Minorities have first right to resources ..Man Mohan Singh.. (PM of India)

Poverty is just a state of mind …. Rahul Gandhi .. ( V P of congress)

China is a dragon. India is called an elephant, but we’re not an elephant, we’re a beehive.”… Rahul Gandhi.

India is going to be the 21st century’s Saudi Arabia in terms of human resources … Rahul Gandhi

The bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community.”es”…. Rahul Gandhi

Dalit community ‘needs the escape velocity of Jupiter’ to achieve success .. Rahul Gandhi.

Maut Ka Saudagar … Sonia Gandhi (Congress Prez)

Khoon Ki Dalali …. Rahul Gandhi.

For how long would UP youths go and beg in Maharashtra …. Rahul Gandhi

I feel bad when our Army chief makes speeches like a street thug (Sadak  Ka Gunda ) … Sandeep Dixit … (close aide to Rahul Gandhi)

One should not be adventurous being a woman … Sheila Dixit (Delhi CM)

POK tumhare baap Ka hai KYA? … Farooq Abdulla .. (Ruled Kashmir 4 decades)

Budhani killed and had a prize money of Rs 10lakhs .. “would have given the poster boy of new-age militancy “a chance” had she known he was “trapped in the encounter”.. Mehbooba (CM)

Sonia Gandhi ‘cried bitterly’ after seeing Batla House encounter images: .. Salman Khurshid … (close aide of Dynasty)

Remove Modi and get us back to resume dialogue … Mani Aiyar in Pakistan … (Close aide of dynasty)

“Zakir should travel all over India … I am very happy that he is spreading the message of peace,” he said. “We need your message to reach the country,” Singh had told Zakir Naik back then … Dig Vijay Singh (close to Rahul Gandhi)

Armed Forces Special Act (AFSPA ) is an Obnoxious Law …. Chidambaram..( was HM )

One can write an encyclopaedia of damaging comments /statements made by politicians not realising  who is it going to affect the most.

These are representatives we elected to rule us for decades.

These are the representatives, most of who have been in power or are close to powder centres.

It is upto you to analyse and draw your conclusions …. Be careful while choosing your representatives who can make or destroy your future and next generation out of selfish efforts to please a particular constituency.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

India is changing,really changing..

Any country changes because of changes in political dispensation and or social engineering / Management … After decades, Leftists have been shown the door and in came right wingers with majority … We are seeing a dramatic change … Now, India is changing…For better or otherwise, it’s individual perspective..

The then Gandhi was busy with CHARKHA

… The now Gandhis have been busy with CHAKRAVUHA

Indira Gandhi said “Corruption is International Phenomenon “

… Modi is fighting corruption ..

Rahul Gandhi said “Poverty is a state of mind” Indira said “Garibi Hatao” …

… Three  yrs of actions by BJP point towards eradicating poverty ..

For a decade, we only heard of DHANN Ki Baat.

… Now, we listen to MANN KI Baat..

Nasbandhi was a disaster which resulted  unseating of Govt..

Notebandhi   was meant to clean the cupboards and lockers..

Judiciary enjoyed court holidays as was in colonial days..

… First time in 70 yrs, Judiciary worked during holidays …

Social divide is obvious in certain states…

… Durga immersion in West Bengal is restricted during Ramzan..

There were those who supported Shah Bano ..

… There are those who stood by Shayra Bano ..

Minority appeasement was the agenda for a decade ..

… End Triple Talaq is a step towards gender justice ..

General Physicians checked  patient on couch and dispensed medicines ..

… Now, You sneeze and doors are opened of ICU …

They ran down Ayurvedic treatment and Indian home treatment..

… Hospital of Gurgaon is advocating use of Turmeric, Tulsi as medicine.

Main stream media was a source of credible news..

… Social media and independent news portals have taken over ..

Earlier MEA termed Chinese intrusion as an Acne ..

… It’s not 1962..It’s 2017..It’s not congress.Its BJP ..

Time was house wife went out daily shopping.

… Except for a life partner, everything is available OnLine ..

Phones were promoted for  it technologies .

… Phones are being promoted on its Camera quality …

Lyrics used to be so pleasing to ears and emotional..

… Now it’s all about ” Zandu Balm” and ” Bhootni De” 

Only constant factor unchanged is Amitabh Bachchan 

…. Amitabh Bachchan was and is still Shehnshah.


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Saturday, August 12, 2017

71st Independence Day

We are about to enter in the  71 st year of Independence.

Night of 14th August 1947!!!!!’

Union Jack was removed.

Indian Tricolor was hoisted.

British dynasty was removed.

Nehru- Gandhi dynasty took over.(Pheww)

And we remained colonial India…Nehru -Gandhi dynasty ensured we continue to live with colonial mind set..

Till Modi govt changed it ,We presented annual budget in parliament at 5 pm to suit noon time in England.

We still address judicial authority as My Lord.

We still wear black coat while appearing in court.

We have separate VIP entry at places like airports as in British days.

We have routes, like in British days, where traffic has to stop till they go past.

Typically, at home, at work and in our society we successfully practice divide and rule policy as did the British. Look around and see how well they  divided us on caste, religion and region. Whatever was left of it has been accomplished by congress in sixty years of mis rule ..

Concept of BAKSHISH (Refined word for corruption) was started by British. We are now experts in corruption.

British looted India and its natural resources…Naive are those who need to be told who looted India after British left…

Bureaucracy is exactly as it was before 1947, except ICS was re named IAS who plays Golf during working hours and Delhi Gymkhana serves good lunch. Bureaucrat was and is addressed as “Civil Servant” (?)

It’s an irony that a civilian Defense secretary is administrative head of 1.2 million armed forces. Armed Forces follow British ranking system. Bureaucrat decides on the pay scales of the men in uniform as was the case in British Raj days since  they didn’t trust Army.

British gave away land to church thus making it largest owner of non agricultural land in India. To acquire that land, we look so helpless even after almost a century since land was given.

We  have Roads, buildings and institutions  still named after the British. (Except ones named after Nehru-Gandhi)

Missionary schools still do not recite national anthem.

We still use IPC 1860 which was drafted to suppress Indians after 1857 revolt.

We still use Raisina Hills as center for our government.

We use British English and not American English for communication.

We consider fair complexion as beautiful and dark complexion as ugly.

We have allowed our elected ones to be masters and us as subjects.

We expect our driver and peon to salute us.

We address our domestic help as servant.


Fortunately, We, as a nation have remained civil…….British had put up a notice saying INDIANS AND DOGS NOT ALLOWED…….We never use such phrase even for our enemies.

As we look at ourselves, we have become more British than the British themselves…

With new dispensation in Delhi, there is some hope for Indians and India at large…


This article is edited version of my blog this date (Aug. 1) last year..

Picture Credit: Narendra Modi

Friday, June 9, 2017


This piece must not be seen or read as a comparison between Rahul G and N Modi..
Rahul Gandhi was born in 1970 at a time when India  was of 23 years. Rahul has not seen poverty, wars India fought nor the infamous Murder of democracy in 1975. Rahul is 47 yrs of age all of which Rahul has  lived in luxury, power, arrogance, riches, security and Surrounded by sycophants. He has lived like a prince since his birth. Media has called him Heir apparent and Gandhis as First Family. He has been serious about his holiday plans,if nothing else. He is from amongst fifth generation of Nehru Gandhi clan.
From a Khan to a Gandhi has been a long journey. Unfortunately, Rahul isn’t aware of aches and pains of real India except for someone called KALAVATI he refereed to in Parliament. If one was to ask him for his idea of India. I doubt if he ever thought of it to be necessary. Those who are analytical would vouch that his speeches do not make an impact on masses nor within party forum. He is  not known to have have asked any serious questions nor his record in parliament has been encouraging. He lost an opportunity by not taking over LoP. He has never expressed his views on Economy, Defence, Diplomacy, Terror and most important Pakistan and Kashmir. Rahul G has no “connect” with Hindustan. Rahul, once said “Poverty  is just a state of mind”. Rahul  once made a statement “I am ashamed to call myself an INDIAN?”. 
Narendra Damodar Das  Modi, twenty years senior to Rahul is 67 yrs  of age, arrived on scene and took world by storm. Modi is not ashamed of accepting a fact that he comes from an ordinary family which sold tea at railway station. Modi has seen and lived in poverty, thus understands the aches and pains of larger Indian population. From a tea vendor to being the Prime Minster of largest democracy has been a long journey. A disciplined man with Navratri fasting even when on state visit to USA. Analysts will accept that his speeches connect him to the man on the street. Crowds cheer him. Without asking him about his idea of India, he has made it obvious by his visits to forward areas including Siachen. His diplomatic moves, His grip over foreign policy, His moves on economy and demonetisation and most important  being sense of governance. Modi’s speeches in parliament have been applauded. He talks straight from his heart  which hits the target, Hearts of the common man. Even opposition (whatever is left of it) is clueless on his next move.
Modi made a statement “I am a proud Hindu Nationalist “However, playing anti Modi  has become an industry in India..
Narendra Damodar Das Modi has arrived…
B k chowla 

Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Headache Districts...

Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.”

It’s about a barking a dog, Pakistan, left behind unleashed by the British and India has failed miserably  in putting it on a leash.

I am not an expert nor a commentator on Kashmir…I am one  amongst common men who read news papers and watch TV and have a few observations….

Despite, successive  Government having failed in working for development of Kashmir and exploring talent of Kashmiris, Rubia Syed is a cricketer from Kashmir to represent North Zone. Inspector Shakti Devi of Jammu division is currently serving the United Nations mission in Afghanistan… Ridwana Sanam…..Chairman and Managing Director, KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy….

We have other extreme too.

Hamida  is a professor in Kashmir University drawing Indian salary while her Husband Naeem Khan accepts getting money from Pakistan for creating disturbances..

Rohingya Muslims in Jammu are a ticking bomb. Evict them before it is too late” – MM Khajuria, former DGP, J&K…

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Warns Of ‘Nuclear Accident’ If India Doesn’t Hold Talks On Kashmir..

Mehbooba doesn’t seem sure of her ground nor of her commitment. With every stone pelted and every bullet fired, she changes track..Only ones who are sure of their target and mission are  the Hurriyat and Pakistan..

From Nehru to ManMohan Singh, I would blame every PM for the mess in Kashmir..Farooq Abdulla, his Father and his Son have ruled Kashmir and swore by Indian constitution…When they lose power, they support separatists..

It’s difficult to believe that congress government in 70 yrs didn’t know the main problem unless one would infer that congress itself was a problem than a solution. It doesn’t seem to be Azadi or about Kashmiriyat..There is no freedom struggle in Kashmir, but a war foisted on us..Kashmiriyat is a word being used to defend terrorists, cover up rapes, genocide  by Muslims…

It’s logical to ask a question to a Government of the day…

Can we  live in glory of one surgical strike..

Is it not time to give a free hand to Armed Forces? Why not allow them to be pro active?

Is it so difficult to contain Paid stone pelters?

Is it so difficult to close the taps which fund Hurriyat?

Is it so difficult to remove VIP security to Hurriyat?.

Is it so difficult to abrogate article 370 with majority in Lok Sabha?

Is it so difficult to muster political will to Do So?

Is it so difficult to control Only 5 districts amongst 22 where separatists have a say..Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramullah, Kulgam and Pulwama.. Rest of 17 districts are Pro India.? Five Anti  India districts are not close to LOC either?

Is it so difficult to contain 15% in Kashmir while 26% in Jammu and 59% in Ladakh are in favour of development? Pakistan has succeeded in constantly engaging us with Hurriyat and Valley to an extent we have lost track of other tribes and districts….

Is it so difficult to disburse separate budget to Jammu ,Ladakh and Kashmir?

Is it so difficult to identify those who were in attendance to FAI gatherings?

It seems, only India isn’t sure of next step.. We seem to react and are on defensive.. For once, lets go on offensive..and prove to the world that we are not only Amongst largest growing economy, we are also a self respecting nation who can defend itself against any aggression, terror or military adventurism….

All initiatives taken by India have failed..Talks, interlocutors, No Cricket, Height of Diplomacy, Surgical strike.. Under Sonia, she appointed interlocutor which seemingly did more harm than help Kashmir cause…

We are surrounded by enemies within and outside who  are raising their bar..Before they go out of control, enemies must be crushed….Only a strong Government with political will and intent will succeed..

PM Mr Modi, in last three years you have taken unthinkable and unbelievable initiatives…

National sentiments are clear..


But then, I am a common man who is not an expert..